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Subject: Thank you!

Thank you for having the balls to speak the truth. I also find it interesting that so many religions believe in a common god, but they all have different rules. Doesn't this create just a hint of suspicion in anybody's minds? Catholics hate christians, christians hate catholics, and EVERYBODY hates the jews and buddhists. I think the key word here is 'discrepancy.' Religious music sucks. There's no choice of variety, no matter what religion it is. Oh, how I love being called a 'satan-worshipper' for listening to death metal when, for all these dimwits know, the artist could be singing about his beautiful baptism. We're expected to believe that this 'god' that supposedly created the human race (which has made such a mockery of itself) has NO sense of humor? If he can't laugh about himself, then he has no right to govern an entire existence. If he does even exist. Give me some hard, scientific evidence, and MAYBE I'll look into it. No guarantees. And not the crap evidence that a guy named jesus existed, but evidence that he actually did what he said he did.

Honestly, I think it was just some con artist guy that used drugs to gain a cult following. I won't way that I don't believe in a god/creator of some sort. However, I definitely don't believe in any of the gods that the current religions portray. Whoever this person/thing is, they don't deserve my worship if they can't even tolerate people who are slightly different from the 'social norm.' Tattoos? Damned. Piercings? Damned. Black clothes? Damned. Fuck that shit. I like what I like, and somebody who can't accept that is in NO WAY my 'savior.'


Subject: What it means to be a Christian

Hello there, Bob, I'm a long-time fan and I just wanted to thank you for being a little ray of sunshine in an otherwise cloudy culture.
Sure, there are plenty of atheists, but most of them just lie low, snickering at bibles and wacky methods of worship. So well done for being somewhat of trailblazer for the rest of us.

But yes, 'what it means to be a Christian'. Well, firstly it means disturbing my family's Sunday mornings with armfuls of pamphlets, ignoring 'wild' claims that there is scientific evidence disproving their beliefs on how long the human race has existed. I'm just ranting now, though.

The real reason I'm e-mailing you is to show you what some people think it means to be a Christian and love 'God'. [CLICK HERE] I warn you, though; this video made me feel quite sick. The only irritating thing is that the presenter is also a Christian, but that's not the point.

So thanks again for using your free speech to go against the people who gave you free speech... I'm also disgusted at the amount of people who believe freedom of speech should only apply to you if you agree with them. Frankly, WE should be hate-mailing Christian sites.

Many regards, Jack

I will also be talking to some people about this website and the things on it. And if I can it WILL be shut down.

Dear Bob,
May I inquire as to why you have this stupid website!? And the terrible dress up Jesus!? I am a Christian and I can certainly tell you are not! Now I don't know you understand you or even want to understand you, but just know you are in my deepest of prayers. Because this is not exceptable! This is an outrage! And also know that while you are in my prayers, I will also be talking to some people about this website and the things on it. And if I can it WILL be shut down. Thank you for your obviously not so precious time.

-Sarah K.P.
P.S. You need Jesus!

So Sarah, what you see (and I'm being serious here) is a time when you will be in heaven (your reward for believing in Jesus) while others are burning in hell? That's the reality you see for yourself? That's you being a Christian. A time when you shall be engorged in all of the wonders of paradise while your brothers in the human race suffer immeasurably in the pits of Satan's hell.

It will be the angel Sarah Pillars atop her flying white unicorn leading her team in the epic "Flying Unicorn Race of Heaven" in God's honor (held weekly), and you, Sarah, stop and pause for just a split second to think about your friend who died a nonbeliever, and her flesh melting from her eternally dying body in a flood of lava down below. A quick, unflinching thought of a million humans who all mistakenly chose the wrong god and live out they're eternity in everlasting pain, a punishment for their actions here on earth. Just a brief, shuttering memory of their friendship before you regain control of your mighty stead and win the great race in heaven. Another blissful triumph for the angel Sarah, briefly interrupted by that one ugly thought of people suffering.

This is fathomable to you? You are a person who can fathom paradise while friends and loved ones choke forever? You, Sarah, can imagine joy while your sisters and brothers from planet earth bear the weight of your God's ego?

This is the reality of your religion, and it makes me sick to my heart. You are a deplorable human being to foresee any sort of smile on your face while those who believed something else burn. It is hideous, diabolical, grotesque and spooky, this eternity of joy you foresee for yourself. It's as if your life and loves on this planet are a bitter, boldfaced lie. I want everyone to see exactly what it means to be a believer, because this is the outrage.

This, Sarah, that I describe to you should be your worst nightmare. But no. It is your heaven.

if there is not a beleiver we will do everything we can to help them to be, to help them find the one and only!

Dear Bob
that is not heaven u obviously know nothing of it. and u obviosly know nothin of christians or christianity! because if there is not a beleiver we will do everything we can to help them to be, to help them find the one and only. if they do not wish for it then we will still pray and try and help them. and there are no such things as unicorns and there are no such things as races in heaven for God is not tempted by sport or flesh or anything so there is none of that in heaven, HIS home. jesus has saved our souls by dying on the cross mr. bob and the fact that people dont recognize that is terrible to me. i know the number of people in hell and i know the things that happens to them and i wish that i could have been in their time to save them Jesus tried but they did not. i so desperatly wish that we did not have hell but wishing will get you nothing and no it is not good that people are in hell but there is certainly nothing we can do of that now. people chose their destiny mr.bob sometimes people help them with it but sometimes they arent able to help because their help is unwanted im sorry that you beleive that we live for nothing. we do live for something. we live for God. and God does not have an ego, he gave us our own wings to spread them wide and learn how to fly ourselfs, yes we may fall down but we must get back up no matter what, sometimes if you ask for Gods help he will give it. and it is my worst nightmare that people are in hell burning because they were not helped but that is not heaven. heaven is for those who gave God a chance if you give no chances then you miss out.......sometimes God will give you a chance. But you have to let him.


It's as if you don't even hear a word that I say. No Christian ever hears me when I say these things to them, like there's some wall up in front of your eyes that you can't see around. It makes no difference how hard you try or how much good you say you're trying to do, you STILL one day have to be in heaven while your fellow humans are in hell. And I don't care what you say, even if they were told about Jesus and had the choice to believe, and choose not to, I STILL would be unable to have a minute's peace EVER in paradise knowing that those who were once God's innocent children were burning alive in hell.

I don't care what you say, there are people in this world who never had a chance, and there are those who honestly believe in something else, and your God chooses NOT to make it obvious to the whole entire world to save everybody. No. Instead your God makes it all a mystery. He hides and gives tiny little signs that could be mistaken as coincidences or events caused by other gods. All of these sneaky little signals when all He'd have to do to save all of mankind from eternal hellfire is appear in the sky around the world as a giant purple-headed owl, that speaks, and say, "I am God. Believe in me and you will go to Heaven forever! Hear me now, because I am the Lord of the Universe and without this belief in Me you will suffer in hell for the rest of eternity!!!" Then He could give every one a purple balloon with an owl on it to show that He's not a hologram, then EVERYONE would believe and wouldn't have to go to hell.

Whatever you say, Sarah, and whatever you do, there will ALWAYS be people going to hell forever to burn eternally while you're in paradise, happy, and in love with Jesus, shutting out the screams that you know echo off of the red hot cave walls of hell. Your heart is tiny and black, and it is clear that you still foresee an eternal happiness for yourself even when your brethren in humankind drown in their own boiling blood, with only stub-limbs to paddle with. All this, and your God continues to make babies that are doomed for hell.

As a lover of the human race, I can only see myself morally obliged to protest your Christian Empire in the Heavens and stand by the people that I love in hopes that your "merciful" God will acknowledge the suffering he Himself endorses with His ambiguity. You are no better than a millionaire Gandhi sitting atop a golden throne gazing down on the gas chambers of Nazi Germany, sad-eyed. You and your blessed Heaven-bound paradise zillionaires make me gag over my kitchen sink.

LIsten to me! People in Hell suffer FOREVER!
I hope I ruin heaven for you and all your friends.


Bob, in my line of work, I encounter a lot of skeptics concerning the Bible. I am a speaker and researcher of geology. I speak to, and with science groups all over the U.S. WHAT!

Hey there Bob! My name is Abe and I am a Christian. No surprise there I imagine! Bob, in my line of work, I encounter a lot of skeptics concerning the Bible. I am a speaker and researcher of geology. I speak to, and with science groups all over the U.S. WHAT! Christians don’t have brains! I know, just a bunch of people who got scared and are now pulling the Jesus covers over our heads. Instead of addressing your conscience and how much Jesus loves you, I would rather just state the facts. Okay? Hey Bob, did you know that 96% of the Bible has been physically proven through archeology? Hey Bob, did you know that 99% of all Bible prophecy has been fulfilled through history and even in this very hour? You seem to have some misinformation coming at you. Did you know that there is absolutely NO physical evidence for macro evolution? Not even a bucket full! Did you know that we have certifiable documentation that describes the way that each of the 11 apostles were martyred, with out giving in and denying that Jesus was who he claimed to be? Did you know that after the crucifixion, more than 500 eye witnesses came forth and said that they had seen him. If 500 eye witnesses would have came into the court room and said they saw O.J. wax his wife, Ill bet that would have affected the outcome. I know, people say they see Elvis all the time. Does that mean Elvis is alive? No, but I bet if you had them filleted alive they would fess up after the first stroke of the knife! I can keep going and going with proof and reasons for you to believe and stop bashing Christianity. The fact is that you can use your intellect to come up with reasons to discredit the Bible, but if you would use that same God given intellect to look for proof you will find it. The Bible has satisfied the greatest minds in history including Isaac Newton, Alexander Gram Bell, Abe Lincoln, Einstein, and on and on!

Mel Gibson can do what ever he wants to with his money of course. I happen to agree with you about making a movie to prove the claims of the Bible to be infallible and 100% Gods word. You know, I think what Mel was thinking is that if he gets people intrigued by this, that they will take a serious look into finding out who that Jesus dude is. Bob, it’s not the movie that drove you in just the opposite direction, it’s your stupidity. I don’t mean that in a bad way! You have been content with what others have told you. You have not done the research yourself. Don’t rely on others, do the work! Another way is to just read it with an open mind and a sincere heart, asking God to reveal Himself to you. Start in the first book of the New Testament its called Mathew and go on reading until you have a question. Then stop and find out the answer. IMPORTANT!! Don’t go to some religious priest or church and get a bias answer either! Ask someone who does not care if you join their church or not, heck, email me! I’ll be strait up with you! And if you stump me, you would be the man.

By the way, check out Alistair Crowley, Anton LaVey, and some of the others life stories. You don’t want that! Plus, Marilyn Manson already has this scary devil costume thing locked down.

Email me with questions or concerns. Okay, Okay, I am sorry I said your stupid!

What?!?! You've got to be kidding me! You're saying that all of the languages on planet earth did indeed start at the Tower of Babel, and before that everyone on earth spoke the same language (Including China, Egypt, and everywhere else around the globe?) And you're saying that the animals did in fact separate themselves into pairs all over the earth and hike a journey to Noah's ark (Polar bears, toads, lions, zebra, crayfish, moles, parakeets, flamingos, etc...) before the rain began, then afterwards, they landed safely on a mountain and all those animals then redistributed themselves back to their native habitats round the globe, (giraffes to Africa, sealions to the Antarctic, buffalo to the plains of middle America, camels to the Middle East, etc..) Please don't tell me that's the 1% of the bible that's false. When you throw out random percentages like 99%, 96% and 100%, it's really hard for me to counter with numbers that beat those. I sit and wonder if part of that 96% true includes 900 year old men, Moses parting the Red Sea, virgin mothers, and a donkey that talked.
By the way, how do you people prove that Mary was a virgin, and talking animals?

And it's really possible to have certifiable documents with a guarantee that they haven't been tampered with by kings and leaders from that day up until today? It's possible for you to give your word on the 500 eye witnesses all being actual people, and not made up hundreds of years after the events? All of these things exist, with no question as to their authenticity and people still need to use faith to believe? I don't understand! The proof is all there, but faith is still a requirement for the belief? How can this be?? And what about Satan trying to flub up God's facts by making the universe appear to be billions or years old, and trying to confuse the issue even more with the dinosaurs, and everything we know about them from any Natural History Museum clashing directly with the book of Genesis? Are all of these things included in that 96% number you threw out there too?

And where is this movie that we both need to convince the world that the Bible is fact? Why is it that this data (the 99%, 96%, 100%, 500 witnesses, certifiable documents, etc) haven't been compiled into an earth-shattering, tear-down-the- walls-of-ignorance, save-more-souls, documentary!??! Does the Christian Right not have the proper funding? Is there no more cash flow from believers? Are scientists and Satan-worshipping rock stars combining their powers to prevent this film from being produced??? I don't understand it at all! People are dying and going to hell forever because this information hasn't been more publicized!!!!!!!! MEL GIBSON!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

How can you tell me to stop believing what others have told me and everything I'VE read in books when you have no choice but to get all of your information the exact same way, with even fewer resources to prove events from 2,000 years ago. Where are you getting your information? First hand? A friend's friend who was there? Wait. Or does this come from GOD HIMSELF??!?!

And finally, it's incredible that a self-proclaimed "speaker and researcher of geology" can also be a Christian. Speakers and researchers are some of the most brilliant minds of the 21st Century! Your title/rank blows me away. You have seriously turned my whole world upside-down! I've only been listening to only my Atheist Cult Leaders and getting my scientific information from such heros as Alister Crowley, Anton LaVey and Marilyn Manson. Where did all of these witnesses of yours come from all of a sudden? All these conspiracies I've fallen sucker to! Snakes DID IN FACT lose their legs for tempting Eve with an apple in the Garden of Eden! I'm a fool for thinking that to be myth.

Thank you Abe. There's no stumping someone who says numbers as high as the ones you say. 101%? Nope. It doesn't exist. You've made me a believer.


Your atheism is the worst religion human
beings have ever created.

Why did you put that on your website? I mean, is necesary to insult other's
people beliefs? I think it is unreasonable. Your atheism is the worst religion human beings have ever created.


At least you're smart enough to know that human beings created religion, which puts you two steps closer to being an atheist yourself.


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