Christian fans!?
No, it couldn't be!
Well, the pictures couldn't be
without me.

i like the jesus thing. i am christian and very much so, but i don't find stuff like this insulting. i like how you make all the jokes about catholics going to hell. i have some protestant friends who are convinced of the pope's wickedness and how everyone who is catholic burns in hell. it makes me laugh. i like the jack chick comic you included too. that rocks. jack chick cracks me up. he has no idea what catholocism is yet somehow condemsn it. for more jack chick fun, read the comic he did called "death cookie." it is hilarious

Kathleen Zemanek

Ok, so I have been entertaining myself with your hate mail and I am completely disgusted with the lack of humor these people have! I have to say that I found your jesus dressup site quite did my boyfriend, his mother who is getting her degree in religious studies, and his father, the Reverend of some evil church they all hate. I'm sorry to tell you this, but if your goal was to insult all christians that stumbled across your wit, you failed miserably-at least here. And as for these... umm... "christians", its almost sad how many flaws in their own faith that they flaunt shamelessly before you. I consider myself a christian, but by all standards I am condemned to hell for all eternity in a lake of flames... ah... I'm... so... scared....

Well keep up the good work. You kick ass for not giving a damn about what everyone thinks. By the way, with your sense of humor, you might like to visit The 'news' articles there might amuse you...then again, it might not...I don't know a damn thing about you...

Sarah Williams

bob your art is brilliant and talented, your humor is hillarious. i am a christian and jesus dress up does offend me, however if i dont want to see it i wont fucking look at it, truely we have control over what we look at. or do you have some super power that forces us to look at the site? yeah thats it all teh sins in the world are your fault, and its all your fault that i am forced to go to you damn satanist how could you do this to me. every night i cry because i know that jesus dress up is real. i pray for you bob because i know deep down thats what you really want, you do it al for atteneion im sure.

no seriously, to all the dumb asses that are so offended by you, they should just fuck off and stop looking at the site, what they have nothing better to do? this is america and even the green haired have freedom of speach. keep it up bob, we need entertainment in the world, even if it offends some.


i'm sure you get tons of shit about this dressupjesus site. even though i believe in Jesus Christ, i still think it's some funny shit. Kudos on this awesome site. later gator

lots 'o' love,

The “Pray for Satan's Salvation” campaign is under way!

I just know that with enough persistence and response God will give... and Satan will repent (because through prayer ANYTHING is possible. Luke18:27).

I have created a "Pray for Satan's Salvation" campaign page. I ask you to forward this URL to anyone that you think doesn't already know. It includes the basic PFSS goal, inspiring artwork, and my plea for the PFSS prayer worldwide.

Send it to everyone you know. Do it for the children. After all, they're our future.

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.
"If I thought that I could have an intelligent conversation with you, I would write more."

I hope that this gets categorized as Hate Mail, though I don't wish for you to take it personally at all.

Yes, IMHO your site is lame. You obviously crave attention more than you care about your grammar, spelling, or any number of issues. That's fine- especially for a teen.

If I thought that I could have an intelligent conversation with you, I would write more. This is to accuse you not of not being capable, but of being unwilling to have such discourse. Since there is no "proof" of the anthropomorphic heart, I cannot prove how black your little one is, so I'll have to concede that point (according to your terms of proof stated elsewhere).

You know where I am.
Dennis Hall

Only now am I realizing the great loss I have unwittingly brought upon myself (No chance of intelligent conversations with Dennis).

Oh please reconsider. Give me the opportunity to have a drawn out email correspondence with some guy out there named Dennis Hall.

It pleases me to no end that I in fact have no clue where you are and what you're doing there.

"God will be in charge of doing something to u!!!!!!!!!"

It's really offending and God will be in charge of doing something to u!!!!!!!!!

4 words: Hot lava apple bobbing.
It's in Ephesians.

"religion is not to be made fun of"

i think your website is a piece of shit and u suck, religion is not to be made fun of

Arthur Marszalek

And oddly Arthur Marsattacks, there is nothing funnier to make fun of. Go figure.





Martin Liebenberg

Wait a second. He's already forgiven me?

Hey that's right! I totally forgot that He died to forgive EVERY sin (believers & non believers)! Hell, I'm scott free!

This "forgiving EVERY sin" angle really opens up the floodgates for me.

Thanks Martin!

"I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. Even if you don't want me to."

Your Jesus Dress Up site makes me sad. This is not hate mail just purely a note. I think that it is wrong to make a Jesus dress up doll. Your page makes me wonder what could have happened in your life, to make you have such a dark view of God. I know this will not in anyway make you change your page but I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you. Even if you don't want me to. God loves you! Maybe you don't believe that but that's okay. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Be Blessed!!

I'll tell ya, as a hard-core non Christian, what makes me the most nervous is being prayed for.

It is an aggressive, merciless attack of love and compassion. There is no line of defense a "victim of prayer" can fall back on. We are simply rendered helpless causing a frustration so overwhelming we have no choice but to concede to the goodness.

It's a horrible fate and I beg all of my non Christian brethren to be silent in your belief. Don't give them reason to pray. It spells our doom!


"why do you show stupidness"

this is so stupid; why do you show stupidness

Debbie Jones

Because it's so goddamn stupid.

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