Super Love
A Valentine's Day tribute to love

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

This was such a lovely Valentine's Day, so I decided to give you all something very very special. I don't do this for everyone, but on rare occasions I will. It's the gift of love. That's right, I love you! Whether you are decent or repulsive, heroic or pathetic, friendly or abusive, I love you.

There is no better love than love made by kittens.

What does this mean for you? Well besides feeling more special than anyone who hasn't read this, you can also bookmark this page which will always be here declaring it's love for you (until it gets too much traffic and my host drops me).

There are few who have this much love to offer. Me and Chris Sparks... the list stops there.

You should also know that there is nothing you can do to stop me from loving you. You can syphon money from my bank account, box my ears or give me dirty looks through the window right now, I will still love you from deep within my heart forever and ever.

Don't mistake this love I give as any less than the love I have for my best friend, close family members or a significant other (if I had one). It is the most meaningful kind of love I give and it is yours whether you like it or not.

If you are sad, my heart breaks in two. If you are joyous, I feel double your joy. If you have lost a lover, I will fill in and love you better than he did. All because I love you.


That feels pretty good doesn't it? Sure it does. So sit back, close your eyes and think about how comforted you are in my pillowy soft love.

Thanks for making my day. This was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Would you marry me? (Of course, I'm Jewish, so it was a lot easier for me to laugh ...)

Your biggest fan,

You are one sick fuck. but jeepers, I love ya!!!!!!

Michelle Frankfurter

your sight is-a-vara funny. but what i said in my e-mail befor if i every see you walken alont singen your hi ho lets go I'LL EAT YOUR CHILDREN! blah blah blah dont you know "god hates us all, you know its true he hates his race" - slayer <--- rules and thats why god will send you to hell and youll burn burn burn in a lake of fire youl go down down down and the flames get higher.

Blah ha ha ha dont wave your fake limbs at me, bob, ill eat you

P.S. good job on the sight. I show it to people at school then, they get mad

Mitch Jones

" have no love for others that do not love you..."

Hello Bob I'm sure you get enough e-mail but you know that I have to comment about your beliefs. I wouldn't call this hate mail...I don't hate you. I just disagree with you. I am a Christian and I will admit that I'm not perfect. I do sin but that's what God expects. I ask for my forgiveness and he forgives. I don't decide that Catholics go to Hell. That's Gods decision.

But my belief, which you know, is that I ask God into my heart to be saved and have eternal life. I think what God means is that I don't ask him into my "heart" but I receive the Holy Spirit and God is with me threw the Trinity. I am only sixteen years old and this is really the first time I have actually spoke of my beliefs to some one that just hates Jesus.

I realize that I will not lead you to choose to believe in God, just as you will not change my mind, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you see so one-sided on things. I dont mean that as a insult, you seem to have done your research about God. But you have no love for others that do not love you...IT SEEMS. You do not know God "personally" and you do not know love because God is love. Love is what I live by. If I didnt have love I would mhave nothing it seems. Because I have accepted God I have love. I'm not saying that if you dont have God in your heart you can not love people, but I am saying that I have the love that is everlasting. I know you probablly dont care but I couldnt help to comment. Another thing all you people that say that God hates Bob, that is not true. He will mourn his death in hell.

And the "Christians" that cussed and the "Christians" that said they hated Bob, you need to stand back and look at yourself.


Please let me clarify!

The only people that I hate in the whole world are as follows: Happy lovers (unless it's me), post "Jedi" Lucas, anyone with a growth on their eyelid (don't ask!), and Christopher Reeves (what an attention hound)! There is no one else that I hate... especially Jesus! Non believers don't hate Jesus. We don't believe that He was the Son of God. That's why we're called "Non believers". Assuming that we hate is thoughtless and very very hurtful. Why do you say things that hurt me? Is that how you "love"?

I certainly don't throw around the word "love" as carelessly as you do. As a 16 year old girl you're allowed to think that it is possible to love mass quantities of people that you don't know, and that a stranger's "love" actually has any meaning. There are no repercussions for abusing the term like you do... yet.

The sentence "I love you" in itself is useless. Let's say that you were on your way home from cheerleading practice and you found a piece of paper on the sidewalk that said those three words on it: "I love you". You should feel no warm feeling anywhere inside your body from this. Beth, grab the nearest plush toy, this is the "love" that you're speaking of.

I put a lot of weight to the word "love". For me, love requires trust, communication, respect and most importantly, existence. If someone does not exist or I am not aware of their existence it is impossible for me to love them. It's this way for all people, however most just say the words out of habit or ignorance (much in the same way you say that I will mourn my death in hell).

If you had true love for anyone doomed to hell you wouldn't sleep at night. You'd spend the daylight hours weeping, and the idea of eternal paradise would clearly seem impossible.

Beth, you need to apply some sort of guidelines to this word "love" so that those whom you really love won't see themselves as just another airbrushed Valentine's Day card in the Hallmark warehouse of your heart. OK?

Love Bob

this is stupid


Smarter than you.

this is stupid you fucking ass hole


Dress Up Bob? Stupid? That's preposterous! Perhaps it is simply you who's the asshole. That's my bet.

no your the ass hole stupid


OK, you've obviously run out of words to use. This adequately confirms my assumptions... unless you're six years old. You'd make a smart six year old.

"whens the last time someone died for you so you could live and you made fun of him like that."

i think this site isnt funny. whens the last time someone died for you so you could live and you made fun of him like that. thats not cool at all . I think you should be giving him thanks not degrading him . this aint a joke . this is for real your pathetic

OK, I've only made fun of two other people who've given their life for me. One lady I pointed and laughed at after she'd gotten hit by the bus that almost hit me! But I was sure she was going to pull through.

The other was this friend of mine (I forget his name), he stopped me from driving drunk once by taking away my keys. It really pissed me off so a few days later I pushed him down a flight of stairs. I do this funny impression of him falling to his ultimate death. My guess is that you wouldn't be amused by that either.

"So whered all that matter that came together and got super compressed and then exploded come from?"

According to science matter can neither be created nor destroyed in a reaction.

So where'd all the matter in the universe come from?

Big bang? So whered all that matter that came together and got super compressed and then exploded come from?

Just a thought,
Jason McCann

Well, I suppose that that is the ultimate question, huh Jason? And you thought to yourself "Ha! I bet he hasn't solved the origins of matter!"

I realize that one of your Pixieland wizards could whip up a tablespoon of matter from absolutely nothing with a simple wave of a wand. This solution may give you a quick answer to a mind boggling question, but it will also separate you from an "above ground" society. I dare say that anyone claiming to have the ultimate answer to the the beginning of everything has trouble in most social gatherings. I don't know, you tell me.

What I can tell you is that the solutions to the mysteries of life and our universe probably won't involve super heroes, D & D characters, the inventor of love, or any combination of the three.

Jason, your own scientific evidence there says that matter has always existed. The universe seems infinite. People say that God has always existed, why not matter? Eternal matter makes more sense than than eternal life. And where did life come from? What about the most finite form of life? What about an eternal life that isn't a god? Maybe it's just an unloving (perhaps even annoying) ball of energy that's as everlasting as any useless rock?

That oughta keep your brain busy for a couple weeks.


OK people, I'm leaving this one up to you. Do I keep responding to Jason McCann? (The same Jason McCann from here that wouldn't go away). I'll probably only shower him with abuse or pretend like this is the first time I've ever heard such insight and mock him sarcastically. Let me know what you think.

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