Who exactly is Jesus Christ?
Man? God? Or might He have been Satan himself disguised as the Son of God, playing a big trick on all of mankind so as to rack up the highest number of souls possible?

I try and figure it out with the people that hate my site.

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

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Here is a list of some interesting news & events pertaining to Normal Bob Smith

* This is the week that the Real World Chicago introduces the moment I witnessed. If they happen to show a coffee shop scene with four lesbians on a sofa, my dayglo green head was there. Let me know if you see me.
* Jesus Dress Up is to be featured in the March issue of QUO magazine. It's a European distribution and I have no idea how popular it is. If you see it, pick it up and let me know how it looks.

* There is an English television show called So Graham Norton. It is featuring Jesus Dress Up on its site and its show... I think. I have been receiving quite a few emails from the UK regarding this appearance but no one can give me any details as to what it's about.

See if you can figure it out. Here's the site, and JDU is in the "So Top Ten" section.

* Finally, I am going to be taking a trip across the states beginning March 9th. I will be visiting with friends, making appearances and getting back in touch with mother nature along the way (I know you know what I'm talking about).
If you would like to take some of that time from me, let me know. I am a people person.
"Thank you!"

This site was utterly, utterly blasphemous, and I was completely offended. How on earth could you make such a site? Granted if you are not of the Christian faith, fine. But why do you have to blaspheme Jesus and mock his death in such an awful and disrespectful way? Why? I sincerely woudl like a response from you. Please. Thank you!

Peace, Yo-Yo

" I would like to know if this is supposed to be a mockery of Jesus..."

This was posted at the abortion debate@yahoogroups.com. I would like to know if this is supposed to be a mockery of Jesus or well....quite frankly what this is all about and why it was created? Could you please respond, and do you mind if your response is posted for the group to see? Thanks.

Peace, Yo-Yo

I'd be delighted if you posted my explanation in your abortion debate group. That sounds lovely.

Hello abortion debaters! I have been asked by "Where's My Yo Yo" to explain the motives behind JesusDressUp.com.

The number one reason that I created this page is because I think it's funny. Oh so very very funny and clever of me. The next most important reason was to express my thoughts on what I believe to be the hugest scam in the history of mankind, while making it fun for kids!

I am of the school of thought that this person known as Jesus Christ was a man. That is all. No different than Benny Hinn, Marshal Applewhite, David Koresh or John Edward. You see, back in the days of Christ, people were much easier to impress and less knowledgeable in the grade school basics. Planet Earth was still flat, the science of making toast was in its infancy, and women ranked just above cattle at the town auction. Keep in mind that these people would sacrifice sheep for God because He needed lives to cleanse them of the sins they'd committed. They were complete simpletons! A guy like Christ strolls into town and a couple of card tricks later He's got these uni-brows scrubbin' His feet.

The execution of this man preaching peace, a romanticized account of His greatness, some crusades, and a nation founded in the name of God, you've got yourself an unpenetrable answer to mankind's greatest fear: Mortality.

In my opinion there is nothing that should be held up to question more than the tales professed to be true in the Holy Bible. I also think that Beverly Hills 90210 jumped the shark when Shannon Doherty split, so what do I know.


"You seem to have no clue ..."

You seem to have no clue of what you are making fun of nor its implications.
Your sense of humor seems about as amature as your web design.

Edward Britz

Edward, you seem to have no clue as to the implications of excelling in brochure-tragic stock art. Your personality seems about as bland as your web design.


"Who is Jesus Christ"

Bob, I must admit, I am pleasantly suprised to have gotten a response from you. I rarely get that. (It also helps that you are a Mac user) It seems there is no shortage of people that believe things without being able to back them up or having the courage or time to. So, humor me. Who is Jesus Christ, in your opinion then?

Edward Britz

Oh Christ, I just finished explaining this to an abortion debate group... so I'm going to give you the edited version.

My opinion is that Jesus was a man not a god.
I realize that this blasphemous idea is enough to damn my soul to Hell for all eternity, but you should really try pondering it within the limits of reality. That's how I do it.


"i pray for your diminishing soul."

i don't know who you think you are, do you think that dressing up the savior of the world, in stupid clothes is funny. i pray for your diminishing soul.

Douglas Goessling

Yes Douglas. We are all everlasting ghosts, each hosting it's own mortal vessel and subject to that vessel's determinations and actions. Mine will suffer the wrath of the web page I've built.

I suppose that your mortal vessel is scripting eternal paradise for your ghost huh? You keep prayin' Doug.

"Isn't there enough hatred in this world?!?!?"

I saw your Dress-Up Jesus. Impressive! I'm praying that one day, and I hope it is soon, that you will have Jesus in your life, as your savior and not your form of twisted entertainment. I really felt angry at first, but then I realized that you are just lost and need someone to pray for you.
I'll do it! I'm sure many others have.

I was raised Catholic and I left the church at 16 years old. I don't agree with their methods or motives, but that doesn't mean I left Jesus. You really should focus on other goals, positive goals. Isn't there enough hatred in this world?!?!?

Tonya McIver

Tonya, there is a very reasonable explanation behind my message of hate (hatred for Jesus / Christians). When you're lost (like me) it is hard to find where to direct the frustration (frustrated because I hate Jesus / Christians, yet there is no denying that they are right). So in dealing with this I've chosen to funnel it into hate and direct it at those who pray for me ("praying" being the the ultimate form of caring just ahead of pity and condescendence).

Unfortunately this hatred I feel also pertains to myself because I too was once a Christian believing in Jesus (but no longer because I thought lost / hate / hell would be a better route to take).

So I sit here lost, frustrated and hating myself, staring through a window with a lipstick kiss smudge on it left to me from a hot & funky girl.

Wait, scratch all that. I'm feelin' pretty good today.

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