Well everyone, today it happened. It was inevitable.
It seems that the days of Jesus Dress Up and Normal Bob Smith have now been numbered. The one thing that I've feared since the beginning has now come true, and you can blame Zhaquaia Marie Napper (a Christian).
As you are about to read, Zhaquaia has taken it upon herself to start a petition AGAINST my fine web page empire. It's true!

So now what? Well, I am forced to do what any person whose days have been numbered would do; double my efforts and crank out as much work as I possibly can before the plug is pulled. Hence, I have decided to title this page:


Their emails are in blue & mine are in black and white.

Hey... I just want to thank every single girl that's ever emailed me an encouraging email, their photo(s) and/or pictures of their unclothed bodies. It's the wind beneath my wings! So here we go...

Oh Bob,

How can I even begin to tell you how much I love and adore your website? It's like a giant superceletial orgasm of love exploding onto my desktop with a side of chocolate sauce! I mean, Dress up Jesus -- talk about hours of procrastinating time from the scary and seemingly useless homework they give me in an attempt to slap me into their conservative hellholes. Anyway, I have to say it one more time -- your website redefines orgasmic.

Much love and doughnuts, Angel (irony is such a great thing, isn't it?)

PS Sorry about the spelling - I know how fanatic you are about such things. Let's just say I failed spelling in 3rd grade and just never caught up.

Just wanted to say that your site is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time! Thank you for brightening my very boring work-day.... The hate mail is damn funny too. :) Morons....


Basically wanted to write and tell you that I have been a site lurker for quite some time. It all started with the original Dress Up as an email. I have checked in periodically ever since. I admire and applaud your genius in worming a hole into Christian stipidity and hypocricy. Thank you...

As a small token of my gratitude, I am attaching a few pics. Hope you enjoy...

Little Miss Hottiecakes
Image for 18 & over only!

Email your pics to:

“...other truly faithful Christians might be offended...

Dear Creator of this website: Hi, I Just visited your website "dress up Jesus" and I was offended by it. I am not complaining but some other truly faithful Christians might be offended by the way you disrespect Jesus like that.

Zhaquaia Marie Napper

I haven't had any complaints yet. Are you sure?


“some people might be offended by it that all.

Well I'm just tellin you what I think and I just think that some people might be offended by it that all.

Zhaquaia Marie Napper

I don't think that any are. I've had the site up awhile and no one has said anything but good stuff. I had one fellow who couldn't get the clothes to move but he just had an old browser. That's not what you're talking' about though is it?


“you know what just forget it

you know what just forget it I am very offended that you would make fun of my lord and savior like that. If you don't know how I feel then you never fuckin will

Zhaquaia Marie Napper

I'm making an online petition”

just to let you know I'm making an online petition.

Zhaquaia Marie Napper

You have no right to make this petition. That is censorship and that goes against my right to freedom of speech. It is no different than if I were to start a petition that kept you from making your petition.

I suggest that you rethink this or I will consider starting a petition of my own! I hope I've given you something to think about.


I would be REALLY careful about making fun of the Man who created you, me and the rest of the universe!”

I think those who created this mocking website of Christ aught to take it off the web. He died for you too, and in order to enter His heaven you have to repent and accept the forgiveness He offers. I would be REALLY careful about making fun of the Man who created you, me and the rest of the universe! He loves you, and offers you eternal life...don't make fun of Him for doing something so GREAT!

Eph. 2:8,9
Lance Everett Ferguson

Lance, you are correct that this is a big gamble I'm taking, but remember it is mostly only my own well being that is at risk. There is however the possibility that I could be angering God so much that I am putting the whole human race in jeopardy too.

I will tell you that I truly believe that the chances of God becoming so angry that He'd choose to take it out on us all are very VERY slim (like 2% or less). So it is essentially only my own eternal life that I'm toying with, and for the hits I've been getting lately I'm pretty sure when I look back it'll all have been worth it.

1st Sam. 15:3
Bob Smith


I will be forced to notify the authorites!”

This is blasfemi!!! Get it away from det web immediately, or I will be forced to notify the authorites! This is revolting and outrages! You are putting the Holy Jesus, Gods son on a sort of playfull display!! This is wrong!

I hope for your sake that this page will be down the bext time I check!

Mats Knutsen, Norway.

Go ahead, notify the authorities. Scream as loud as you please. We're miles from where anyone can hear you!


you are discusting”

you are discusting

Daniel Kassens

I think you meant to say "disgusting".
That's a good first try though.

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