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Subject: Another answer to your heaven question

Hey, Bob,
I'm doing a show next week on what people believe about heaven, and I came across a little article in "Christianity Today" you might be interested in.
"4. How can I be happy in Heaven if someone I loved deeply on Earth doesn't make it to Heaven?"

This brings up all sorts of other questions about emotions, relationships, and suffering in Heaven. These will be dealt with shortly, but the simplest and most important answer to this question for now is this: If there is someone you love and identify with so deeply that you cannot imagine being happy in eternity without him or her, and that someone seems now to be in peril of being unsaved, then use the relationship that God's providence
has ordained for you.

Tell God that he has to arrange for this person's salvation as he has arranged for yours, because this person is a real part of you, and for you as a whole to be saved, this person has to come along, just as your own body and emotions have to come along. It need not be a "wheedling" or "blackmail" prayer; it can be a simple presentation of the facts, like Mary's "They have no more wine." Let God do his thing: it is always more loving, more gracious, and more effective than our thing, more than we can ever imagine or desire.

Trust him to use your earthly love as a channel, supernatural and/or natural, of grace and salvation for your friend. Your very question, your very problem, is the clue to its answer. God put that burden on your heart for a reason: for you to fulfill." --End Quote

So, he answers it like they always do. By not really answering it. What about a rich man? (Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle). What about one who has blasphemed the holy spirit? What about all those people who don't have a handy Christian Southern Baptist, or whoever is the Right Religion, who wants to pray for their salvation?

I always have to go right back to my own question: why? Why do they have to go to hell? Isn't there room in the supernatural outside of Everything There Is for a few other places to go, instead of the Torture room? Why did God make this rule, and why does he have to be so cruel? I guess the answer is, He is, and you have to fear Him, but like Oz, you can beg him for the things you want. So why not beg that NO ONE SHOULD BE TORTURED?

Thanks Bob.

Picture of Me!
But what if I cannot have a paradise unless there is no one burning forever in a caldron of pain for eternity times infinity? Their answer confuses me even more!

PS. See page 87 of Hate Mail and read of my own personal plea for an alternative to Heaven and Hell.

Lol, my apologies Bob, and now i have your attention.

I have read a small portion of your 'hate mail' section, I noted that you said you used to be a Christian.

My question to you is this when you used to be a Christian, and you went about the motions of praying and reading Gods word [I presume], DID YOU KNOW THE LORD?

If you have the time could you reply to me with an answer to that.

Daniel Parkinson-wisely

No, of course I didn't KNOW THE LORD. Do you hear the words you're saying when you say them? Do you KNOW THE LORD? Have you shook hands with him and chatted over tea? Or is he everything you want him to be conjured up in your mind?

Looking back, I would say that I wanted it all to be true, I wanted him to exist, and I wanted to KNOW him, but no, I never did. And I don't think anybody does because he is imaginary. He is a make-believe character invented by man, just like every other mythological god we've created from the beginning of time.

Did that answer your question?
Bob i am not here to reason with you.

Yes it did, Bob.

And i appreciate your honesty [and your prompt email replies], the fact is that you never knew God, you never 'shook hands with him' as you put it. That is why when your beliefs which were passed down from others were questioned, you had no answer.

Bob i am not here to argue with you, or reason with you. The bible teaches that the ungenerate man is an enemy of God in his mind he cannot understand the things of God. He is blinded by the Prince of this world, the father of lies - the devil, whom you delight in dressing up as.

One last set of questions:
It shouldnt take to long, i would appreciate if you could take the time to go through it with me.

Bob do you consider yourself to be a good person?
Daniel Parkinson-wisely

Don't worry. One thing I've found is that most of you aren't here to reason with me. In fact, it seems as if you're not even willing to reason with yourselves.

A good person? Yes. I do. I consider myself as a good 37 year old man. Why do you ask?
in comparison to people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Nero and Mussolini you probably are a good person.

Bob, I agree with you in comparison to people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Nero and Mussolini you probably are a good person.

Because you compare yourselves to others, you can be justified in your own eyes. However, in Gods eyes you are a 37 "son of wrath."

Why is this? You may be asking? Because God judges according to the perfect law of liberty- the 10 commanmendts. The bible clearly teaches that on the day of judgement God will bring to bear every deed, every word spoken and will judge the world in righteousness, using the 10 commandments.

Lets do a simple test to determine if the God of the bible, considers you 'good.'[ And yes, Bob, it is obvious to me that you are wilfully ignorant of the things of God, an agnostic. No, not an aethiest, because to be an aethiest you would have to be able to prove that their is not God. Something which you cannot do, because you do not know everything.]

Have you ever stolen anything Bob? And what does that make you?

Have you ever looked upon a woman to lust after her? [Jesus said if you look upon a woman to lust afterh her you have committed adultery with her in your heart]. What does that make you?

Have you ever told a lie? What does that make you?

Have you ever coveted anything? What does that make you?

Have you ever taken the Lords name in vain? What does that make you?

Here is only 5 of the 10 commandments of an almighty GOd. NOw BOb, i know that you profess to be wise so 'humour this crazy brain washed christian' [yes you can quote that on your headings in your hate mail section]and pretend that their is a God, and honestly answer the questions laid down for you, as i know you are a man of integrity.

Please reply to me promptly so, i can finish bypassing your intellect and adressing your conscience. Thankyou BOB, Dan.

Christ. Your religion really makes sure you never get beyond being a liar, a cheat and an adulterer. You're scum. You always were scum. You'll always be scum. Now worship the Lord! And you fall into line so willingly. So sheepishly. Never once taking into account that you can change. You don't always have to be a liar, a thief, a cheat, a scumbag. You can change your behavior, become an adult and be considered a good person. And you can do this yourself. On your own merit. Your own strength. Your own willpower. No God. Just you. A man.

I hear so often Christians leaping at the opportunity to call a stranger a liar, a thief and an adulterer. Is that how you look upon your fellow human beings? Is that what your beliefs teach you about people? That they are scum, deserving of eternal pain and torture? And these people, the ones who are such wretched liars and cheats, how am I supposed to trust the book they've written? How am I supposed to trust the words that come out of your mouth, Daniel? You yourself will admit that you are deserving of eternal punishment in hell, and you want me to listen to you, and the book written by other scumbags. Daniel, have you ever lied? Yes? Then why should I believe what you and all you liars are telling me? Liars pick up my garbage in the morning. Liars preach the word at church. Liars were Jesus' disciples. Liars have been in charge of reproducing the bible for the last 2,000 years, and you expect me to buy what all you liars are sellin' me? You defeat your own purpose with this talk!

So where do we turn if everyone is a liar?
Answer: Ourselves. We turn to our own logic and common sense to figure it out. Of course, the liars don't encourage this course of action, but I wouldn't expect cheats and thieves to have my best interests in mind. In fact, I'd expect cheats, thieves and liars wanting me to do anything BUT think things through on my own. A crooked car salesman just wants you to sign on the dotted line. He doesn't want you to look under the hood, or ask a lot of questions, he just wants you to buy. And he'll make you think you're scum of the earth until you do. It's the oldest trick in the book.

Be a man, Daniel. Think for yourself. Grow up and believe that you can be a good person on your own. Yes, you may have stolen something, but that doesn't mean you're forever a thief. You're allowed to learn from that, grow up and be a reputable adult. This is how you should be encouraging others to think. Not damnation, put-downs, and car salesman tactics. You're trying to sell me a lemon, and it shows.

Your thought process and methods are so twisted, is makes me wince at my monitor.

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