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Hate Mail!

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Dear Bob,

You get a lot of hate mail but I wanted to e-mail you to say thank you. I was a Christian who never wavered in faith, untill this year when a friend showed me your site.

When I read God Ate My Balls a lot of things you said made sense. Of course at first what you said made me angry, but after reading it again and again I started seeing more and more truth in what you've written. After almost a year after visiting your site I quit going to church and declared my self an atheist.
After I became and atheist I've gotten better grades, made more friends, and got involved in alot of after school programs that I really enjoy. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Paige M.C.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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You've probably heard this before, but the abbreviation you sometimes use for your name (NoBS) could also mean No Bullshit. You could use that in
>your ads if you wanted. Or you could say something like "NoBS stands for Normal Bob Smith, but it also stand for No Bullshit because everything I say is true."

It's just a suggestion.
-Ness, the devout atheist

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Subject: what gmac thinks (or doesn't) about your site...

Hey Bob...,
I am a customer service rep for GMAC and have recently discovered your pages while doing random searches on google for "jesus".   Needless to say my job is riDICulously boring at times... ('...yes ,sir/mam, you owe us money, no sir/mam you don't...) so I surf a lot and get paid for doing so.

Being the giant, seething corporation that it is, there are many sites that are 'restricted' from viewing through their system (one being coasttocoastam.com -- "ooh, those dirty dirty aliens and bigfeet... how OFFENSIVE!) I digress... My point here is that your site is  NOT restricted by gmac... but mancow's IS!  Hahaha! Hohoho  ... HEE! As you can tell, I get a GREAT big chuckle about that.
I am a Subgenious and discordian in my beliefs (spiced HEAVILY by quantum theory), so I really enjoy your site. This is the 3rd or 4th day I've gleaned what I consider head-feeding entertainment from it. I especially like the 3 celebs endorsing your JDU (Who Would Jesus Dress- up?) Two of my favorite directors and one of my favorite comediens (too bad Bill Hicks was offed before he could see it).
So... 'Keep up the good work!'... etc. I now have an X-mas present idea.
Jeffrey Boerst
aka: 'Dr. Nothing'

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Subject: Hate Mail? Fan Mail?.. Defense Mail?.. I dunno what this is.. :o\

I guess this is hate mail...?? Your haters annoyed me. I had to get a word out.

To Bob's Haters: All of you people are ridiculous. No, I have not particularly been "saved" yet, but I have not completely turned my back on "God".

If you Christians are as faithful, loving and  "FORGIVING"  as you are SUPPOSED to be, you will believe and love Bob. For all that he is, and forgive his sins. And no I don't agree with the Dress Up Jesus, I find it very offensive. But guess what. It IS a free country. He has the freedom of speech, and if you don't like it, then don't view his page.

Props to Bob, I think his responses to his hate mail are very amusing. And You'd think if you were going to post hate mail, you'd at least do it with some dignity, know what you're talking about (not saying that I disagree with all of the haters, even think some of them are correct), but you're the ones making it easy for him to make fun of. It is funny. And YOU are the ones telling him to go to Hell afterall. You are the one starting the drama. YOU are the one not forgiving him. You should run your little Christian butt straight to a priest so you can declare your terrible sins, of not forgiving him, as Jesus WOULD. You are the ones who are writing to him, saying mean and rude things to him. What is he supposed to do, take it in, and smile happily? You know good and well, you would NOT just sit and take someone insulting you. He is minding his business, and you insult him. Who cares if he does something? It's none of your concern.

And the other haters. The ones not really writing hate mail. But praying for Bob.. Give it up. Stop PREACHING. I'm sick of you damn people. If people believe, they believe. If they don't believe, they MAY come around and start to believe, but not because you said so. Because they want to. YOU can do NOTHING to make them think otherwise. So you are doing NOTHING to help the situation. You are just PISSING PEOPLE OFF. SO SHUT UP. Thank you :oD


P.S. Rancid is HOTT. I want to fuck her lol. The best Super Chic ever! <3 lol.

you know how hot hell is put you hand in fire and 2000000Xs that heat but the thing is you will never die you will live like that for eternity

Subject: you will stand before GOD one day and u will regret what you have
done with

this web site about JESUS.........you know how hot hell is put you hand in fire and 2000000Xs that heat but the thing is you will never die you will live like that for eternity....you still have a chance to sent yourself to heaven see GOD does not sent anybody to hell you send yourself and He gives you a choice you choose where u will go. repent ask for forgiveness and ask our savior JESUS to come into your life...once hes does you will change this web site and live for him see he changes us on the inside out. if you decided not to change GOD will bring this e mail u to you and show u where u had a chance to change and you were told about JESUS and u turn your back on HIM. He saids that if you turn your back on me i will turn my back on u..thats bad its not to late now you may die in the next 5 minutes and u will stand before your creator where will u go then?????

Suzi North

Yeah, and giant snaggle-toothed gremlins will tear me limb from limb, and steamrollers will run over me every day for a thousand years, and I'll be force fed porcupines for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and 3000 ton towers of fire will be pushed onto my head made of gasoline on a hot summer day, with the heat turned on high in a fur coat!

Suzi, no matter how much you let your imagination run wild with all the horrible things that are going to happen to me in the afterlife, it's not going to affect me. I'm impenetrable to superstitious make-believe hogwash. Sorry. I'm just amazing that way. Like a super hero.



you seem to buy evolution unquestioned... Hmmmm...

This is from your own writings.
"The medicine a doctor prescribes has been tested and proven."
This is my response:
Evolution has not.

This is from your writings.
"But I won't simply buy it unquestioned"
This is my response:
Yet you seem to buy evolution unquestioned... Hmmmm... Now there's something to be questioned.

James Hutchinson

Um, do you read ever? Science is constantly making discoveries regarding evolution. These are just in the last couple weeks. Yahoo News, Guardian UK

And evolution also makes sense. It's as obvious as inheriting the traits of your parents. Even when I was a Christian I knew that evolution made sense, I just considered it a work of God back then.

And I never bought evolution unquestioned. I question it even today, but it always comes back with answers that make sense. Christians never do.



Fossils unearth proof of human evolution... why hasn't it been plastered on every news station and every newspaper across the world?

Um, do you read ever? For every website you send me I can send you dozen
more proving evolution does not exist.

(A notable specimen of the newly found fossil's descendant species Australopithecus afarensis, a three-million-year old fossil nicknamed Lucy, was discovered in 1974.

Better go read the whole story on Lucy before you buy into that story. (Fossils unearth proof of human evolution) then why hasn't it been plastered on every news station and every newspaper across the world? Keep your eyes on this story and see what happens to it.

You just need to get saved and all your doubts would go away.

1st Corinthians 2:14
But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto hi

James Hutchinson

James, news of the discoveries of evolution are indeed plastered all over the news. CNN, Yahoo, papers, television, UK, America, everywhere.

And it seems the only sorce you have for your "news" is Christian news sites to support Christian beliefs. What kind of news is that?

You need to find an article better than the one you sent me, because that one you sent me gives no answers. It just explains how there are still things we've yet to know for sure. Uh, yeah. Duh. We don't know everything yet. But somehow that rule doesn't apply to whether or not God wrote the bible. Because even though we're too dumb to know anything, we know that. You just don't make sense.



if Jesus would've had a sense of humor he would've
bought 12'??

why are you doing this? 'if Jesus would've had a sense of humor he would've
bought 12'?? look, i'm not going to start preaching to you, but can you at least
tell me why you think it's funny to make fun Jesus?


Don't you get it? 12! One for each of His disciples!

Apparently I do find it funny.


Lord... He does not know what he is doing

Have mercy on this man Lord for He does not know what he is doing


You are a very merciful and caring person for sending your prayer to me.



do you not believe in God at all, or just not Jesus?

im just wondering, do you not believe in God at all, or just not Jesus?

Maire McDonnell



do you believe the hokey pokey is really what its all about?

1.) do you believe in all the miracles?
2.) do you believe the hokey pokey is really what its all about?

Maire McDonnell

I don't believe the miracles in the Bible anymore than I'd believe the miracles in The Wizard of Oz.


its good we agree on wizard of Oz, i think its nonscense as well

i ment genuine miracles in modern day life, because i know ya dont believe in Bible. but its good we agree on wizard of Oz, i think its nonscense as well

Maire McDonnell

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