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The Sister Of Myspace Sarah!
Sarah's sister Steph steps in so as to stop the sorted Myspace shananagans she sees her sister's started on my site!

These messages were all sent to my Myspace profile.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Subject: I'm Convinced

You are by far one of the most logical people I have ever had the chance to read an argument from. I have never in my 26 years on this Earth thought of how Christians can continue to smile if people are indeed burning in Hell for the rest of eternity, tortured and plagued by their wildest fears. I'm convinced. You are right. If there is indeed a Heaven, then it is just as bad as hell...only with free ear plugs upon entry. The price of this VIP area? Only a life long crusade of servitude and faith to someone who demands respect and worship or else...or else what? You said it...flames...eternal flames scorching our rotting bodies. Sounds like a very one-sided deal to me.

I don't know about you but if God exists then he'd pretty much have almost every character trait in common with every other dictator I've ever read about in history. Worship me your entire life and make everyone else see it my way or be tortured. Yep...sounds pretty fair if I do say so myself.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing myspace Sarah and I together. These last few days have been a dream. I tell you, there is nothing more fun than fighting with illiterate, anti-American, Canadian teenage Christians. I think "Ageism is just as bad as homophobia don't you think?" has to be the most hilarious statement anyone has ever made to me. Anyways, on behalf of myself and my many blog subscribers, thank you!



Please, can you take it all off your website, and off of your myspace.


I'm sorry to get involved with all of the myspace sarah stuff thats going on, but when i look at my sisters website (a website that is filled with her beliefs and good nature) to see 20 (or so) supposidly mature aged people, leaving her insulting comments about her make-up, her style, her beliefs etc... it really hurts me, knowing that it hurts her.

Whether you believe in God or not, there IS such thing as morality.
Please, can you take it all off your website, and off of your myspace.


I will take off the letters that say things about her looks. I think they're not nessessary, and she's a very pretty girl. But there is nothing wrong about debating, and arguing beliefs. Even insulting each others beliefs is something she better get used to if she's gonna email strangers insulting their's. Some of the best beliefs came out of horrible arguments.

I don't have her on my Myspace anywhere
keep your debates between you and my sister


I do agree that theres nothing wrong with arguing or debating beliefs, i actually think that it can be healthy. And i know that she is a stunner ha.

But i also think that having her emails on your website (so everyone can see them), and links to her myspace (so that people can view her blogs and make fun of her etc) are pointless. They don't really do anyone any good. Maybe if you could keep your debates between you and my sister?

Oh and if the drawings on your site were done by you, then thats awesome. There really good.

No, I don't have time for private email conversations with everyone who complains about what I'm doing. I have no patience for people who want to complain about the site, shut it down, put me out of business, accept their beliefs without question, AND want me to keep their identity private, especially when they don't even answer my questions!

If you don't like to have your beliefs criticized, then don't come to me criticizing mine. Now maybe she'll stop and think before she acts. She seems to have a problem with that, on Myspace, and her religion.

Yes, those are all my drawings.
Thank you.
you NEEd myspace sarah (all of the drama, and her emails) on your website in order for it to keep running, and thats a shame.

I feel like you NEEd myspace sarah (all of the drama, and her emails) on your website in order for it to keep running, and thats a shame.

Your 36 years old.

Like you said shes just 18 and still has a lot to learn (as do you and everyone else). She's just trying to live a happy life, like you. The only difference is that God makes her happy, you find other means.


p.s. "I have no patience for people who want to complain about the site" -- you clearly do have the patience, noticing your 500 word email responses.

p.p.s. thats cool, i draw too.

Yes, I do need Myspace Sarah on the site. She's a perfect example of how parents are raising their kids with misinformation, and what occurs when this person steps out into the real world.

People ask me all the time "But what does it hurt? People need the idea of God. It helps them through the day. It makes them happy!"
Her emails show the damage it does. It shows what living outside of logic does to ones ability to think. It's also an example of somebody with misinformation being told they need to convert others to their misinformation. It's disastrous! It's a tragic downward spiril! And if this stops her from spreading her misinformation to others, I've done my job.

Personally, I feel the both of you should go to your parents and yell at them for giving you such horribly flawed life lessons. You should go to whoever told you all that bible-crap is true and say to them, "You told me people once lived to be 900 years old! You told me angels mated with people and that's where giants came from! You told me science doesn't prove anything! You told me Noah's Ark was a true story! You told me my wrong doings can be paid for by someone else, and now I don't know what to think!!!"
Then you should sock the person right in the middle of their face until their nose bleeds.

Okay, that may be a bit much. But bottom line is, you shouldn't be complaining to me about your own foolishness.

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