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Dear Mr. Smith,

I admit I let too much time go by without visiting your site, which is among my very favorites.

What happened to the hate mail (and your very awesome responses)?  Am I just not seeing a link?

Anyway thanks.

Jenny Pyne
White Plains, NY

Thank you! 
And Hate Mail's right where it's always been. It sounds like you're just not seeing it.

For future reference just scroll down the front page. It's the section with the 400 numbers that go all the way down.


“what hapenned in 2000-2001?”

what hapenned in 2000-2001 with you,

Dana Pospíšilová

You're wanting to know what happened in 2000-2001 that made me go crazy and denounce God, and go on this tirade against him, aren't you? Is that what you mean when you ask "what happened with you?"


“When someone is sitting and mocking anothing, Is it finding the Truth?”

Goog morning, Bob,
I think you have this question from other people.
What I would really want to know is who you have met, What happened to you,  what has hurt you.
I guess you remember now.
We both have the same age,
We both think about Lord as much as possible for us
But. When you mock anything, It hurts you in fact. Not mocking, but this something hurts you.
There are two important things – in our hearts – To have a good approach to the point, good access to case, Effort to seek the Truth and Love.
When someone is sitting and mocking anothing, Is it finding the Truth ?
The life is The way, finding the Truth is going by the way,
Mocking is sitting on the way.
Don´t you want go on ?
Dana Pospíšilová
Btw, do you really want to read answers  to your questions ?
Are you able to accept answers and think about them ?

Obviously I want answers to my questions. I never promise to accept answers as truth before I hear them, but I will think about them if they are reasonable.

However, if your answers sound crazy and make no sense I won't think about them for very long. Can you make what you say sound sane?


“I think you know these answers, because there are lots of people you had a talk about this thing.”

Oh yes,
I should say – if you can respect them.

But I think you know these answers, because there are lots of people you had a talk about this thing.

I also want the answer Bob
Dana Pospíšilová

Oh god, yes! Mockery is absolutely part of the human quest for truth. Here on planet earth the quest for truth is a never ending obstacle course of bad ideas, crazy parables, baby-talk, brain damage, misleads & general human error waiting to shake you off your path. Finding ways to dodge these things is a quintessential part of the quest for what's true.

Arguing and deconstructing the inconsistencies in wrong beliefs is one defense. If the wrong ideas won't subside to reason & logic, walking away silent is yet another means by which one can defend him or herself.

If turning your back still doesn't work and the seemingly endless bombardment of illogical arguments, discarding of commonsense, disregarding of evidence, and mental asylum chatter continue, mockery is the 3rd plan of action. And believe me, the wacky, cross-eyed, tongue flapping blather never ever eases up on someone like me.

I get people telling me their sins can be teleported into livestock! God cares if your riding lawnmower doesn't start! The guy who made every solar system feelings are hurt if we don't love him! Baby Jesus spoke words the minute he was born! A guy once told me he had the power to heal the sick, but doesn't use his powers because he doesn't want to put hospitals out of business! A grown man just recently told me he was transported by God into the mind of Jesus Christ and experienced true perfection. He was a human god, if just for a moment. There are many ready to declare themselves human gods, and mockery is what keeps them at bay.

Mockery has worked wonders in restoring and maintaining my personal sanity. Sanity that I can then pass on to others in a Play-it-Forward chain of events I've witnessed firsthand help others in a very positive way. Dare I say there's a version of love in there somewhere, be it ever so modest.

As for the rest of your email, I'm beginning to have difficulty understanding your sentences. The combo of language barrier & funny farm has become too great.

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