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Hello Normal Bob Smith,

I saw your dress up Jesus website and it raised a question: Why do you hate Jesus?


What an interesting question. Why do I hate Jesus? My initial response to this is to ask why you think I hate Jesus. He's imaginary. I can't honestly hate an imaginary character. I think what I do hate however is the lie. I hate the lie that everyone believes is true. The lie that Jesus has become a symbol for. That's what I hate, as I hate all lies.

Does that answer your question?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the response. As a Christian myself, I've just wanted to ask a non believer that question. I stumbled across your site and the urge hit me. In reading your answer, you mention that he's an imaginary character, yet history scholars say there is more evidence for the life, death, and resurrection than there is for the existance of Ceasar. Anyway, I'm not trying to start a big debate with you or anything, I was just curious.

Jesus loves you regardless,

You show me the history scholars who said that. I bet in your research you will find that there are no true scholars who said such words, and it's simply something you've been repeating to people again and again even though it's backed by nothing.

There are no writings of Jesus. There were no images made of him. There are no first hand accounts of his deeds. The Bible was written long after the character of Jesus had died and the people who were around during that time had died. In fact, during a time when Jesus was supposedly performing miracle after miracle not once did anyone who witnessed these things stop to write about them immediately after they happened. All of Jesus' life is based on hear-say. And we all know how reliable hearsay is, don't we JP?

You should watch "The God Who Wasn't There."
Part 1 & Part 2

Thank you for doing that.


we have the free time to dismember you and all your Atheist (and/or Kike) friends.

Subject: I'm NOT letting this go!

I've recruited my "hacker" friend for this and we REALLY are going to find out exactly who created those magnets (you!) When we figure out who's involved, we will do background searches and eventually find out the location of your private residence.

Do you think I was kidding in my initial e-mail? You are not dealing with tolerant people here. If you would like to see just how intolerant we are, you keep on selling your sac-religious paraphernalia...

Believe me: you are fucked! You know why? Because we have the free time to dismember you and all your Atheist (and/or Kike) friends. And if we are eternally punished for this, so be it.

George Bush is going deeper into to Hell than we ever could. There is a man who thinks he's doing God's work... and he's really just an Israeli puppet!

My advice to you is to feel nauseous for your useless life, because it may end sooner than you wish (probably NOT as soon as WE wish, but let's See how our "people search" goes!)

I hope the profit you made on your fucky little magnets can afford you a plane ticket far from your home. (It already gets you a ticket to fucking hell)

I just wanted to let you know that your "Dress-up Mel" and "Dress-up Jesus" pages popped up unexpectedly on my home computer, otherwise I wouldn't have known about them. This is why I will spend all the money all can muster to leave my unforgettable mark on your life. And after that, on others like you...

I really hope you are taking us as serious as we are taking you.

Mitchel Stanton

Subject: Really? No, I mean REALLY!?

One of the things I have learned in these many years is that the true intolerant people who are keen on hacking into my life and destroying this empire I've built do not email me warnings and cheer their own big, strong muscles.

However, on the other side of that coin it is somewhat common knowledge that the reason people like you are so gracious to contact me before they even begin Phase 1 of their initial attack, even offering me a lengthy outline of their overall plan peppered with multiple warnings to be taken seriously, is because in all actuality they are quite simply a noodle-nosed wiener face.

I'm sorry that you accidentally gave yourself away as a noodle-nosed wiener face, but I suppose this is all part of the learning process you go through during those early teen years.

As you'll see, I've attached a picture of you and your army of hacker friends, so don't think for a second that I am not two steps ahead of you and your diabolical scheme to destroy me mercilessly from the inside out, and then back in again.

Oh yes, and thank you for giving me such a tremendous head start.


ur such a fool! Fear god!

Subject: Read it BOB

FUCK THIS SITE BOB! Respect yourself man! U really have nothing to do in life
but this... ur such a fool! Fear god!


FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR!!!!!!!!!! That's your idea of a life? It looks as though their stories have done just what they were supposed to do on you. Left you cowering in a corner screaming "THE SKY IS FALLING!" to strangers. Now that's pathetic.

The fool is the one who lives his life in submission to his fears.


ask yourself is this what god would want.

Subject: PRAY

Hello Bob I pray for you. You should think about what you are doing with your life and ask yourself is this what god would want.

God bless
Sara Cruz

Please don't pray for me. When people pray for me I see it as them wishing me to a place you call "Heaven" where people have to somehow enjoy paradise while others suffer eternally in hell. I hate the idea of going to such a horrible place. It's like having to live in the biggest mansion filled with perfect people while outside poor souls melt forever in oceans of flaming black tar.

Such a paradise could only gratify the heart of a villain.

Who ever ends up not with God in the end made that choice

In the bible it says no one is perfect. That is why God sent his only son to die for our sins. It's your choice to receive God or not. Who ever ends up not with God in the end made that choice. God wants everyone in his kingdom. All he does is ask and you make the choice. I will still pray that you let the Lord enter your life. It's a wonderful thing.
God Bless Sara

You see Sara, I would argue that it isn't about choice. It's like saying it's your choice to believe Goldilocks & the 3 Bears is a true story, and anyone who chooses not to believe it is purposefully doing so out of spite, or because they are angry at the story.

It really doesn't take a scholar to understand the simple act of believing a story without any evidence does not deserve a reward. In fact, I'd even say that believing a story that defies all logic without any evidence doesn't even deserve a pat on the back. There is nothing even remotely heroic about believing unbelievable stories.

I'll even go one step further and say the act of believing stories that condemn some to eternal suffering while others get eternal paradise is probably the least courageous act I could imagine. Why would anyone see this behavior as favorable in any light? It's the sort of belief that makes one sort of human being seem more valuable than another human, based solely on an improvable belief!

What if I even made the claim that believing these things for which there is no proof is dangerous! To think the most wonderful amazing event in human history (Jesus' 2nd Coming) will only occur after we destroy ourselves (Armageddon) is a dangerous, irresponsible belief that jepordizes everyone's safety! I wish that you and a majority of the world didn't believe that we all must destroy ourselves so the story of the Human Race could finally reach its glorious finally. It will clearly be the ultimate act of foolishness human history has ever witnessed. And Sara, if you don't change your beliefs, your name will be one of many on that scorched list of fools.

Thank you for your email.


one day he'll ask you why you did and you'd better have a good answer!

Subject: not funny dude

Bob, you should be ashamed of yourself. I know people say that you should be able to poke fun at anything, but you shouldn't at Jesus mate.

Believe it or not, one day he'll ask you why you did and you'd better have a good answer!

That's all

Have a good weekend

I have a terrific answer. No one deserves to suffer eternally, for the rest of infinity, in a neverending fire of wrath and revenge. The invention of such a concept could only come from men who want to control others using fear. There is no clearer and more logical explanation for where such beliefs began. And there is no uglier concept that should absolutely be poked fun at to no end.

Ruling people with fear keeps them children.

That's what I would tell him.

This last email needs your help! The sender, Pizo Pienaar, has already blocked me before I could even respond! So I am asking you, the reader, to please forward him my email, and feel free to add to it if you wish.

Do not even bother to reply to this mail, your email is already set to SPAM!

You are playing with fire my friend.

Be warned.....

God (Jesus Christ) does not take these type of games as a joke.!!!

Do not even bother to reply to this mail, your email is already set to SPAM! thats all it is any how...

God loves you and RESPECT you although you are not showing the same respect toward HIM.

Pizo Pienaar

Already blocked me? Well there's not much more to be said if you've got your eyes closed tight, fingers in your ears, while you hum loudly to yourself, now is there? Unlessssss.....

What if I politely ask my readers to email you a response to your email? You haven't had their email addresses blocked yet have you?

Here's what we'll do. I'm gonna list off 4 reasons why one should take Jesus/God as a joke. And then I'll tell my readers to go ahead and add to the list if they so desire, and then they can forward it to you. Okay? Seems only fair. You got to give your 2¢, I should be allowed to give mine.

1. The "sacrifice" they made for us included both of them getting an eternal visit to paradise.
2. There was no way for the kangaroo couple to have gotten to Australia after the ark landed.
3. There is no good reason to punish the entire snake populace for the sin of being possessed by Satan.
4. If giants are a product of Angels having mated with humans, then I have one question. Where are the giants?

Thank you for the email, Pizo.
Have a nice day.

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