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Hi Bob!

First of all, I just wanna say I've been a fan of yours for years now. I don't know what I'd do without your hate mail section. I'm so glad you're there for all the misfits.

Second, I just wanna say bravo for sticking it to myspace Sarah.
Idiots like her could use a nice dose of reality at least once in their cloistered little lives. I actually got in an argument with her about a blog comment I left with her. Can you believe the bitch had the nerve to accuse me of spreading hate? Of course, I guess when you throw the word love around as easily as she does hate must come real easy. I wish I could see what happens to Ms. Princess when she goes into the real world and doesn't have all her painted-up cheerleader friends around to pat her on the back every time she farts.

Anyways, I thanks for being there for us Bob and keeping us entertained. Keep it up.


P.S. I have a blog post with our messages to each other if you're at all interested :)

I love these Christians who e-mail you and then, when you respond, claim they're being persecuted (Case in point, MySpace Sarah and her sister). If you were irreverent enough to post JesusDressUp in the first place, and if you've posted just about every hate mail you've ever gotten, what made them think they'd be exempt? I guess that's another part of their logic I'm missing. Then again, ya never know Bob. Maybe Sarah wants to be the next SuperChic! ^_^

you have a really hard time letting go and just believing, obviously

I didnt think you were going to respond ... I had hoped you wouldnt, but it was awsome to see a nice side to you, as apposed to an attacking side which i did feel before.

However Firstly, I dont really feel that you just have your website up so that people make sure all questions are answered ... it is clearly an attack on a specific faith. You website is NOT 'Learn all about your faith before you believe it.' It's just "God is fake" "God is Stupid" Plain and Simple ...

Secondly, You say you put all the emails up their on your website so people can see them and see that sometimes there are no answers, and yet your replies are not of a 'kind' nature to really any of the emails ... AND you have an email from a girl, I have never talked to ... insulting me, RIGHT next to my emails. I wouldnt say thats assistance in finding out if my faith is true or not... If you really wanted to show all the 'stupid' responses by christians, you would put that last email i sent you up, the one you couldnt reply to :).

Thirdly, I tried to give you information about the bible, but you wouldnt take any of my stuff as fact. Like the whole dinosaur thing, I saw a reply on your website and your response was of the nature 'COME ON, you believe dinosaurs roamed the earth with people ... COME ON !!' Okay she provided ideas as to why she thought dinosaurs were there, where was your evidence to refute it?! You had none other then negative words towards the thought... "Come On" doesn't win a fight, if thats what your hoping for.

If I have any un-answered questions, trust me I dive further into it, i dont need you telling me to do so ...

And to sum it all up, you ask why I am okay with the thought that my loved ones will burn in hell, I have three wonderful words for you. Spreading the Word. Like i said to your friend, if your a christian you believe that this life ... is just a step between here and heaven, and that we are here to help lead others to God, so trust me I am fighting so that my loved ones dont end up in hell.

The only thing standing between you and God, is the suspension of belief, you have a really hard time letting go and just believing, obviously ...

You never talk about your beliefs, because you KNOW people could argue it , and yet you would still believe it. So just let go. Filling your time up with putting others down has gotta be the worst way to live life. God'll make you happy without having to tear other's down, all you have to do is believe (how peter pan of me to say).

Anyway I am done, this cant go on anymore. I am glad i have put up a sweet fight ... but if your response to all my facts and scripture verses is 'no thats wrong'. Then this is pointless. Night !

Sarah. God Bless.

Now you're being dishonest. You know full well that I didn't simply say "Come on!" and that was my only argument. I asked you quite plainly, where did the dinosaurs go? The "earth flood" killed them? If that's so then what about the flying and swimming dinosaurs? And what about evolution? Tell me this, do you believe you inherited traits from each of your parents? Do you believe your children will inherit yours? Now what does this process do over 100 years? 1,000 years? 1,000,000 years? You don't address any of my points, and I address each of yours, individually, and at great length. These are facts you can't ignore, but somehow you manage.

And what if I told you my evidence to refute your "dinosaurs lived w/man" theories could be found at your local history museum? What if I said that? Would you care? Or would you ignore me again and say, "I don't care what you say! Me and other people all saw something science can't explain so that proves dinosaurs lived during the bible times!"

Yes, I also have fun on my site. And I also inject humor into my responses. And if people are being rude or just name-calling, I have fun with it! It's education combined with fun. It's not a new concept.

But most importantly, I'm not talking about your loved ones who go to heaven with you. I clearly said, "What about the loved ones who burn?" What about them, Sarah? There's a very high percentage of people who don't make it to heaven. A lot of people who don't believe Jesus is God. Many who don't believe God exists at all! And these people die and they got to hell. My question to you wasn't whether they had a choice or not. It wasn't, "What do we do about these people before they die?" My question was "What about when they're in hell?" How could you, or anyone, possibly smile ever again?! They're suffering for the rest of eternity, Sarah! Burning alive!! Forever!!! And you still have it in yourself to grin on Myspace for Christ's sake??! And to top it all off, how could you, or anyone, after death, enjoy the luxuries of Heaven's paradise even for a minute knowing your fellow man burns. It's heartless! It's selfish! And it's one of the most disturbing concepts in your belief that everyone of you ignore. Like it doesn't exist. Like the words don't reach your ears or something. Just the heavenly bliss. I'm talking about a paradise only a laughing villain could appreciate. I could never have peace knowing others scream eternally.

That's where you lose me. That's where you lose everyone. But who cares? Not you! You get Heaven! And that's all that matters to you. Those are your true colors. We all see it. You ignore it.
What horrible people you have to be to take a gift like that. In my opinion, both of the afterlife options are hell, but the one you're going to has earplugs.


(And I believe I have been blocked from any further communication with Sarah.)


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