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Dear Mr. Bob Smith,
     I have time to spare and have discussions with you. I just visited  your site this morning and I pay particular attention on the dilemma faced by Abraham. What I think of the situation is that Abraham did the ordeal not just because of his faith or any form of blind obedience or that of trust but more so because he believe that God is good and knows what is in his heart. If I were the child I would probably find it hard to forgive my parents or any care giver who would put my existence in extreme measures but on second thought, I would gladly accept the command if instinctively I know that it is all due to love and under the light of truth and reason. I think that God endowed us with reason and clear conscience only that the corruption is too great that many seems to be reared in the darkness of ignorance and foolish faith. A God who created us pure and of His own image does not condone that our faith in Him will kill us. The appropriation that we are His children does not promote the idea of adult children as you estimated. A test is a form of chastisement and as long as many will neglect each other and deny aid to those in need, God will still refer to us as children. Maturity is the path to moderation and infancy in the lap of a mother is where intimacy begins. God took Jesus (the sacrifice) as the atonement for all because he is ready, mature and hence, reflected the "likeness" in God. That is how universality is achieved, from the day Jesus opened his eyes, it was not stated that the truth of God's righteousness be kept in Judea alone. In this same principle, a stupid and slavish parent has no right to expect independent and strong willed children. The problem then lies in pedagogy. But then again, it is sheer idealism to promote responsible parenthood. Many have strayed. Some stole their child's innocence and in effect, damaging them deeply. Surely God sees the isolated cases among us and I think that the logical Father of all will not held them accountable for things which stained them. As I have stated before, there are victims and there are also accomplices for isn't it that in our shortcomings we encourage the devilry around us (unconciously). Nazism took place because many hailed it as the new empire, many brilliant minds supported it (even highly educated people with strong grips on logic) but it was temporary. Evil is evil and will always be temporary. God does not overlook the goodness of those who ought with courage, the lives that were taken and from there God provided the weapon. Jesus said "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.." It is from humanity that God drew the light for isn't it that He created darkness first before the blaze and flame? the eternal globe of fire which is the sun along with all the heavenly bodies? His likeness He will never fail. From the beginning of His creation till the day He rested, He let truth and reason pour on us. I say these things because I despise the wretchedness that is until now a burden and a wound but that is something personal and which I do not wish to divulge. If God is a healer, He knows the principle of human nature and necessities.
P.S. Explain your claim that faith is ignorance.

Pic of Me
It is both amusing and frightening to see you reason this behavior out. It just goes to show how far people will take things for that voice in their head they call God. I suppose this includes murdering families when God talks to them through a dog vessel, or crashing planes into the Twin Towers for Allah. We should all be delighted that people are doing these things for God, huh?

Your letter is a perfect example of how religion fucks with people's logic to the point where the devaluing of human life is reasonable.

Stop it.

PS. You need me to explain how faith (belief without evidence) is ignorance? It's not that hard to figure out. If I had the same faith in a Lucky Horseshoe you would understand.
You are a slime ball

Subject: you are a slime ball

Be warned
"How long can I bear this? How long can I control this and pray for the Almighty Father's mercy on these wicked people? Wickedness, cruelty, abortion, same-sex marriage, enmity, killing, and exploiting poor and innocents, increasing day by day, even though there are ample signs of warning. The vessel of angriness of the Almighty is full and the drop of it comes as a tsunami."

Judy Gassett

Yeah, sometimes I wonder how Jesus bears people of the same sex married while He sits in paradise. I imagine He cries every day knowing that two adults are loving each other outside of the guidelines he set. Poor poor Jesus. How He suffers. It's about time He gets His revenge on us.

homosexuality is directly from Satan, himself.

Subject: one foot in hell

They vast majority of same sex friends love each other and do not need to get "married" or have sexual relations to take the relationship one step further. Moreover God forbids it and Jesus adds, "If you LOVE me keep my commandments". All men and women must love God above all else.
Your statement: "I imagine Jesus cries every day knowing that two adults are loving each other outside of the guidelines he set. Poor poor Jesus" is full of contempt for  the God-man whom you will face one day. The sick sorry dress up of Jesus you pander shows your deep hatred and derision for God, Himself. Jesus was scourged to the bone for sins of the flesh. The Blessed Mother said at Fatima that the vast majority of poor sinners in Hell where there for sins of the flesh. The fact of the matter is that Jesus does cry for each lost soul and takes no pleasure that the soul was lost.

Homosexuality demeans the human person. As I said it is rebellion far exceeding any 'love'

Homosexuality will never be right. No legislation, gay parades, gay  "rights" activism can ever change this grave evil or make it more palatable. St. Padre Pio says homosexuality is directly from Satan, himself.  The relationship between two lesbians or two homosexuals is not in anyway comparable to the relationship between a husband and wife. Therefore homosexual demands for the same societal concession must be rejected. Cursed and in decline are political systems which call such unions equivalent to heterosexual marriage. 

I am afraid that it is too late for you. You cannot escape the carnality without prayer and your website does not leave one convinced that you  would pray to the savior you delight in demeaning..evn for of fear God. Get a  brown scapular of the Blessed Virgin and a miraculous medal. Never be without these on your person. Our Lady of Purity may be able to save you where others have failed. imo you have one foot in hell

Judy Gassett

Wow. You have got a buttload of judgment and damnation to lay on everybody, huh? And you think this is what the Master Of The Universe wants from you, Judy Gassett? To hate gay people who have sex with each other, put them down, and hold your heal on the back of their head until they change. That's the beautiful life God's made for you to execute? And you call other's behavior ugly? Yours is down right hate. Hatred for people who are feeling pleasure.
Ahhhhh... now I understand!
Good luck with that.
homosexuals hate God

It is wrong, bob. God said so, not me. I am required as a christian to inform you that it is and that you can and must do better for yourself.  Because I make these statements, I hate homosexuals?? I don't think so. It is so disheartening..anyone who does not embrace, even welcome this perversity, "hates gays".  The fact of the matter is,  homosexuals hate God as proven by your website.

Good bye forever.
Judy Gassett

It is disheartening to me, anyone who does not embrace their fellow human beings. I put nothing above the value of the human race as you do. Not God, Jesus, Mohammed, Allah, the bible, Popes, Priests, religion, nothing! You are a traitor to the human race, aligning yourself with the angels in heaven, and a mouthpiece for Supreme Beings. I'm guessing you believe that the Jihad have the right idea.

And worst of all, you can foresee a paradise for yourself while others suffer eternally in hell. Your child can suffer forever, and you still have a paradise in heaven. You should be ashamed. I pity you and the ugly, broken set of beliefs you've been told are true. You definitely deserve the heaven you have in store for you.

I hope you get a throne on a cloud made of the brightest gold, with a diamond studded tear basin attachment to catch the tears you will shed every day in your paradise eternal.



Satan will pay you with eternal suffering.

Subject: Repent
You are doing what Satan likes, but Satan will pay you with eternal suffering.
God can forgive you now if you repent.


Unfortunately you are precisely what Satan likes. Blind soldiers with beliefs based solely in faith marching forward despite what science, evidence and even logic says. All of this because you think that paradise is at the end of that dark tunnel. Selfish fool, blindfolded, with hands reaching forward. This is Satan's dream. You probably haven't even considered that you may just be following his word. Now wouldn't that make more sense?

You are STILL alive, but will tomorrow? You don't know

You are at this moment a Satan's servant
You are walking now straight to Hell Eternal suferings and fire are waiting and prepared for you now

But God is wainting for you to consider your conversion You are STILL alive, but will tomorrow? You don't know


If anyone ever sounded like a zombie cult member who worships a false god it is you. Please consider that you're involved with a belief that has a paradise while others suffer forever. Your paradise is built on the backs of your burning brothers and sisters from earth. I could never enjoy that paradise, but you can.

You clearly worship Satan. He has lied to you and told you He is good, when
clearly he is not. What a frightening paradise you foresee for yourself. I wonder if your throne will be in earshot of the screaming? Answer me that.

You are nearly a demon

You are simply a Satan's servant
You are nearly a demon
A demon made man
You are going straight ahead to Hell
Because you are not of God at this moment
Satan is very glad with you now, but in Hell he will cause very much and eternal
suffering to you  Satan is against Jesus, and you do the same You are going to convert yourself in a true demon forever
Unless you convert now, and look for repent, and if you do so, God will forgive you


It sounds as if you are living in a real life role playing game, with demons, and
dragons and a dungeon master and everything! It's very exciting to play make believe, isn't it?

You are completely in hands of the Demon. You are his marionette

You are completely ignorant and blind. You are completely in hands of the Demon. You are his marionette, with which he enjoys himself and at which it mocks. And  only God can liberate you of him, if you repent and God forgives you. You are at this moment the stupid Demon's marionette, but you can leave being it, and convert yourself in a truly son of God, if you decide. Do it, do not a stupid more time.


So how did you go about picking this particular story-book character to bow down to? Did you have a selection to choose from, or was this storybook the one shoved in your face the day you were born? I love hearing about the thought and elimination process that goes into deciphering ones own storybook god they worship.

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