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(Another email sent w/o a pic)

My friends and I love your website! It is truly awesome! We especially love to read "Sheeples" and your hate mail--which seems to be endless. I was raised in a PRIMATIVE Baptist church. This means that from the day I was born until I was PHYSICALLY too big to be dragged to church against my will any more (about 14), I was treated to the disgraceful spectacle of adult human beings handling snakes, talking in "tongues" and literally rolling around on the floor as if they were having an epilectic seizure.

We all think you are very courageous. Where did you get the idea of dressing up like Satan? What inspired you to do it? Was it a calculated to provoke and upset the bible-thumpers? If so, it certainly seems to be working! Anyway, we all think it is great!

Keep up the great work! We LOVE your website!!! I probably misspelled a few words, but please don't hold it against me.

To quote the great Henry Miller: "God save us from the righteous!"


Don Bowers
Atlanta, Ga

Hey Don! Thank you for the email.

The Satan thing is purely a fetish thing. I have a Satan-fetish. And looking back to since I was a kid I've always had a fascination with him. My earliest memories of this are of a Satan marionette one of my brothers had. It was always just kind of hanging in the corner of the house most of my life, and then, oddly, the day that I realized how cool it was and how much I admired it, it just disappeared! I often wonder if my parents disposed of it.

Anyhow, it was destined to happen. Then one Halloween here in NYC I decided to go "all out" and be the Satan I'd been dreaming of for many years. My friend Amber helped me with the makeup and the horns, black suit and red shirt. And when I saw the finished product I knew this wouldn't be the last time. I talk about it on the day it all happened here on page 90. It was really an incredible experience.

It wasn't until a few weeks after that when I went searching for the tux and made the outfit what it is today.

So no, it wasn't originally to upset the fundies, but that's what it became. And it has done the job, hasn't it?


(Again, no pic. What am I to do?)

Hi Bob,
Wow, what a fun web site, and full of amazingly original ideas, Thank you!

Have you given any thought to fleshing out your message in scope and scale?

There is a theory floating around right now that for the last hundred years or so, the idea of God (specifically, our western God) has been dying, leaving a huge God-shaped hole in many lives and societies. Science and technology killed Him. The problem is, in my humble opinion, most civilizations, past and present, have used religion to provide people with meaning and stability (of course, coming with a high cost).

What we do have in the USA by way of replacement are cold religion leftovers, "fuck the people" capitalism, TV, developing-country religions (God is still alive and well in developing countries), and only a fringe of intellectuals and sub-cultures.

What we Need is a nice, packaged up belief system that incorporates both humanitarianism and humor; one that people will readily adopt. Any suggestions? We look to you, normal bob, to come up with this package and save humanity. If anyone can do it, You can! You are our John Galt, don't abandon us!


Christ, I don't know if I like the sound of that. Are you asking for another, better religion to replace all the crap ones? And I don't think there's been even one that isn't crap?

I've always felt that basically the reason why religions win over science is because of the happy ending it offers. I don't think there's anything I or science can offer to ease that fear of death we all have. It's a harsh, gargantuan thing that's difficult for people to deal with. The closer one gets to fully grasping the reality of what death actually means on so many levels is when one can begin filling that void you speak of. And the best thing to fill that void with is life. Life and people.

However you yourself enjoy life, and connect with people, those are the things to fill that void with. That's what I'm doing, and that's what I tell other people to do when they ask me what I think the meaning of it all is. Because the REAL human bible is the one that began with the first images ever inscribed on a cave wall, to every single book that has and ever will be written.

Yes, it's all just that complicated.

This is a response from a comic retort on page 171!
Again, I answer it with another comic illustration.
“i was saying that Jesus Christ died on the FUCKING CROSS so that i could hate you ...so he died on the cross so that i could sin because i am only human and its impossible not to......well that clears that up”

well first of all im glad to see that you have the time to sit around and doodle, but anyways, judging from the drawing you sent me, u didnt even slighty grasp the concept of my last e-mail so i'll explain it to u...dont read to fast or you might get confused dumbass: i was saying that Jesus Christ died on the FUCKING CROSS so that i could hate you, which means God sent his only son to die on the cross to pay for our sins, and so that in the future we could sin and they would be forgiven if we asked for it...so he died on the cross so that i could sin because i am only human and its impossible not to......well that clears that up, hope your feeling like a total ass about this whole thing and by the way, why dont you get a life and stop fucking around with all your gay ass coloring or whatever the fuck you do.......do you really have nothing better to do then draw??!?!?

-Laura Castle respects God: which is a hell of a lot more than i can say for you bitch

ps- u just got burned by a 14 year old girl in high school(a very pretty and popular one at that....i can see how u wouldnt want to believe that, BUT I AM, and honestly i dont give a fuck if you do or not) how does that feel?

Laura Castle
From pg 171



Dear 'bob' this sight is exceptionaly awfull and disrespectfull to all christians. Pleasem email me back at pink_n_fluffy_181@hotmailco.uk

Jonny English



Subject: APPALLED!


Sandy Turner


“you satanist shit bag fuck you!”

Subject: you are gonna burn

your gonna fucking burn for this shit you satanist shit bag fuck you!

Lila Carls


“go to hell and die”

Subject: Hey

Are you the crazy bastard that made that fucking messed up jesus game? well ur sick in the head u know that ur gonna go to hell and die



“You are cruel for making him look dumb”

You are cruel for making a sight of Jesus whering dumb clothes and 4 making him look dumb


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