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Sarah seems to be yet another Christian who tries to make up for holes in her thinking using capital letters instead of proving her point.  I just love how snide her opening lines are. She almost sounds like one of those bond villains when they have Bonds balls to the band saw.  "Well, you really have built yourself QUITE the name for yourself over the internet haven't you? You must be truly pleased with yourself." I expect the next line to be, "I don't expect you to convert, Mr. Smith…..I expect you…to…die!"  

She preaches things like respect for her faith, but refers to the introduction of your site into her home as "leaking"? That doesn't sound very respectful to me.   She even refers to the sheer happiness brought to her by the lord.  If she was really happy and secure with her "walk with Jesus" she wouldn't feel the need to tell you how disrespected she was by your opinions.   She even took one of the best Christian nose dives of them all: She asked YOU to prove what you believe when her beliefs are solely based on the bible.   Good call there Sarah, good call indeed.  And where is the documented evidence that proves her case that she was so eager to tell you about?  The amount of archaeological evidence that suggests creationism is accurate is incredibly smaller than the evidence that disproves it.  

She dared you, and even emphasized dare, to step foot in a church with an open mind.   I don't know how all the people that write to you miss the fact that you grew up Christian and came to your decisions through logic and reasoning instead of faith and brainwashing.   Its not like it's a secret.  You have been through the gauntlet and came out a better person on the other side.  But all that she seems to see is Jesus Wayne Gacy.  I suppose we shall see where her "faith leads her in a few years…When she is not perusing chat communities like myspace, looking for places to prove her beliefs.

Melanie (yes its my real name) Faith


Subject: Sarah, the stupid bitch from MySpace

I've read her emails, everyone has read her emails, and I'm appalled by her utter stupidity. She claims that scientists knew of only 1100 stars, I'm assuming back during "bible days," and that they thought that was pretty much all of them. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Don't even get me started on the dinosaur thing.

The bible says NOTHING of dinosaurs. The bible is so vague about everything, that Christians can twist and mold the meanings to better suit their ends. And what the fuck does she know about evolution? Evolution isn't just about apes "turning into humans" as she seems to think. Tell the bitch to read The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Evolution can be OBSERVED. It's not a lucky guess.

And I'm SOOO tired of the watchmaker's argument. That argument has so many fallacies... If these brain-dead morons would take a minute to read a fucking book other than their religious book of lies and propaganda and learn something, I might not have multiple strokes every time I hear one of them open their mouth or read one of their emails. Sometimes I just want to cry. Christianity is a sure sign of our devolution.

Thank you for your sanity.

I feel that there are demons within you

Subject: oh well hello !!
Well, you really have built yourself QUITE the name over the internet havent you? You must be truly pleased with yourself.

But all your happiness and confidence aside... it hurts me to know that there are very few words that you havent already heard, very few comebacks that havent been sent and very little that can suprise you.
You have heard everything from all different types of christians...
And yet you remain who you are. And with each peice of hate mail your passion gets stronger and stronger.

I guess all I can say to you, is that I pity you ... I TRULY pity you, because a life built on the detest of others, is a sad life. I feel that there are demons within you, and I am sure that sounds crazy and MESSED up, but for someone to act the way you do ... and someone to say the things you do, there is nothing 'normal' in you, only the hate that comes straight from the devil.

I wont even try to change you, because though I would truly love for you to see and witness the life of christ ... I know you wont change, and have no heart too.

So all I can do is pray for you, and pray that with age your life will change ... and you will start living for the Lord, and not the fallen angel that he created. I will also pray for the children you are trying to corupt by posting these things on the internet. And lastly I will pray daily for the demons that are in you, to be cast out in Jesus's name !!

I would love to hear a response, and answer any questions you would like to hear. Not as a pastor, because I am OBVIOUSLY not a pastor ... but merly a passionate follower of God.

I'll give you answers, straight fwd answer, non-biblical. Answers that you feel meaningless, because I appreciate that you dont believe in the bible or any of that ... anything I respond will be solely from my heart. I shall never argue.

PS. I want you to know the sheer happiness the lord has brought me, and continues to give me.

Assume what you will, but I do not detest anyone. It seems when a Christian emails me they'd prefer it if I was full of hate and detest for them, but it just isn't so. I love people, and I shiver at the thought of any one of them having to face horror of any kind. I do what I do because I love and appriciate people and life.

You need to look in the mirror. Emailing a stranger to talk down to them, accuse them of being filled with hate and anger, and then being so foolish as to suggest they're possessed by demons, well, if you can't see the ugliness in your own actions then that speaks volumes about how you view others, and people in general.

I'm a stranger to you Sarah, and yet you have no problem messaging me telling me I have no heart, I'm cruel and pitiful and a dozen other miserable traits. Do you really see me as the detestible, grotesque pervert you have painted of me in your head? It's so amusing to see someone say such ugly things and then claim their own superiority with the god they've chosen. You're a very beautiful person and I'm imagining you're quite used to picking out the flaws in people and telling them how ugly they are while you enjoy the benifits of being pretty. It's a horrible way to be, but you're young. You can't see yet how badly you represent yourself and treat others.

Don't judge people by their cover Sarah. I do what I do to be funny, not because I hate people.

your website leaked into my house, through my sister who is at a weak age... a moldable age

Firstly I would like to apologize about the way I worded one of the things I put. I mentioned how you live off the 'detest of others', what I meant by that was not the way you interpreted it ... I meant that you enjoy when people are offended... you enjoy when people are upset by what you put up...you enjoy the detest of others.

I did not mean you detest others... By no means do I feel that, I meant that you enjoy when people detest or are hurt by you ... at least thats what your website portrays with your love for the hate mail.

In terms of reaching out... and sending YOU the email, and how that makes me a hateful person, I would like to tell you where I come from. My little sister found your website and was reading through it all and came to talk to me about everything, and that would be why I outstretched an arm of interest in talking to you and praying for you, because your website leaked into my house, through my sister who is at a weak age... a moldable age, so if you can understand, I would not like for her to see your website, which makes reference to "If I am blaspheming and definetly going to hell for it, I might as well take kids down with me", is one of your responses to a 'hate letter'.

I read over what i wrote, and i felt that i didnt write anything VERY attacking, my apologies if you felt it was an attack ... it wasnt. As attacked as a christian as i feel by your website, i dont think fighting fire with fire is reasonable, ever. However when you replied, you said things such as 'your pretty, you seem like the type of girl who would pick people apart and talk about their imperfections', that is a clear assumption by my pictures... I truly hope you dont feel that way, because thats not who I am, by any means.

I just dont hate you, or wish bad things against you ... anyone who does, should bite there own words... because everyone is a sinner and pointing someone else out for there imperfections... is flat out stupid. I just ask for a little bit of respect... Respect for my faith.


You see, the problem here is that I do not have respect for your faith. In fact I believe faith in general is one of the worst tools one can use to uncover truth. I also have read what your beliefs are according to the bible, and it is impossible for me to respect them. You believe animals have talked. You believe a stranger can somehow take credit for all my wrongdoings and pay the price for them by dying and resurrecting. You believe Adam and Eve were the first people on earth. The list is long of the beliefs you have that I do not respect. They are clearly folklore, but for some reason you believe them unquestioned, with science proving a completely different history.

I must say I am pleased your little sister came to you with questions. That is a wonderful thing, and precisely the reason why I made the site; So that people would question. People finally questioning that which they've been told not to. It makes me smile, no matter what the age, to hear someone question what they have been told is true. Because I am just as appalled that your little sister is taught the bible is true and to question it is something you'd complain about to a web host for inspiring her to question it. You're complaining to me that my site inspired her to question her beliefs. Do you hear yourself?

And it isn't the detest I enjoy. It's just an unavoidable byproduct that comes with getting people to question, and dialog. Quite frankly, I am completely impartial to the detest. It is empty detest from people who don't know me, or have to back up their words with anything other than an anonymous electronic identity. It is the most impersonal detest there is. Both parties know there is no substance to the electronic identity and the email which connects us both.

But, I have to admit I am enjoying this Myspace complaint mail. It does add a whole new dimension to "hate mail" that I appreciate.
Thank you.

perhaps you feel that by putting others down you are fullfilling the devils wishes

Firstly I would like to say that you so clearly have a love for the 'devil', or at least enjoy dressing like him... but my question to you is, how can you believe in such a thing without proof? You ask why i base my life on a bible that offers no 'physical' proof and yet you contradict it in your love for the devil.
I would also like to say that there is yet to be scientific proof, that excludes the bible... there have been attempts at proving it wrong, and yet not one holds up... You can argue this, and you can argue it some more... but no words can offer true proof that the bible is false. Infact, there is much evidence and historical facts that prove its genuine.

Secondly, My sister did not question her belief, she did not question her love for God ... The conversation she brought to me was, why there are people out there that attack us and who we are, why there are people who would hate us, without even knowing us. Those are the words she brought to me.

I am not one hundred percent sure why it is you dedicate your self to putting others down, perhaps its because you feel power in it... perhaps you feel that by putting others down you are fullfilling the devils wishes... i do NOT know. Either way, the only reason I wrote to you was to tell you, that I pity you. I dont want to argue it, because debating is the use of words... and just because one can argue a point better, does not mean that it is true, the truth lies in the belief. I KNOW what I believe, and i know that I have read the bible and have tested and witnessed the things it has to offer.

You can not deny, or truthfully say it is wrong... unless you try it. I may be wrong, but i dont believe you have tried it, I dont believe you have walked in... with one hundred percent acceptance that there may be a God.
You can not know that sugar is sweet, unless you taste it. You can only go on what you have heard and what you BELIEVE it will taste like, but to truly know what sugar tastes like ... you need to try it. It's the same with faith, you have to have it... to testify about it. On the other side, you also have to try it to have TRUE proof that it is fake.

Try it, I dare you... I dare you to walk in a church, with a heart of openess. I dare you to pray to god, and ask him to do something in your life... but with the belief that he could.
I have come from a life without Christ, and the things i have witnessed as a christian...makes me believe that this is the one life I need, the one true life that matters.


Okay, number one, I don't believe in the devil either. He is imaginary, just like God. I am an atheist, and just because someone dresses like something doesn't mean the person believes that something to be real. Ask the next Santa you meet. He'll agree with me.

And Sarah, my darling, I am sorry to say there are massive amounts of evidence which prove the bible wrong. Do you want a simple one? Here, let me give you a simple one. In Genesis God made the oceans, vegetation, and trees on the second day (a day being "there was evening, and there was morning: a day." Sun rising and setting on the earth, 24 hours.) On the fifth day God made animals and man. Genesis 1:24. What? No dinosaurs? But science has proved their existence! And it has proved their existence millions of years before mankind ever existed. Before vegetation and the oceans were ever created? How could this be??

I suppose this is a where you "don't want to argue it, because debating is the use of words... and just because one can argue a point better, does not mean that it is true, the truth lies in belief!" Whatever that means.

I'm guessing when your sister came to you asking why people attack and hate Christians, you didn't say: "People don't hate us, sweetie. They just think our history lessons are inaccurate, and our folklore that includes talking animals, chariots of angels soaring through the clouds, and angry giants is myth and not fact like the bible teaches."

No. I'm betting you said something along the lines of, "The reason they hate us, dear one, is because Satan is in control of their hearts and minds, and he wants us dead, and he hates Jesus Christ. It's because of Satan that they hate us, little sister. You must fear Satan, the Dark Overlord of Hell!"

Sarah, I want you to be one hundred percent clear as to why it is I dedicate myself to what I am doing. It is because we have the truth. We have proved many true things using science. In fact, we use science's findings every day to heal people in hospitals, feed people in starving villages, save babies, put out forest fires, climb mountains, and even cool us on a hot summer's day. Science works for us daily and we don't even realize how great of an extent this is so. And it is science that can truthfully and confidently say the bible is wrong. Absolutely.

And I have already taken your dare Sarah. I went to church for the first 20 years of my life, and I've gone back since, but I never once felt or saw God. And believe me, I tried. I wanted that everlasting life and love and heaven and watchful, protective eye looking over me. But despite your claim "truth lies in the belief," this is not so. Believing in something to make it true only works for Peter Pan. Sorry Sarah, but it's time you grew up. You're starting to give wrong answers to children which concerns me.


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