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Christians race forward to explain why they worship a pro-murder god.

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

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Bob, well, dear genius, you have struck again! does your mastery of humor know no boundaries? Apparently not.

i just read the "anal rape" satan strip. comic gold! i like how he gets all earnest at the end, head all bowed in submission. just like whatever guy he's gonna anal rape for jesus. here's to you for putting a big ol' grin on my face the old fashion way (i don't mean making sweet sweet love to me).

thanks bob for being you. and for having the devil's own hand at drawing. cheers,

Samantha Ploetz

Dearest Bob,

I thought that after all of the bullshit that I have sent to you over the past months, it would be time for me to send you a reasonable fan mailing, complete with intentions and views, that is suitable for years of admiration and recollection.
Shall I begin?

I first came to this watershed Internet site-of-my-life back in late 2000. I was cruising the net for Jesus-related satire. I had just gone to, after seeing it on that wonderful show we all know and love, The Simpsons. I was quite the shocked to find that such a wonderful site had been sold, and was in the process of being rebuilt. Only one GIF animation remained. Discojesus. I was infatuated with this wonderful discovery. The messiah was groovin' with Sly and the Family Stone, for Christ's sake! Wonderful. So, to continue my quest, I beseeched the mighty Yahoo! to find me a site of such a sort. At the top: Intrigued, I ventured deeper into this mystery. It was fascinating. I made him look like a repairman in a tutu or something. Fun! I was drawn to the odd flashing logo at the bottom of the screen.Clicking, I was then taken on a roller-coaster ride of what-the-hell. The viewpoints, the controversy, it was Politically Incorrect on the web! Without Bill Maher! Double bonus! I had found my one true home. And someone who's views I could truly look up to....

Now, tasteful pleasantries aside, Bob actually taught me something. He taught me that not believing in God and just leaving it at that is just as bad. I have justification for my beliefs, not just from Normal Bob Smith, but generally because of him. I used to be a hardcore Atheist, but now I'm a nothingist, if I may say so, because I have found that extremism is bad. That having an open mind will set you apart from the rest. So, that said, Bob, I thank you.

I now don't visit as often, for varying reasons. I think that I have taken all I need from Bob, but I keep coming back, because there is still a little more to be learned each day, and here is the best place to learn it.

In closing, I'd like to tell all of you narrow-minded fools out there to actually think for yourself a little. The world will be better off.

Helena, MT.

"Thou shalt not kill, but if you fight for your country and have to kill in the process, then you are forgiven"

Dear Bob....
You certainly have a right to your opinion. However, I feel I must comment. Do you know that religions are all man made? Think about it. Christ was born in Jerusalem, but he did not act like a typical Jewish citizen at that time in history.

This is the reason for his betrayal. The Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, etc.... are all conceived by mortals to conform to their particular wants/needs. One does not have to follow any religious order. IF you are truly a good person, follow the commandments, which every religion on earth basically has their version of, and believe in God, then you will go to heaven. Also, if you are a logical thinker, think of these thoughts:

1. every religion on earth believes in a higher power. wether it be allah, god, jesus, buddah, satan, etc....they all believe. except the atheists, and they cannot be considered a religious group. Can all those people be wrong?

2. for every action, there in an equal and opposite reaction. if satan exists, then it is natural to assume the equal and opposite, God, also exists. this is the laws of nature. I know probably nothing will change your mind, as you seem embittered toward God for whatever reason you have. But don't you think it wouldn't HURT to believe, just in case God DOES exist? Better safe than sorry? What are you going to do if you die, and you DO go to hell? Hell, I believe is for the non-believers.

The Bible may seem to be extreme, and it probably can't be taken literally, but it all boils down to ten things. The Commandments. They cover just about everything, and still they can't be taken too literal. Its all about what is in your heart. Thou shalt not kill, but if you fight for your country and have to kill in the process, then you are forgiven, because we, as humans, have compassion and regret having to do it. Those who revel in killing and murder for personal gain or perversion is truly sinning. Well, I will sign off for now.


Sherri Dadey


I hadn't ever thought of it like that before. ALL religions are made by man. How could everyone of those people be wrong? That's a ton of people, and only one of those people has to be right for a higher power to exist! Well, unless that person is only believing for that "better safe than sorry" reason you've offered up. But like you said, there's a long list of gods that different religions believe in (including Satan surprisingly)! Only ONE of those gods has to be real for there to be a higher power! That's pretty incredible if you think about it.

It's that one contradiction that keeps me from believing. The "Thou shalt not kill" commandment. God says not to kill and yet killing for your country is allowed?!? That's a total deal breaker for me. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to MURDER just because your god says it's OK sometimes.

Thanks but no thanks!
Bob "Refuses to worship your pro killing god" Smith

"Gotta stick to your NO KILLING under any circumstances rule! You see...this is why the Bible and even the Ten Commandments just cannot be taken literally. It's to be taken as a GENERAL rule!"

Well...does that mean you are not going to eat meat anymore because that is killing? Can't eat plants any more either because thats also killing. Gotta stick to your NO KILLING under any circumstances rule! You see...this is why the Bible and even the Ten Commandments just cannot be taken literally. It's to be taken as a GENERAL rule! Even for municipal laws, there ARE exceptions!

I also was wondering about your opinion of the "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" theory of God.

Also, do you believe in Satan? Many athiests do not believe in either God or Satan.

Sherri Dadey

Wow, I had no idea your god condoned so much killing. Don't take this wrong but you really seem adamant about this "God makes exceptions for killing" topic. Did you choose Christianity because of it's leniency on murder?

I suppose that you could take anyone's life and just as long as you ask God's forgiveness you'll be all right. Hell, you probably don't even have to ask forgiveness. You can just say that that part of the Bible isn't to be taken literally and you're off the hook! I swear Sherri, that just gave me chills up my spine.

Listen, your KILL-GOD may make exceptions, but I believe that every action has a similar reaction (especially for murder). Besides, taking my life wouldn't solve anything anyhow. No, I don't believe in Satan either.... wait a second! Is he the "God" you've been talking about?


"I was just... killing..."

I was just using killing as an example on how nothing in any religion should be taken 'to the letter'. everything has exceptions including the bible and commandments. this is where the religious fanatics come from.

Sherri Dadey

You'll have to pardon me, but it really seems like that's the main focus on why you're a Christian. So far every email you've sent to me passionately sings of God's exceptions for killing.

You do realize that there are other important aspects of the Bible besides allowing murder? I'm sorry but taking human life is pretty fanatical if you ask me.


"I have seen what a lot of people call a ghost..."

I hope you have researched life, history, if there really just might be a God or a Jesus? Maybe there is an after life, maybe there is a Jesus... I hope you know more than many... more intelligent people than most of us normal people are.. because you are going to spend eternity someplace that's for sure. I have seen a dead person alive I have seen what a lot of people call a ghost...I know what I saw...So there is another realm of some kind. I was lucky enough to see this so I know there is something else beyond this thing we play...... joke.... make fun of...... life should have fun in it...but at whose expense...... becareful before you make such a decision as to not believe in something or even to believe in something.. i think a soul is real and will go on someplace. I have to admit I don't like your site. But I just hope you think think think about what you are doing. Who hurt you so badly in life who took your soul from you. I don't know but I'm sorry for that.


Something I don't talk about much is how I was hurt and why I blame God for this.

As you probably know (and I've just recently learned), God has a commandment "Thou shalt not kill". However God makes exceptions if you kill for your country (and self defense, abortionists and Nature is exempt from this law all together)!

If my family were killed during wartime, and God forgave the soldier(s) who killed them (pets optional) well, that really makes me angry! I was truly hurt when I thought up that scenario, and it was for that reason that I am going to spite God. I understand that it'll cost me my eternal soul but I'm really pissed off!

I'm going to prove a point to God. Damn you God! You'll regret ever allowing such a horrible thing to maybe happen to me! You'll be sorry when I'm in Hell... pouting!


"You are going to HELL..."

You are going to HELL with gasoline drums on.

K. J. Marcot

Damn that KILL-GOD of yours and His bloodthirsty lust for our violent disintegration! Does His craving for human suffering know no bounds?


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