So it's 2002
...and we're still runnin from our shadows.

Their letters are in blue and mine are in black and white.

I've been away for so long!

My apologies, but even I need a vacation. Thankfully you all have still been visiting and emailing me despite my neglect. BUT Unthankfully, you people still don't understand the importance of sending me pictures of your faces! So once again I am going to parade your letters with images that'll teach you all the lesson you've got comin'!

Hey, I am absolutely in love with your site. My sister called to tell me to log on and it is more than fantastic. Ironically, my mother is minister and neither my sister or I choose to believe anymore and I applaud you for having a site for those who do not believe and just for those who have a since of humor. Maybe the church would be in better shape if they would take the idea of "Buddy Christ."

But anyway, the reason I am typing at 4 a.m. is to give you my idea for Bob dress up. I think that you should have the heads of big time ministers on there like Paul and Jan Crouch and Robert Tilden and people like that. It would make me giggle quite a bit and would piss the thumpers off a little more.

Keep it coming Bob and I agree with all the chicks that are writing in, you are hot..... You like chocolate Bob?;)

Chris McFaul

First of all, this website kicks ass! I just recently found out about it and am impressed with everything. I live with a very "religious" person who thinks my life is to be damned in hell simply because I don't believe in her "god". She, my step-mother by the way, is one of those goofy-ass Christians who keeps telling me stupid shit like if I dress different, I'll find a nice girl to settle down with. If I wasn't so "evil" I might have more friends, and my life wouldn't be so bad if I would except Jesus Christ.

First off, my life sucked even when I was forced to believe this bull. Secondly, why the hell do I want a girlfriend who doesn't appreciate me for who I am. And lastly, I have all the friends I need right now, and they're all really true friends who all like the same shit as me. I have truly never wanted to kill someone as bad as I want to kill her. She makes my life a living hell every single day. My brother and I both live with her and my father, and she can't stand that he lets us "think on our own". We recently printed out the Jesus Dress-up, and hung it on the refrigerator (next to my half sister's catholic school papers). That, once again started another lecture on how we are corrupted by Satan, because for some odd reason, if you don't believe in god you're a devil worshipper. I think that's hilarious since I don't believe in the devil either. So apparently Atheism plus Horror movies plus Black\Death\Heavy Metal equals Satan worshiping. I guess what I really want to say is, I'm with you 100% because I have to live with one of these "Christians" like so many of us free thinkers have to deal with every day.

Zachary X
P.S. Your art work is really fuckin' sweet. I do pencil and ink work myself, and yours is the same type of twisted style I like.

Hey. Um...this is strange and all very new to me. I came across your site whilst try to find stuff on Martin Luthar King...not sure how. I totally share your view on Christianity! I have no problem with Christians, but i hate it when they're all goody-goody. my mate is Christian and when i went through my 'Wicca' stage, (i found out later) that she was praying for me to 'come back over to the good side'. They think that anything different is evil and they can't stand anyone who doesn't share the same beliefes! They really annoy me! I'm not like a devil worshipper or anything, i just don't see the point in gods. Some teenage kid probably made the whole Christian thing up for a joke and now look at it! We're just a bunch of pointless animals on a very big piece of rock in a bloody HUGE universe! Where the HELL do gods come into it?!!! OK, i'm getting in a raggie now - soz. Any how, i'm probably underage to be coming on her but, what the shit?!

TOTAL respect to you & your web site! BYE!


"Post this if you dare."

I thought I'd mention that I agree. People who are obsessed with things that bother them are stupid. I mean, I got on this website by some dude who wrote a whole three pages about something he didn't believe in, telling why he didn't believe in it, why it bothered him, and why only idiots would believe in it. Then he added a generous dose of foul language and put it on the net.
That's pretty stupid, huh?

Look, I don't tell you what to believe. If you want to believe in Christ, that's fine. But be consistent. If you don't believe in Christ, let it rest. You just want attention.


(yes, I'm named after Adam's son, I don't believe in "Evolution" (first, I was a one celled thing. Then I was a fish. Then I was a frog. Then I was a dinosaur. Then I was a rat. Then I was a monkey. Then I was God. Wait a second! If I'm God, who created me?) and... I believe in Christ.
Good night.
Post this if you dare.

Wait a second! If there is a God, who created Him? Good question Seth! And saying that over millions of years a monkey did not evolve into a man, instead there has only been life on Earth since the creation of Adam (4 days after the creation of planet Earth), this makes the Seth-monkey seem that much more probable in my opinion.

I have written over 50 pages on what I believe in (thank you very much). You on the other hand have ONE thing that you do not believe: Seth morphing into zoo animals like a Wonder Twin. You've illustrated the importance of addressing the opposition wonderfully... and this is what I'm obsessed with.

Reply if you dare!

"I'm ashamed."

Hi. This took me a while to work up the nerve to write, so bear with me, okay? Your e-mail caused me to re-read what I had written, and frankly, I'm ashamed.

I want to apologize for what I wrote; no hard feelings, okay? I'm not apologizing for what I believe; I apologizing for attacking your beliefs in a state of temper and annoyance.

If you agree that we can put it behind us, write back, okay? Otherwise, don't bother, I'll get the drift.


"My 10 year old daughter saw that!"

I think it's really sick to have such a thing! What disrespect! I would guess you are not a Christian or you would be as appalled as I am at this sight. My 10 year old daughter saw that! Shame on you, and I will say an extra prayer for your sorry butt tonight!!!!!!!!


God bless you
Concerned mother
Lover of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Concerned Mother/Jesus's Lover,

So your 10 year old saw my drawing of Jesus on the cross? What is it exactly that's going to require addressing? Is it the issue that there are some people who don't believe that He is God? Or is it the image of a human being nailed to a cross? If it's the later I am all ready with a counterpoint.

I know, I know, you pray to Him and He's going to give you everlasting life in paradise. I promise that my little web page won't cut into the gifts you've got comin'.

Thank you for your email.

"not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

you are not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" could dress him up in a santa suit, a easter bunny suit, evin as dr.suess."

Well, the thing is I think it's stupid to have such a thing. Only because you should not be able to dress him up!!!!!!!! you could dress him up in a santa suit, a easter bunny suit, evin as dr.suess.


Now this is interesting to me. The Santa suit and bunny suit are OK, but the baby items and women's clothes are bad? I'm very curious to hear your explanation what the difference is. Does it have something to do with the holiday characters being imaginary and the people-clothes being real and therefore more blasphemous?

And you still didn't let me in on the discussion this sparked with your child.

No need to thank me. My satisfaction comes from knowing that I'm bringing families closer together.


"...i am the child of the woman who wrote you."

my name is Megan and i am the child of the woman who wrote you. I dont like it because Jesus is our savior. I love Jesus to much you could say. The fact is you are stupid to have such a thing! Do me a favior. Get rid of DRESS UP JESUS.


Yes but why do you like the Santa and bunny suits but not the dress? This is the question I posed. It was originally asked of your mother but I wouldn't mind at all if you gave me your reasoning behind this as well. OR maybe you disagree with your mother? If that's the case you two are going to have to duke this out yourselves then get back to me on who the winner is. OK?

"i dont like any of it!"

i dont like any of it!


Well then, how do you feel that your own mother fully supports the Santa-Jesus, Easter Bunny-Jesus and Cat in the Hat-Jesus mockery?

Here is her exact quote if you don't believe me:
"you could dress him up in a santa suit, a easter bunny suit, evin as dr.suess."
Tue, 25 Dec 2001 20:46:16 EST

What do you have to say about that smarty pants?

" alic jerk!"

my mom does not like it eather you smart alic jerk!



"I understand you for wanting to joke about it. It's an easy way of keeping the unknown at a distance."

Hi! My name is Johanna. I'm 22 years old and live in Sweden. I found your page throw an underground e-letter.

Two years ago I almost died, when I thew myself of a plane hoping for my parachute to open. It didn't. I spend most of the remaining seconds cursing the same word over and over again. I found that that didn't help and desperate I sent a thought to God. The parachute opened in the last second and as I landed hard on the ground I saw people on the ground crying and huging me, because they all thought I was going to die. A year later, 21 years old, I became a believer in Christ. I now know why I felt the way I did back then, always searching for excitement and danger. I felt empty. Lonely.

Why am I telling you this? Because when I saw your homepage, I realised that I used to be sneering at christian people, always mocking them for their stupid beliefe. It's not like that no more. I understand you for wanting to joke about it. It's an easy way of keeping the unknown at a distance. I'm not writing you to give you moral lessons for this (I suspect other people will, though) even though I was said to see it, instead I was hoping for you to e-mail me back.

Tell me how christians make you feel! Tell me anything, just mail me back! I want to get to know you electronically.


Did you know that there are people who have prayed to live and then died? Did you know that there are people who have not said a single prayer and survived dreadful, hopeless situations? I know of a person that fell down a mountain (a Christian person) and she prayed for God to save her, so He chose to just break her spinal column and leave her confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

There are a great many combinations of strange events that occur every day. If someone were to switch beliefs with every incredible story, they'd be what I would refer to as wishy washy and foaming at the mouth insane.

Human beings are very emotional and can easily get hung up on things that effect their feelings. Your experience obviously effected your emotions (and rightly so). In my opinion however, it was a coincidence. I do not say this to distance myself from the unknown. I say this because coincidences are a normal part of everyday life. Some coincidences save lives. Others can leave a prankster hurling a cinderblock off an overpass onto his own family. While there are some that simply pair up two socks that had previously been separated.

It is not proof that there is a God. Only proof that things happen.

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