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Purger X gives us the lowdown on what it means to be really punk rock today (A lot of it has to do with following rules, believing in miracles, light on the attitude and limiting your anarchy to things that aren't so rebellious).

His letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Might be a real picture of Darrell?

Bob you should know better than to be playing with the darkness, man ur really hurting God the man that saved you? Do you realli think satan cares? my favourite quote is "for every time satan reminds you of your past remind him of his future"! AMEN for all those saved we will jopin in singing with all of the redeemed for satan is vanquished and JESUS IS KING!

I would be seriously be worried about my soul! the bible is the word of God man! IM just actually having a good think right now like im praying for the people who delight in the ways of evil! God is not just a wee man sitting on a cloud he is the alpha and omega! You obviously have such a small brain you cant relate to such things! Jesus cares he cares fo you!

Darrell Ross

Amen, Darrell!
Yes, we all should be worried! Worried about our souls! Because God gave us all just this one chance to prove our love for Him, and if w
e fail we shall plummet into the darkest depths of the solar system! Oh, praise Jesus! We should spend our lives worrying about God's feelings, and fearing His great wrath upon us, His tiny servants.

Your brain must be so very huge to have figured out these complicated truths about life, God and the human race! AMEN BROTHER! Oh, yay be the fallen with riches that weigh them to the earth, for they will never know the glory of the ultimate supreme being who rules the solar system with His mighty index finger! We will all bow to Him one day, but until then we must fear, be sorrowful, and worried from day break until nightfall, because that is all part of God's great plan for us all, and our short time here on earth.

What a great plan He mapped for us all! AMEN TO OUR GOD!!!!!!

Thank you Darrell.

* * * * *

Hey there Bob,

You completely rock my life. I visit your site from time to time and I love it. You're so controversial and it's fucking fantastic. We need more people like you in the world to deface the religious assholes.

I love your art portfolio as well. It's amazing. And I couldn't agree more with your top 10 worst movies, although showgirls is fun to watch. Heh.

Keep up the good work, and fuck things up.
-Laura Latex

Real Punks Love Jesus

Subject: Real Punks Love Jesus

Bob...I came across your jesusdressup page and I'm not happy. The Wizard of Oz thing may be cute, but I saw the kind of magnets you're selling.This isn't comedy. It's evil.

I'm writing this because I've been in your shoes. I know you think you're badass for what you're doing, but true punks love Jesus.Hating Christ is the "normal" thing now in this evil, secular society.Rebelling is loving Christ. It is standing up for the one last shred of hope for humanity.

I want you to read this and think very carefully. You don't have to give up the music, the hot girls or the style. Just the sin.

Wishing you the best. and happy belated CHRISTmas,


Well, unlike the kind of "punk" you think you're being by believing the opposite of what's normal, I am taking the route of believing what is obviously true. To me it looks like you have your priorities in the wrong place if you're more concerned with being different than being right.

And I don't hate Christ, I simply don't believe he's god. Fuck worrying about whether or not what's punk. Believe what you will because it's true, ya dummy.

Where's the truth in dressing up Jesus as  a villian?

 Where is the truth on your page? I saw rebellion, attitude and porn.
 I'm sorry for using that angle, but what was I to think?
 I saw your new magents. Where's the truth in dressing up Jesus as  a villian?


Haha, well the truth in that is obvious. He died for every man's sins. Right? I mean, even Dahmer got into heaven. Isn't Christianity great? The KKK loves Jesus! They quote the bible all day long! And Tinky Winky, well, that's just another brilliant observation from Pat Robertson. Charles Manson thought he was Jesus Christ AND Satan.

Now you tell me the last murdering rampage that was based on atheism. Yeah. There isn't one. Funny how religion fucks with everyone's head like that, isn't it?

By the way, where'd you see porn on my page? Rebellion and attitude, yes. But no porn. I'm not gonna let you slip that in there that easily.


It's true that Jesus died for everyone's sin, and anyone can be redeemed. But, I don't think that was the point of those magents.

It's true that Jesus died for everyone's sin, and anyone can be redeemed. But, I don't think that was the point of those magents.

I saw porn when browsing some of the Satan's Salvation comics.  I'm not going back to dig up the examples.

I'll be praying for you.

Well okay. That isn't the only point I'm trying to make with the dress up game. It's just one of the points.

I believe that it also makes Jesus worth less. It's not gonna change any minds,  I realize that. But for kids who are just being introduced to Him or adults that have changed their minds, it's at the very least, something that doesn't show him as the untouchable God of the universe. They see that and see Him being treated as a joke, and make-believe.

It is also there as a calling card to people who feel the same way I do. Know what I'm sayin'? Like, there are others out there  who are also smart enough to  see that God was made up by people and Jesus is a character who's been romanticized to godly proportions over the centuries. Jesus Dress Up is a shout out to those people, saying, "Hey, I'm over here! Come on over, because I think the same thing as you do!"
Then those people come together in a mutual disrespect for Christ to share ideas, experiences and a common thought.

But most importantly it's entertainment. It's comedy that in today's world can't be shown anywhere else. There is no mainstream outlet that would dare feature Jesus Dress Up, despite how popular it is (Google 'Jesus' to see what I mean). It's an idea that no mainstream outlet will touch, unlike pro Jesus stuff, of which there is many. Christ, my friend showed me that show 'Seventh Heaven' and I almost puked! And um, "Wolf," Seventh Heaven is so NOT punk rock.

As for the "porn" you found on my site, that is so NOT porn. It's a cartoon drawing of a naked shemale. And not only is it the only example of nudity on my site but you have to admit it's fucking funny. Oh! I said the 'F' word! Sorry Mr. Punk Rock!

Hey, what would it take for me to get you to send me a picture of your punk self?

I'm just speaking from a life of youthful burnout and heavenly redemption.

You'll have to make due without a photo.  I know what you're capable of doing with it.

I'm no prude.  I'm just speaking from a life of youthful burnout and heavenly redemption.

Rocking on in His Name,

I hear ya man. You hit the lowest low and then you were taken from the dirt to a belief in eternal paradise and believing that picking the right religion would be your ticket there. That's really punk rock. Heaven is totally punk.

You know what else is punk rock? Prayer. That's, like, so proactive. Whispering to yourself when you're alone so that the Supreme Being in the next dimension hears you and decides whether or not to grant your wish. Fucking out of control punk madness you got there, Purger X. That's how true punks solve problems. Alone, praying.

It's also really super punk rock to go by a list of rules that were written by old bearded guys back in the Middle Ages who looked down on women, gays, traded slaves and thought the world was flat. That's some serious, well thought out punkness you're livin'. And calling yourself "Wolf Guarde" & "Purger X," that's really bad ass realness in my face too. No imitations there. Nothin' fake about that. Just crazy, like-it-or-not truth about who you are. Johnny Lydon would be so proud.

You're right, Purger X. Punk rock is about following. It's about sticking to what the generation before you said. It's about believing the same thing the President of the United States believes. You nailed it.

I can't wait to see the Seventh Heaven episode about this new kind of "punk rock."


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