Hate Mail So, a while back (like a year ago) I planned on coming to page 300 and dedicating it entirely to the blood-thirsty death threats I expected in response to mohammeddressup.com. At the same time I also started a "Draw The Prophet Muhammad Contest," and it received a great many entries! But there was one problem. In the year of Muhammad Dressup being posted on the web, it received a total of zero complaints! No joke! Well, that is up until about 15 minutes ago. So without any further delay, my very first edition of...
Islamic Fundamentalist Hate Mail!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Latest Updates

The contest entries are in, and the results have been tallied for the Draw The Prophet Muhammad Contest! So let's begin by showing some of my favorite entries and finish with the winners!

Roel Winters sent in this funny piece which explained where the laws on pork consumption came from! Love it.
Aidan Whitmore sent in this piece along with this news article that may result in a very large number of disappointed muslim men in heaven! Seems that the 72 virgins reward might be a mistranslation, meaning white raisins instead. Thank you, Aidan!

D. McClinic
D. McClinic sent in this interesting scene surrounding the Prophet. Kind of a collage of Muhammad's less than shining moments. Very neat indeed!

This one was sent in by Old Pollution showing a confused Muhammad trying to comprehend Free Thought. A real mind bender!

2nd Place

hitler muhammad
This one came in SECOND PLACE, and it's a fun one titled Hitlerhammad with his army of 9 wives. Thank you, Spider! Very nice. Spider, email me your shipping address and which of the 4 Jesus Dressup Magnet sets you'd like as your Second Place Prize!

1st Place!

My favorite, and the reward of FIRST PRIZE was actually mailed to my PO Box from Shane!
Shane's entry
Congratulations, Shane! Your depiction of a young Muhammad ruining yet another school picture day was hilarious! Shane! Send me your mailing address so I can send you your First Prize pen & ink drawing!

Thank you everyone! Now come take part in today's drawing contest with even more prizes!!!
See left sidebar for details>>


Also, I strongly recommend faithfreedom.org/ It's sorta like me, except derected at Islamic Fundies! A very interesting page indeed.

“is this the best u can do.?”

Subject: hey there..

introducing myself as a person, without mentioning that i'm muslim too, so all my point of view will not be taking any side...

i mean is this the best u can do.. i am 100% sure that u know nothing about prophet Muhammad, so a try like this to make fun of him is absolutely pointless and is actually humilating to you, not to him, not to any muslim.

u should wonder why prophet Muhammad was chosen the first among the list of the greatest men who ever lived, a list that was put by a western scientest in world's history.

i'm guessing u r christian, if having no religion at all. have u ever seen anything that's meant to be mocking any prophet (Jesus Criest especially if u r cristian)? that's because we as muslims believe in all prophets and they're all respected and also their messages. and have u ever wondered why there are more than one version of that bible of yours? just run it through ur mind for one minute. that's because it got changed in way that no one sane could even think it's a holly book from God. it itself has gestures of mocking some prophets in some way or another referring to their human-desire mostly. can it be that God says that about his prophets whom he has chosen to be leaders to other people?

It's known (not by most of the western ordinary people) that the bible introduces Muhammad as one of the next prophets and as the last of them. if u read throughly into some history books u'll see that the relation between muslims and christians was based on both respecting each other and actually with only few diffrences between. So why now has it turned to be one mocking the other's prophet. ask urself if u think this is right keep that site of urs running, but i'm asking u as one other person if not to close it. be honest, if not with me be it with urself..


I am an atheist (Insert gargantuan sigh of relief here), so all of this Sci-fi talk about what order God puts the Prophets, which book is more holy, and who's more Chosen, has no affect on me. Your god, the Christian's god, the Jew's god, the Heaven's Gate god, the Greek gods and the Norse gods are all equal to me. They are all equally pretend. They were once necessary for our survival back in a day when we had no other way to answer the questions that perplexed us. But now, even though we've got the tools at our hands to solve life's problems, we've still got this useless appendix taking up valuable space in our logical thought.

For whatever ungodly reason all of you people think that THE GOD orchestrated out this bizarre assortment of happen-stances back thousands of years ago when, coincidentally, people also believed in fire-breathing dragons, a flat earth, leach-cures for demon possession, while knowing nothing of which mushrooms to eat, and which ones to throw into the river.

It is entirely up to you if you are going to buy into that which the cavemen who preceded you wrote in their ancient scribes of magical men who spoke for God, and in doing so were rewarded with the supplest of virgins in the clouds. I, however, am not so easily duped and thwarted into belief by the written threat of eternal pain and torture, or the reward of the largest throne beside the Ruler of the Universe.

How can you not see the errors of man and equate them directly with the gods they've invented throughout history? How can you bow down yourself and not see your brother on the other side of the world bowing himself to his own version and still believe you are right and he is wrong? You picked the correct supreme being while he is wasting his time worshipping a non existent one? How can one be so illogical? How can one be so blind?

Even as a child when I was a Christian I saw the flaws in the logic, and its contradictions with basic science, and I never stopped questioning. I questioned to the point that when I finally became an adult I had no doubt that the reason it didn't make any sense was because it was bull. It was bull that my parents thought was real, and their parents thought the same, and so on and so on.

I'm proud to say that I've stopped the chain of unquestioning lambs and came to terms with the idea that when we die it's actually over. It just ends. No different than the elephant, the fly, the dolphin or the crow. There is no grand judgement, line of trumpeting horns, towering diamond-studded gates, or a super-duper present wrapped in the biggest bow with your name on it. How can you not see that it's your own self-righteous, self-obsessed, selfishness that keeps you believing the universe revolves around you, and the magic wizards in the sky are fighting over us like foolish school children, pouting, complaining, and spiting each other in their jealous, cry-baby hissy-fits, casting those who won't be their best friends into an eternal pit of suffering and turmoil? How can you not see that their behavior is a direct reflection of our own inner child, lashing out at that which we have no control over – Our own mortality. And it has survived this many ages because we are still infantile, ornery children at heart, and I understand now that it is our duty to address and control that child.

We as a species still have more evolving to accomplish. Hopefully you folks will come to your senses and stop this We've-got-the-REAL-God madness before it's too late. Until then we atheists are holding our breath while you folks play Tug-O-War with the Apocalypse.


PS. Oh yeah! And thank you for the email! It's the first one I got for the Muhammad thingy!

Oh, and I also got this email from a Jewish webmaster...

“The only issue that upset me is that there is the option to dress Muhammad the pig up in a "hassidic" Jew's outfit.”

Subject: One Issue

I think your site is hilarious, and it's a really good idea.

The only issue that upset me is that there is the option to dress Muhammad the pig up in a "hassidic" Jew's outfit. It seems to me, that it is slightly anti-Semitic. Please reply to me with an explanation (I might have misunderstood) or with a correction. I would love to link to your site from my organizations site, but I need to have an answer as to why there is the "hassidic" Jew option.

Israel Appel
B'nai Elim of New York

It's completely up to you if you want to link it up or not, but it is not going to change. I am an atheist and am quite outspoken about my anti-religion views. I mock Jesus, I mock Muhammad, and I even mock myself: http://www.normalbobsmith.com/revenge/
If you're reading ancient scribes and believing them over science and common sense, then prepare to be mocked.

Hell, prepare to be mocked no matter who you are. None of us are above a swift pie in the face. Take it or leave it.


“you're doing a great job, disregard my e-mail.”

I e-mailed you before I saw anything. Ok, you're doing a great job, disregard my e-mail.

Israel Appel
B'nai Elim of New York

MuhammadDressup link

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