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(Me tucking into moules frite in a little restaurant in Dinan.)

Hi Bob,
Still enjoying the website after several years of viewing. One question, back in page 100 or thereabouts you had a chap bitching at you (as normal), however he wrote back some time later to say thanks for helping him open his eyes and mind. And that your communications were the ‘beginning of the end’ of his belief. Have you had any similar instances?
I sometimes think with some of the people who write in that it is almost a case of ‘methinks thou protesteth too much’. It seems to me that some of them write in brimming and frothing with indignance and spite because it helps them support a belief they are already wavering on, even if they don’t realise this themselves!
I suspect that even if you haven’t had confirmation of other de conversions, it has happened. Also you may find that it is not the head up their arse bible thumpers you reach but others on the edge of belief.
One other question, I’ve always wondered that if these people were not being wilfully ignorant for their religion what else would they be doing?? The mind boggles!!

More often I get people who came to the site years prior undecided or they've recently converted and found refuge in the site, like Bon in sidebar 465. I've had a handful of haters come around partly due to me, like Alex in sidebar 412, but it doesn't come to my attention nearly as often as I think I deserve! Haha

I personally see myself as a tiny voice compared to the big guns like Dawkins, Hitchens & Harris when it comes to giving credit for changing minds and lives, but I've definitely been given credit for a few 180s. If they've ever emailed me their letters are posted somewhere in the sidebars of hate mail. I think it's the perfect trophy case for them.

I know for a fact the conversion away from theism is a gradual journey over a greater period of time, and hate mailers walk away with food for thought. Not instant conversion and a pinpointable shover.

As for their willful ignorance. I know from experience it's probably better described as a subconscious ignorance. Perhaps a self preservation ignorance. And what you're probably seeing in the arguments on my site, a stubborn ignorance. Can't-back-down-no-matter-what ignorance. Certainly a point of fascination on my part whatever it is.

Your appreciation's appreciated.


“not funny.”

Please, it's just not funny.

Linda Connolly

But people tell me it's funny. They tell me it all the time. Why would they lie?



Nope, don't lie.

Linda Connolly

No. I've seen them laughing. They ain't lying, believe me.

Wait. Perhaps you're the one who's lying?



They lie!

Linda Connolly

You don't think I've met people who've thought it was funny and seen them laugh honest and for true?


“Muslims, they will not stop with nastygrams or emails.”

Bob, I know that you've been there and done it as far as email is concerned and this may be a lame attempt to ad to your comic act in order to make fun of and so-called have fun with the name of Jesus.  I know you have heard it all, so I won't even go there.  Many people just don't care and are so in the world spiritually speaking that they have no idea what they or you are doing and truly may find your lame attempt at humor funny.  Truthfully, I have no idea how I ended up on your site as it is not something that I would have been looking up with or without the name of Jesus.  I am not a religious person as religion is for man, made by man.  But I am offended by the mocking of my Savior that I personally do take very seriously and not once laughed.

However, all joking aside, do you remember when the Muslims put out a death threat because of some cartoon characters of their religious leader.  They are very radical regarding their religion, so mocking Jesus and what he did for me will not get you any brownie points in heaven when the radical Muslims decide that you would be better off in a frying pan than on stage.

I am sure that your mother is not too happy about the turn of events in your performance, especially if Jesus is an important part of her life.  If you are truly as funny as you claim to be, you can take everything you have and just change the venue to something even more entertaining.  Most Americans don't really care and take it with a grain of sale, with Muslims, they will not stop with nastygrams or emails.

Linda Connolly

Yes Linda, I have to admit I'm roping you into my comedy routine just like I do with all the others. And yes, the "What about the psychotic Muslims" and the "How can you do anything that upsets your mother" arguments have been thrown at me a hundred times before you. And you're just another faceless complainer to me who I don't take seriously in any way by simply picturing you tied up in a straight-jacket staring cross-eyed at a computer screen and typing to me with your nose. It's a simple image that erases any guilt for taking no one who emails me seriously. It's wonderfully liberating, I must tell you.

So now you know exactly where I'm coming from and why I don't care about every stranger's opinion. Obviously I couldn't care at all if religious extremists hate what I'm doing and threaten to murder everyone (or just me) if they don't get their way. The day we start allowing those people to rewrite everything is the day we all may as well stop writing. And simultaneously doing what you think is right while disappointing one or both of your parents is part of life. If that's not the case then mirroring our parents should be everyone's life goal, and what an exciting world of fresh ideas that'd be, huh Linda? Rest assured my parents and I have worked it all out as we're all adults who listen and understand where the other is coming from. It's really quite basic.

Linda, I would like to think I'm funny enough that IN ADDITION to mocking the gods we invent I can also have other projects that are even more entertaining, as well as other things, and so on, without having to delete and/or censor to the whim of the indecisive, consistently unfunny mass public. Thus leaving it up to each individual whether or not they find something funny or not and leaving it at that. 

All that said, do you really want the threats and violence of religious fanatics to work in their favor? That's the world you're strategizing here?

“but since they are fruit cakes just as you are - there is no opportunity for reasoning.”

I so agree with you regarding religious fanatics and we should never bow down to them, but since they are fruit cakes just as you are - there is no opportunity for reasoning.  As you previously mentioned, there is nothing that I could say that you have not already heard (so you won't have any new material to poke fun at) and my family agrees and so do I that you have a right to do stupid after all this is America, but it is still offensive and not funny to me.  Oh, by the way, to complete your picture of me, I type with my left hand and just have braces on my legs.  That should help liberate you even more.

God Bless
Linda Connolly

Did your family also agree that you should tell me you have braces on your legs? "That'll show him!"

It's funny to notice how often arguments like these dwindle to claims of some tragic state of events to inspire guilt and avoid criticism. During just a short back and forth with others much like you I've heard "I just lost my fiance" [pg 456], "I've had family die" [pg 464], a lady linking me up to pictures of herself in a wheelchair [pg 461], and now you. And I'm talking about email correspondences they started with me, them picking the fight as to actually argue it out, with forceful demands and claims to knowledge no human being could possibly know, then concluding with their tragedy to inspire guilt.

Now don't think for a second that I'm at all amused by these misfortunes, or take them lightly, or that I'm even sure all the claims are true in the first place, but playing that card is a total copout. But then I realized that's exactly what Jesus teaches by example. Believers have learned from Jesus that stories of suffering & misfortune are exactly the cards to play to halt criticism in its tracks. Not reasonable arguments, evidence, or even humbly admitting uncertainty. No. The argument for believing is Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ." Jesus suffered so so much that we simply must believe.

This fruitcake is more than willing to use reason. I am completely open to it. But feeling sorry for you, fear & guilt aren't reasoned arguments, and that's all you've presented in your letters. "I'm offended... I didn't laugh... your mom must be sad... Muslims will kill you... I have braces on my legs." None of those things are reasoned arguments. None support your claims as truth. Each of them are every other possible alternative to actually defending your beliefs with reason.
As for me, I learn many many lessons from these conversations.

Wow. That was liberating!
Thank you.

“Oh, by the way, I do type with both hands, don't have braces on my legs, and don't sit all tied up with my nose in the computer.”

I don't give a hang what you believe, you are not my problem and whether I type with my hands tied behind a chair, with balloons attached to my ears, with bells on my toes, and a bone in my nose really does not matter.  I now think I once saw this idiot mocking people and their beliefs, Jesus, and I just turned it off.  You add words that were not said and if I were your mother I would curse the day you were born.  Oh, by the way, I do type with both hands, don't have braces on my legs, and don't sit all tied up with my nose in the computer.  I have way too much to do to spend any more time telling some ignorant disgusting perverted two bit has been comic that he's NOT funny and he is very OFFENSIVE, not only to me, but to other people. My family did not approve of my contacting you in the first place, but my last round of ridiculous was with a witch and they think they are holy. You did not make my day as I am so sad for you and you need to keep your little red suit with the horns, cause you're gonna be needing it real soon.  

Linda Connolly

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