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My roomate recently starting dating a girl who's an athiest. I don't judge anyone, and I could care less what anyone believes. yet... she demands we discuss our beliefs!

I believe after we die...it is not complete blackness. Our energy lives on. A soul. Something. Not reincarnation...(spell) But an energy that belongs to the earth....Please help me explain to this MILF, that atheism is not some blank slate of destruction, and that we are not a one life whoopdy doo!...Provide me with some dialouge cuz ...Me not smart enough. Well, I can't argue with hot moms at least.


Jimbob, I'm afraid that I also don't believe in the spiritual energy something that lives on and we somehow never die/life is forever fantasy.

Have you read my site?

Subject: Does that sound realistic to you? Or does it sound like fantasy?

Yes. I guess that's not what I meant. What happens after you die? Not blackness? Or is it. Is this all we are dealt? One life to live, if so...I gotta question my beliefs because this has been a shitty life so far. I've been poor, confused, jailed. You name it.
What I truly believe is that once we die. A new life starts again and we have no memory of the previous one. Maybe I'll be an ethiopian baby, or a fly....dig it??

Where specifically can I get more information about these questions. I feel stupid asking you, about all this, but I am confused I guess and I really like your ideas and writing.

What about specifically on your website? (information, examples...etc.)
I am a lazy internet browser and hate to read to many screens. I will check out the book though.


"The Lucifer Principle" by Howard Bloom. That's the book I'd suggest as a fantastic starting point for why we are who we are and what's to become of us. It's the book where I started, and at first it hurt to read it, but now I am in love with it.

And specifically on my web site? "God Ate My Balls" beginning to end.


Life is done, why are you wasting all your waking moments with....This? Projecting your thoughts. Live a great life! Don't preach. Give me some girth. I need to know. Is this all?

Just for fun, not trying to be offensive,,luv yah and you have a bed in my joint in Phoenix.


I am living a great life, and I am just telling what I believe is true. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I do! It's GREAT fun. Does it look like I'm not having fun with this? Projecting ones thoughts is the meaning of life, for Christ's sake.

What I don't understand is, is this not enough? Is the whole planet earth not enough for you?

Well...I am exploring more. Is this it though. I believe in mystery. I guess. (as I watch dirty porn) I love my life too. I also love accepting my fellow peeps in this game. But...If we feel this way, why waste a whole life on teaching others? Fuck everyone! I know what I am doing is good....I guess what you do is your purpose. I still believe, when I die, blackness will overcome me, then...I will flash into a new life..with no rememborence of this life...thank whoevers god!

Love you Bob.

Seems you have a very limited view of what life is. It's not just teaching others. It's also sex, and fun, and there is indeed mystery! Christ, look at the people around you and the ones you never meet, talk about scary mysteries. There are so many answers yet to be found! Are you saying there's no mystery because you have everything figured out if there's no God or spiritual afterlife?

You've just been putting your longing for mystery and purpose in the wrong bucket.


you should be shot for making this.

This is pittiful....you should be shot for making this.

Tim Amos

That's the same thing Hitler thought! Congratulations.



you may hate him...

you may hate him, but he loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Tom Simmons

Then why does He allow people to burn painfully over hot coals eternally in hell? Why doesn't He rescue those people if He loves them more than I could imagine? My father loves me to an extent that I can imagine and he would rescue me from eternal painful burning over hot coals if he could no matter what! Even if I hated him! Hell, I know plenty of people who don't love me that'd do that for me.

You know what? I even know people who would rescue someone from painful burning over hot coals who they hate! No kiddin'. Many people are like that. Are those people more merciful than God?

So answer that for me. If He loves me more than I could imagine why wouldn't He rescue people who are in hell burning painfully over hot coals for eternity?


people are sent to hell yet, not until the day of judgement. So, these people that you say are burning in hell arn't yet judged, so arnt in hell.

well bob, im thankfull of your mature manner, and i hope we can discuss this further.

you see, alot of people with bitter feelings about God, havn't studied theology or the Bible. the first thing i can say is that the Bible never says that people are sent to hell yet, not until the day of judgement. So, these people that you say are burning in hell arn't yet judged, so arnt in hell.

The other thing is that the bible suggest many times that people are judged according their actions, and fairly by God. When Jesus said 'I am the way, the truth and the life', and no one gets to the father except through me' means that you cant face God, or have a relationship unless you go through Jesus and have forgiveness etc. So, anless these people you speak of have led evil lives, they wont be going to hell.

I hope this explains a few things for you, and please email me with any further questions.

Tom Simmons

I am very relieved to hear that Catholicism is being rewritten to fit better with today's more liberal believer.
So then explain from your experience what happens when a non believer dies? One who isn't evil. Just eternal limbo? Or do we get invited to heaven even after death?

I find the process of afterlife redistribution fascinating.



like Jesus said...forgive him for he do not know what he is doing....

Subject: pray

I promise you, I will devote my time in praying for you...like Jesus said...forgive him for he do not know what he is doing....

DKA Litigation2

Jesus said "for he do not know what he is doing?"
Are you sure?


if you know the words of Jesus, you should know the meaning as well

if you know the words of Jesus, you should know the meaning as well - "they" or "he"... ??

DKA Litigation2

Where are you from?


Hopefully far, far away from where u r

Does it matter? Hopefully far, far away from where u r...but I am willing to say this...I am praying for you right now..and that God loves u so much...so very much.

DKA Litigation2

Listen, I don't mind you talking to yourself about me and calling it "praying" but don't sit there and try to convince me that it's somehow you doing me some sort of favor. Talking to yourself has been proven to do very very little for others.


Are u willing to take that chance?

I rather love the Lord Jesus Christ with my whole hart - die and find out that it was 'n myth, than to live a live of sin and die - and find that it was true...

Are u willing to take that chance?
DKA Litigation2

Your question to me is the same if I said to you "Would you rather take a chance and NOT believe in Zorak the Mighty Lord Of the Milky Way and face 5,000 years in the muddy swamps of Planet Zute, or just believe it and find out it's a myth? I'm sorry, but I would rather die and find out it's a myth than spend 5,000 years in those muddy swamps of Zute."

That's how you sound to me.

Does Zorak also claim to be our Lord and Saviour, the One and Only true God?

Does Zorak also claim to be our Lord and Saviour, the One and Only true God? Did he also gave his live on a cross so that we can
be saved?

And to tell you the truth, I am doing you a favor in praying for your. Someday, hopefully when it's not to late, you will thank me for it.

DKA Litigation2

Are u doing the same with other religions? Are you also putting up a web page where you make fun of their gods, or is it only about Jesus Christ?

There WILL come a day in your life that u WILL be standing in front of God, and
the bad news for you is, that u will not be able to say "I did not know" anymore... because, even if u did not know any better, u do know now...

May I ask u another question? Why are u trying so hard to deny Christ? Are u doing the same with other religions? Are you also putting up a web page where you make fun of their gods, or is it only about Jesus Christ? Why r u doing this? Do u make money out of it? R u "testing" the Christians?

DKA Litigation2

Yes, Zorak does make that claim. Zorak has a whole story written out, just like all the gods, including Zues, Allah, David Koresh, Vishnu and the 3,300 others listed in my World Mythology Encyclopedia. And their stories circle the globe, from Ancient Egypt, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Africa, North America, and Greece!

A few have even died on a cross, or hung on a tree long before Jesus did. All of them, of course have died and returned to life. And as we all know each one of them can be prayed to just like yours can.

And I am astounded that you're willing to take the risk of not believing in Zorak and facing 5,000 years in the muddy swamps of Planet Zute. FIVE-THOUSAND YEARS!!!!!! You're crazy taking such a chance. All you have to do is believe in him!!

Please, at least give it some thought.
I'll be praying for you, DKA Litigation Number Two. (Your name is going to sound quite strange in my prayer! Haha!)

How old r u?

How old r u? My guess is 23...

DKA Litigation2

I am 37. How old are you, DKA Litigation Number 2?


Where do u live?

Same as u...36...Where do u live?

DKA Litigation2

I am in New York City.
I'm guessing that you're considering the Word of Zorak? I am proud of you! He has a Magic Mountain in the Sky waiting for you!


I gave my heart to Him when I was only 14

NY..the city that never sleeps.

No, I will never forsaken the Lord Jesus Christ. I gave my heart to Him when I was only 14 and I will never look back. Never.

I've got some bad news for you, stranger...

DKA Litigation2

What's the bad news? You're sure you've picked the correct god to worship?
I've heard THAT one before!



You sack of horse shit

You sack of horse shit, at once get rid of your website that is a total disrepect to Jesus Christ son of God. unless you do this you will rot in hell and you will suffer till the end of days.

Paul Gorzkowski

Yes, and vicious screaming harpies will claw my eyeballs out then make me cross a busy intersection again and again for a thousand years, and my tongue will be cut out and fried in a pan then served to me for dinner covered in hotsause and onions and poo, and there will be no toothbrush or toothpaste for 40 lifetimes, and I will have to breathe with my hand cupped over my nose and mouth so that I will have to smell my own breath until the end of an everlasting infinity.

You Christians really know how to scare each other into doing stuff! It's so neat to watch!

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