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And I attend Jay Bakker's Revolution Church.
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So yesterday I attended a service at Revolution Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In case you weren't aware, this is the church service (held in the back of a bar) headed by Jay Bakker- Jim and Tammy Faye's offspring.

He's been getting a lot of attention from his own show on Sundance (One Punk Under God). Having seen a couple of the Sundance Channel shows I've been wanting to see what he's really all about for a while now. So this afternoon a friend and I went to the 4:00 service. You wanna know what we did there? We went there with too high of expectations. That's what we did.

I don't know what I was thinkin' it'd be but I have to tell ya, I was just as bored as I've ever been at any church service I've attended. He certainly doesn't make any claims of being the Next Great Hope or anything of the like, but Christ. His speaking style is pretty easily summed up- he reads from the bible into a microphone, then he explains his take on what he just read.
Okay, that's a bit of a short change. His honesty and authenticity make him very likable, and he's good at explaining the bible so that it appears liberal. One of the most controversial angles Jay takes with his Christianity is his declaration that homosexuality is a-okay with God. And from what I've read that's the main thing that's keeping him from getting funded by his daddy's connections.

It was an hour long, and after the service I realized that what I want is to talk with him one on one. I think that's what'll be interesting. I would love to ask him that list of questions I had on the radio show which I was presenting to those Christians at Union. There's a lot I'd like to talk with him about.

I grew up with the Jim Bakker phenomenon, Jim J & Tammy Faye, the Tammy Faye documentary, and now the same people who did that are responsible for his Sundance show. I know that I could talk to him for hours about his beliefs, the punk thing, and his mom and dad. I wonder if he'll accept my invitation? I guess we'll see.

The letter I sent yesterday eve:

Hey Jay,
You've started a church in my neighborhood and this afternoon I attended your service. I heard you speak from Galations about Jesus, Faith, your mother and your take on the religion you were raised in. One of the things that I enjoyed most was your openness and honesty. I too was raised in a Christian home and am doing my best to make it into a living here in New York, but I've taken it in another direction >>

I'm emailing you because I would really like to talk with you and post our meeting on my site. I am an atheist and I've been quite outspoken about my atheism. And it's no secret, I've also gotten a good share of attention mocking your god with my Jesus Dress Up web site and fridge magnets. Of course I'd be willing to answer any questions you might have as well, and you could do whatever you wanted with our interview on your end.

I would totally appreciate having this one-on-one with you. Another thing I appreciated from what I've seen and read about you is your willingness to speak to anyone about anything, and strangely that's a unique trait to find among Christian leaders.

Feel free to email me, or call me about this. I think both of us could stand to gain from this meeting.

Thank you for your time.

“I am an individual who happens to actually know, and had real interactions with both God and Satan.”

Dear Bob,
Despite the fact that you are apparently a controversialist and antagonist, I will give a serious reply to you as to why the Salvation of Satan has not of yet occurred. I realise that this E-mail may just be used to mock me, but since I have a sense of humour, I can live with that.

I am an individual who happens to actually know, and had real interactions with both God and Satan. And knowing the natures of both, I can truthfully say that the reason that Satan has not been saved, or has reconciled with God is simple. He does not want to, in fact refuses to do so. Satan's greatest desire is to supplant God as God. Obviously, this matter is not negotiable with God. Satan refuses God's terms for reconcile, that being a return to service of God in the capacity of a higher Angel, and Satan's admitting wrongdoing and asking for forgiveness. Satan does not desire to acquiesce to these terms, and instead resents God. Since Satan knows he has lost, as although his final defeat has not yet occurred, he cannot match God in power, or indeed, in anything else, he seeks to drag as many souls into defeat with him as he can. This is basically it. God has offered Satan redemption several times and been rejected.

Since you seem to have no belief in the Bible or in Christian Theology, I will not attempt whatsoever to prove or backup my statements in any way, as I would be reduced to basic logic, which would be far too difficult and imprecise of a tool to try to explain such a complex matter in a format such as this. If you desire to anything other than disregard my statements out of hand, than you can look for evidence on your own. I promise you that if you look hard if, and in seriousness, you'll find the answer.

In closing, I ask that my E-mail address be kept confidential. You may whatever else you desire with this E-mail, provided you leave the text unaltered. Good luck in finding a purpose for your life that has some lasting meaning.- Anonymous.

Alexander The Indomitable

There can be no greater service than that of serving God.

Yes but then is it not our duty to pray for those even if they appear to be beyond redemption, no matter how impossible it seems? That is the question I pose to you. Should people have not prayed for Saddam Hussein to change his ways even if it seemed unlikely he would? Should people not pray for their son or daughter who has a problem, no matter how huge that problem is?

And let me ask you this. What is a miracle? Isn't a miracle something that's beyond what us little humans think is possible? Isn't a miracle precisely the opposite of things you listed that God can't do? Isn't the whole point of a miracle the happening of an event that people would think is totally and completely beyond comprehension??

I'll tell you what a miracle is NOT, Mr. I- will- not- attempt- whatsoever- to- prove- or- backup- my- statements- in- any- way! A miracle is NOT the repentance of a desperate criminal on death's row hours before he must face his own execution! A miracle is NOT the repentance of a child who's been told that if he prays for forgiveness he will get an eternity in paradise! A miracle is NOT the repentance of a punk rocker who sees that his devotion to Satanism has left him without hope and deliverance, falling to his knees and committing himself to a life of Christian Metal!

No. Those are not the miracles of MY God! My God can do even the things you say it is impossible for Him to accomplish! My God can move mountains no matter how big! He can count all of the grains of sand in the universe! He can walk on top of the water's surface without even getting wet! And Alexander, I promise you, God is mightier than Satan, no matter what you think!!!!

Oh, how empty your faith is asking me NOT to pray for this problem! I suppose in your Bible it says: "Pray for others, unless there seems to be no hope at all, because then that'd be pretty a difficult task for our God, and probably one of the things He can't do. Praise be unto Him. Amen"

Professional Controversialist & Antagonist

“As for a duty to pray for Satan, I wouldn't say we hold such a duty. And I have certainly never received such a command.”

Mr. Smith,
I am delighted by your rather amusing reply. I say nothing of what my God can't do. I know of no such category. I only know of what my God won't do. And handing over His throne is one of those things. As for a duty to pray for Satan, I wouldn't say we hold such a duty. And I have certainly never received such a command. As for the possibility of Satan being redeemed, based on the combination of both my interactions with Satan, and my understanding of Prophecy, I would say it is quite 'unlikely'. And by that I mean not at all. As for miracles, I have seem them, both big and small, inconspicuous and grand. I have no problem with what you have to say about them.

I don't believe in anything limiting my God, unless it is self-imposed. In my first E-mail I never actually even suggested you should not pray for Satan, just to set the record straight. Again, you may do what you will with this E-mail, providing you follow the aforementioned restrictions.

Alexander The Indomitable

YOUR understanding of the Prophecy! Ha! A tiny mortal's insignificant mind's understanding of God's Prophecy! A mere troll in comparison to the One True God of the Universe, and we're all supposed to go by your understanding of the Prophecy?? An insignificant dot born destined to an eternal suffering in hell because that's what we truly deserve, and you want me to consider your understanding of it???? Why not just hand over the whole world to the human race and let them figure it all out without God, using their "science," "logic" and their "portable electronic thinking machines???"
Take the understanding of a lamb? I think not, Alex!

I trust in God's understanding! And God Himself said that ALL THINGS are possible through Him! Luke 18:27! That's Bible scripture, in case you didn't know! God's Word! And last I checked the word "all" was pretty goddamn inclusive! These are the words of God, Alexander! Not your pastor. Not Dr. Luke. Not whoever it is you think you are! God, Alex. And you, a sinner, a liar, a thief, a law breaker, are claiming to know better than He! Tell me Alex, have you ever done anything stupid in your life? Yes? Well then, expect me to take the advice of a stupo with a grain of salt.

I fall to my sofa bed face first and soak its cushions in tears of love for you! And for you too, Satan! And I pray that both of you rise above this distrust and underestimation you have for THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF FOREVERLAND! Praise Him eternally, from this life into the next from Hell straight up to Heaven, and everyone inbetween! EVERYONE!!!


“who do you think I'm claiming my understanding of Prophecy from? You guessed it, God.”

So then, you claim some sort of superiority over me to discard my remarks without any sort of apparent reason? Besides, exactly who do you think I'm claiming my understanding of Prophecy from? You guessed it, God. And as you have just quoted, All things are possible with God. Therefore, what I am saying is perfectly possible, going by your reasoning. So then, exactly what is it you mean by your remarks to me?

Alexander The Indomitable

Without any sort of apparent reason?!?!?! GOD'S WORD ISN'T ANY SORT OF APPARENT REASON?!??!?!?! LUKE 18:27 ISN'T ANY SORT OF APPARENT REASON!?!?!?!?

Alexander, NO ONE has the authority to interpret God's Word other than exactly how God meant it to be translated! ANY human who thinks he has the ability to speak for God or decipher what The Supreme Being really meant by His Words must apparently believe that he is as wise as God! I unabashedly laugh in that person's face! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Alexander, let me ask you one important question. Who is it exactly that you spoke to who claimed they were intellectually superior enough to translate God's Word precisely as God meant it to be translated? What imperfect, mortal sinner are you dubbing "God's Official Translator?" I would like to shake his hand for possessing the ability to grasp the mindset of The Almighty God Of The World! Please, tell me the person's name, Alex, because we should all bow our heads to this man who comes to us with the miraculous talent to speak for God!

Praise the man who speaks for God! Bow your heads before the mere human who proclaims to know precisely what God's wishes are EXACTLY, for he is clearly the runner up to the Master Of the Universe and deserves an eternal pat on the back for this incredible achievement!

Praise be to that guy.


“if you don't respect him, you shoud respect the feelings of the billions of people in the world that follow him.”

Dear Mr Bob,

I hope you would change the character of Jesus at this site jesusdressup.com, he is our Saviour, you can't use his character to reach your goals, he is not as any other charactor, if you don't respect him, you shoud respect the feelings of the billions of people in the world that follow him.

please try to change it, if you did you will win the other life not this one.


I don't understand your letter to me. I have ALREADY reached many of my goals using His character. The site has provided me with a working income, an artistic outlet, connections with people from all over the world, and dozens more goals that I set out to accomplish upon posting the page over 6 years ago! You have stated a blatant untruth in your email and this leaves me to think I shouldn't take the other advice you presented.

Curse you for trying to waste my time and squash my dreams.


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