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The Christians succeeding in getting on my nerves.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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 "The greatest harm that the lie of religion causes is condoning a belief and trust in the illogical.* Telling children that fantasies are real, eternal damnation awaits them, history doesn't have to make any sense, and science is not to be trusted, sets that child up to be completely unprepared to deal with real life issues. They are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. They are told that God is the answer to all things and that Jesus Christ will guide them always, but He will not. He isn't there."

Hi Bob, :)

Its Megan, your shemale friend!  Still alive, still wanting to move to NY or LA.  :)  But I am going by Raven these days.

I was reading this, and you really hit the nail on the head.  I was brought up believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Jesus Fucking Christ.  I should have figured it out when my parents told me there was no Santa Claus.

But what do these lies teach kids?  I'll tell you what it taught me!  It taught me that no matter what I do, everything will somehow turn out OK.  That if I just put my faith in Jesus Christ, somehow everything will be OK.

I have learned the real hard way that isn't true.  I have learned that if you don't have real life skills, real life knowledge, and the ability to apply them, you will get fucked...real bad, real hard, by real life. The Bible doesn't teach you how to do your taxes, balance your checkbook, pay your bills, or earn money.  It doesn't give you a skill, like photography, athletics, painting, writing, etc...it doesn't do anything.  I'm not normally for book banning, but if every copy of the Bible were incinerated, I'd be OK with it.

Rather than teaching me a set of useless lies, why not have taught me valuable real life skills that I could apply to...oh, I don't know...managing my life in an effective and productive manner, rather than turning me loose with a "Jesus fixes everything!  Everything will be OK no matter what!" attitude.  Isn't it better to instill in children a more productive value set?

Having a positive attitude is good, but not knowing what the hell you're doing because your head is full of nonsense and crap is a real bad thing.  I would like to have been taught something useful growing up. Now I am figuring it all out the hard way, and it sucks.

In the end, I renounced Christ.  It made me happy to do so.  It was the start of a long, still continuing, painful journey to just being myself, and being a functional human being for once.

Anyway, I liked the point you made, so I wanted to say something.

Thanks for listening, love your site as always,
Raven, an aspiring shemale porn star.

i wish you knew true love

Subject: this isn't hate mail.

this is i wish you knew true love mail.
i am praying for you.

Garrett Rooney

What makes you think I don't know true love? I have parents that love me, whom I love in return very very much. I have a select group of friends that I love, who love me for who I am. I have fallen in love with someone else. I have a very loving family. They love me and I love them more than I can measure! How ugly your email is, suggesting that one can't know true love without your god? In fact, I think this shows exactly where your family and friends fall on your list of "love," and that's what makes your beliefs so ugly.


I have apologized for being a bigot

I am sorry. I didn't mean to sound like a bigot. To me, He is love. If it is not what you believe, why bother creating a site that desecrates his image?

Of course love is different things to different people. I do not doubt that you love your family and friends, but why would you attack the source of other people's love? Also, I have apologized for being a bigot and suggesting that you can't know love without my God. Similarly, I think that you made assumptions that questioned the extent to which I loved my family and friends. I had no right to judge you. Likewise, you have no right to judge me.

I want to understand. Why did you create this site?

Garrett Rooney

Are you kidding me?!? You email me telling me I can't know true love without your silly god, and then you say that I have no right to show you how your own words speak volumes about the love you have for others? I have EVERY right to point something like that out after such an accusation is made! I also have the right to judge you, because I quite honestly feel that your initial email to me said exactly what you meant it to say, and that that's precisely where your family and friends fall in line with your god. I attack this source of love for all of these very reasons!

Why did I create the site? So that I could point out exactly what is wrong and unhealthy about loving a storybook character to every chowderhead who emails me saying that it's the only way to know true love. I made the site as a platform to tell people that imaginary love has less worth than real-life-PEOPLE-love!

And the reason you found yourself apologizing for being a bigot is because that's exactly where your feelings are, and you've no problem telling someone you don't know that they don't love like you know love. Those are honest, uncensored thoughts that you shared with me before you knew someone would call you on 'em. You are bigoted, and you're also sorry that you are bigoted. If you can't figure out why I do what I do, read back over all of our letters again. It's all there in black and white.



How could you have a site that makes fun of Jesus? ...there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven

Subject: the Jesus dress up

I just want you to know that I find this very offensive. How could you have a site that makes fun of Jesus? Especially after all he has went thur for you. I do not believe that you realize the how serious this is. Please find some other way of having a dress up with out involving Jesus. If you call this humor than you need another look at the word humor because this is very offensive.


To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven

What I don't understand is how one second you condemn what I'm doing and call it offensive, and then the last sentence you tell me that there is a time for every purpose, which would include mine (using the word "every")!

So when is my time for making fun of Jesus?
You write confusing emails.

Even if there was a time to do such a thing why would you be the one that wants to do it? Do you realize the seriousness of this?


I am sorry that you misunderstood me. I do not agree with you about what you are doing, and I am very offended, not only for myself but my children to. My children and I were on the Internet looking for dress up dolls. This is how I stumbled on to your site. By the way at the end of each email is a scripture from the bible which is found in Elessciates 3:1-2. This had nothing to do with what I was saying to you. Why would you want to make fun of Jesus? I do not understand.

Even if there was a time to do such a thing why would you be the one that wants to do it? Do you realize the seriousness of this? This same man that you are making fun of is the same man that shed his blood which was innocent blood by the way for your sins. This is something he did not have to do but yet he did it so people like you and me would have a chance of eternal life with God. I am not trying to start a agreement or anything I just want you to think about what you are doing.

PS: thanks for not being rude.

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven


Oh! Now I understand! I thought you were telling me to stop but also telling me there's another time for me to do this. I get it now.

Okay, so to your question, Why would I want to make the fun with Jesus, considering the seriousness of the consequences? The reason is very simple, and in my opinion, very obvious. I do not believe that that human being on the cross is all of our God. I don't believe for a second that He is the Master Of The Universe and that I must bow to Him or suffer forever in hell. To me that sounds no more foolish than say, believing that David Koresh is God and that he is in heaven. Ya know? It all seems so clearly to be BS to me, what with the talking snakes in magic gardens, animal arks with the flood the earth, and the Jesus who flies up to heaven and walks on water with no Jetski or nothin'. I don't understand the reason why people buy into it so easily without question, especially when everything we know through science and common sense tells us that it's all pretend.

I suppose that that's why I want you and your children to see Jesus Dress Up. I want people to see that He's make-believe, because people need to stop believing in fairy tales and believe more in things that actually occur. You know? Oh! That reminds me! Did you read how a Judge in Harrisburg, PA ruled against "intelligent design" being taught in school along side evolution? msnbc.msn.com That news is so great to me! I really want kids to be taught things that are true and make sense. You see, I believe that it's better for them in the end.

So yeah. I hope that makes sense. Sometimes I ramble on, but you know, this needs to be addressed. So yeah.


u smell

Subject: u smell

-u smell.........
- emily anna rocks like fuck

Emily Anna


Prove it!!!!!!!!!!!
Prove what?

Prove what?

Emily Anna


That Emily Anna rocks like fuck. You see, I don't believe that you do rock like fuck. In fact, from this end, it looks as if you rock about as much as a broken toe.



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