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I just read some of the hate mail sent to you. HOLY FUCK these people make me wish I could set the planet on fire so as to make my brains stop hurting from the sheer stupidity that permiates this rock. This is MY FUCKING INTERNET, I come here so that I can do and say what I fucking want. I go to your site because I find humor in your musings.

But when I see these masterful works of douchebaggery that these people write/post complaining about your site and the items you put on your page it fills me with such HATE. I'm am a hell of easy going guy. But this just fucking irks me. I have had to leave my computer, due to the intense feelings of anger and rage that I was having at what these FUCKING MORONS WERE SAYING!

"I am offended, please take it away" "Hurr hurr I R teh cristian, and I called teh copz on you" "god are my freind, and you should go out of your way to take things down because I came to ur site once"

It takes all of my willpower to not go balistic. How do you deal with the pounds of retaurds that flow to your site to complain for no reason?


Wait'll you see the Rob Henry files! You'll wanna pistol whip yourself about the head and neck when you hear his explanation on how it's somehow more admirable to let someone else pay the price for your wrong-doings (like Jesus does) than to take responsibility for it yourself! And he compares it to the judge letting a criminal off the hook and giving a 2nd chance, and you're the criminal!

I keep it together a few ways. The number one reason I don't lose it is because after all is said and done, I don't care what they think, do or say. I know I'm right. And there's a certain satisfaction in knowing that people like you are out there reading what I'm responding and agreeing. I'm pretty sure that a bird's eye view of the argument shows that I'm more reasonable.

I also keep it together because it's free material! They're giving me free jokes! Free comedy! Free dialog! Free content! Free stupid viewpoints! Free amazing stories! So many of my ideas on the site started directly from a hate letter. Satan's Salvation was sparked by a hate mailer. Same with The Sheeples (of course), my Dress Up Revenge page, all thanks to the hate mailers!

And I've talked with enough other web hosts to know that hate mail is a blessing. There are people out there who'd love to have the negative responses I'm getting, but instead only get like 2 emails a month. I'm lucky to still be viable after almost 6 years.

So that's how I do it.
Makes sense, right?

Bob, I would suggest that you get on your face and repent of this insult and border line blasphemous act.

Bob I just wanted to tell you as I 'm sure others have that the site you have of dressing up Jesus is OFFENSIVE  not  to mention insulting to the one who has payed for your sin (guilt, shame, offense, missing the mark) debt with His own life and bought you back from the justice God will require of you when you close your eyes in this life,so for your own sake.  Bob, I would suggest that you get on your face and repent of this insult and border line blasphemous act. Not for my sake my friend but your eternal soul. You laugh now but that will change to anguish and sorrow and eternal torment if you do not recieve Christ today.

Galatians,  God will not be mocked whatever a man sows that will he also reap!!!! 31 "Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.

1. [n]  blasphemous behavior; the act of depriving something of its sacred character; "desecration of the Holy Sabbath" 2. 1. [n]  blasphemous language (expressing disrespect for God or for something sacred)

Rob Henry

At no point have I ever denied my site being blasphemous.
Many of us have our own forms of rebellion and disobedience toward God...

Just to let you know, I appreciate your response and by the way, I don't want to appear to be fanatical, but I think you would feel the same if the person that saved your life was being insulted and defamed. That's how close Jesus is with me, it is a personal thing far beyond religiousity, adherences and the like.
My only concern is for those who are not right with God and don't see their need to saved. That alarms me as life is so fleeting not 1 moment is promised. In light of eternity this life and momentary layover is as a blink of an eye   

Many of us have our own forms of rebellion and disobedience toward God and many times it is directed at God but it stems from many things but the father  relationship with the child is a very common denominator
 I don't know what sparked the desire in you to make a site like this but it is only an indicator of something deeper regardless of whether you can actually see it or not. I just want you to know that I don't hate people that defame God I only pray that He will touch your life as He has mine and if there is anything I can do to help

You are either looking for someone to reach their hand to you for help or your heart is so hard you have been desensitized to the things of God. Either way if you need a friend I am here to talk if that is even remotely possible,you would be surprised as to what we may have in common

Rob Henry

It isn't rebellion, I promise you.

I would never want anyone to take the punishment for my wrong-doings. Who would want that?? I never asked Jesus to do it, and anyone who'd let Him isn't taking responsibility for themselves.

I am my own man, and Jesus has no right at all to take credit for all that I do, whether it's right or wrong. It's my life. He'd want me to claim it.


Very noble and respectful not to mention honourable stance to take as I said, nevertheless.... a second chance I believe is what many would really want regardless of that noble position they take,if they were really honest with themself.

Bob, I'm not trying to pry into your life but I have discussed this with a few people and in fact I find it is a very noble yet common position to take for many
Bob, but what I 'm trying to say in response to that is, I  think of a person with that position standing before a judge accused of a criminal offense ready to face justice and the consequences that follow and them holding that position of accepting the responsibility for their action.
Very noble and respectful not to mention honourable stance to take as I said,nevertheless....a second chance I believe is what many would really want regardless of that noble position they take,if they were really honest with themself.
Just as the verdict is put forward ,"guilty" and the sentencing is death ,I see a man step forward that no one knows not even the guilty party and I hear him say," I  have already made payment on behalf of the guilty party, I took his place and  payed what justice requires of  this man.
The judge then says ,"case dismissed, your free to go' I can't believe that the guilty would  begin to argue and refute the verdict,"no judge I want to pay the price for my wrongs, He will  look at you and say it's finished,over, next case.
That is what Jesus said at the cross ,"it is finished: end of story now all we have to do is receive the gift of life, via substitution and another chance.
But you see,that is and has always been the toughest part for mankind to do,receiving what has already been accomplished through Christ.
Would you honestly not want another chance Bob, regardless of what it is you feel you have done. That is what Jesus did ,whether you like it or not IT IS OUT OF YOUR HANDS,the debt has been paid in full for all mankind and the consequences were eternal, how much more to be exceedingly grateful.
I mean if a person really takes your position, they should have turned themselves in a long time ago and would still be suffering for all their wrongs and mistakes.
Face it, we all make mistakes and if mercy and forgiveness not to mention exoneration were never available what would this nation become.I think if we really got what we deserve we would all be locked up or dead.
I think we all value our freedom and deep inside we consider ourselves to be worthy of a second chance"  the guilty party included and despite that noble position we all don't really want to lose our freedom and right to live.
Forgiveness is what we all want, but asking for it is the most difficult thing to do,accepting it is quite another.

Rob Henry

You've just proved my point beautifully. Your belief in God allows you to not take responsibility for your own actions. When the waiter comes to hand you your check, you look around the restaurant to see if anyone else will pay it for you. And if someone lifts their hand, you are quick to point and say, "He'll pay it for me!" And then you go to the next restaurant and do it all over again, and again, and again. Such an ugly copout. You should really be ashamed of what you just said to me.

I am an atheist, Rob. There is no God to take the punishment for the wrong you do. There is no Satan to blame it all on. And there is no eternal reward for your "brave" copout.

I hope it is clear to you why the lie of religion has swept across the world in some form or another with nothing to support it except faith. A hope it's true. A hope you don't have to be the one to blame for your life.

And you have the balls to come to me reciting your scriptures, judging me, assuming I am like you- groveling for someone else to pay my bills. You're a pitiful person. I want to be nothing like you.
I am wincing at the thought of you.


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