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Now if you had addressed WHY these people are acting as they are then you'd have an article worth linking. For instance, if you'd have started one of your paragraphs with, "I understand you're taught by the church to hate homosexuality, but some of Christianity's greatest leaders have been homos. (ref: Ted Haggard)" You know. Word that however you like.

And then start another sentence with, "I realize that the bible completely condones stoning adulterers, blasphemers, heretics, and even sassy children (Commandment 4), but God didn't mean for us to mimic Him so accurately, yadda yadda yadda..."

Or you could address how religion, in general, divides people into separate groups, and each group believes all the other groups are going to suffer forever in hell at the hand of God, and people are just gonna have to deal with the fact that God's plan is to divide us like this. That's our lot in life. God's Great Plan.

I think the main thing you're forgetting, Chad, is that all of these people who email me realize they're being horrible. That kid Bobby Joe whose email I forwarded to you, he emailed me back knowing full well that he was being un-Jesus. They don't need another sermon from another guy telling them they're rotten sinners who deserve hell, and try as they may, they'll never be as great as Jesus. What they need are answers to the endless contradictions in Christianity's teachings, maybe starting with how people don't come first. People aren't the priority. God is. Then Jesus. Then the Bible. And if people hear God's voice in their head, that definitely takes priority over human life. Just ask Abraham!


Well Bob, let's look at it this way: I'll gladly go out on a short limb and say that these "Christians" who allegedly know that what they're doing is wrong aren't Christians at all, because if they were then (1) they wouldn't be doing what they're doing and (2) they'd be telling others exhibiting such behavior to cut it out. And since the "Christians" sending you hate mail don't meet either of these criteria, I'd have to say that they aren't Christians at all.

Think about the problem that "social promotion" has created in public schools: You've got kids who are being given high-school diplomas but who can't read. These kids get along just fine until they're called upon in a situation to give proof of their ability to read. Faking it is no problem until someone calls their bluff on it. With regard to these "Christians" who have been sending you hate mail, when a situation arises that draws out their spiritual incompetence, then they'll be seen for the fakes that they are. And quite frankly, I'd be willing to bet that hypocritical "Christians" tick me off even more than they do you, because while it seems that it seems to be a pretty lively hobby of yours to rightly show these people how two-faced they are, I don't look at dealing with hypocrites as a hobby.

So that's why I'm suggesting that after you're done with ticking off faux Christians with your site, you can send them to me as sort of a spiritual laxative: You're showing these hypocrites how full of crap they are because of their hypocrisy, and I can help flush them out. I don't think I'd be spoiling your fun at all because you and I both know that there are far more hypocrites in the world than there are people willing to confront hypocrisy. But I'd like to do my part to try to flush the crap out of my corner of society, and maybe since I'm choosing to stay in Christianity, these other "Christians" might listen to me where they'd just spout off at you. Not that I guarantee that they'd listen to me, but if one of the people they claim to represent is telling them that they're full of it and that they're not at all what they say they are, maybe it would have some sort of residual, redemptive effect with these "Christians" that would make this world stink less in the end. So that's why I'm suggesting a more-prominent link to WhoWouldJesusHate.net on each of your "hatemail" pages--at the very least, it would be interesting for both of us. Lemme know what you think.

Chad Steenerson

Chad, the problem is that I am not looking to make people better Christians. I want people to be worse Christians. In fact, I want people to be such bad Christians that they reject Jesus and God completely. The last thing I want from these Christians is for them to think I support their religiosity and encourage them to delve deeper into its teachings. The thought of sending people somewhere to be taught more Bible-garbage goes against everything I believe. It just isn't going to happen.

What I want people to learn from my site is that claiming to be Christian, or to have a belief in God has zero impact on whether or not someone is a decent human being. All that religion provides is the fantasy that we never die, when in fact, clearly we do.

I understand your desire to have better examples of people out there representing you. Had you considered that perhaps the reason it's all so messed up is because it's not logical, nor does it encourage logical thinking? Hell, it hardly encourages thinking at all! Just following. Blind-faith-following-illogical-hope hands-extended-hoping-to-reach-heaven. Such courage.


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