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Oh no! I think God found me!
That's right. I woke up this morning to a transit strike, which means no buses, no trains, cabs doubling their rates and no easy way in or out of the city. But that doesn't stop the hate mail, so it can't stop me! I'm in the East Village now. I walked the Williamsburg Bridge with everybody else to get out of Brooklyn. This is renegade web hosting people! And I'm here to fuck everything up!
Now read these letters from people calling me "homo."

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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An Amazing Stranger from way back emails me a tough question.

Hey, Bob how are you doing? I have not talk with you in a long time. I want to ask you a honest question, and it is not about your religious beliefs. I just want you to answer honestly, and thoughtfully, What do think about abortion, is it wrong or right in your opinion?

This does not have to have God injected in it at all, just a human question, about right and wrong.

Thank for your time with this question if you choose to anwser.

Thank You,
Bob Leko

Hello there!
Always good to hear back from an Amazing Stranger. I'm sorry it's on such a depressing subject, but I'd be happy to respond.

Abortion is a horrible, ugly thing. It is never a joyous occasion and it is always a last resort. It is also, sometimes necessary. It is neither right nor wrong, just as say, taking a human life is neither right or wrong depending on the situation. Is it wrong for a police officer to shoot and kill a criminal who has a gun pointed at him? I take great issue with you wanting to make abortion an issue that's either right or wrong. You and I both know that life is not black and white. Defining it as such leads you down the wrong paths for answers. Each situation has to be looked at individually, otherwise you may as well convict that police officer of first degree murder and throw him in jail for life. This alone is reason enough to keep abortion legal.

There are times when abortion is the obvious solution, like when the mother's life is at risk and she will die if she gives birth (I'd like to think we can both agree on this). We might also agree that if the girl is the victim of rape, and/or impregnated at an extremely young age, or a victim of incest that abortion is a difficult, but available solution to these tragic situations.

Where I'm guessing you and I will part ways is abortion for girls who simply aren't ready to become mothers, emotionally, financially, and/or psychologically. My feeling is that the life of the girl, and her future are to be regarded first. The unborn egg is exactly that; An unborn egg. It is a possible human life, but so was that sperm in the tissue.

This is a tragic situation, but a decision has to be made (made by us as a society, and the individual with child), and to make this decision one also has to take into account the results of taking away a woman's right to have an abortion. Taking away the right for a girl to have an abortion leads to girls trying to do it themselves and destroying their life in other ways. It also leads to unwanted children, which can have a devastating affect on both mother and child.

I certainly value life. In fact, my feeling is that I value it more than someone who believes in eternal life, because in my reality this is the only life we're given, thus making it even more valuable than yours that goes on forever and ever and ever. To me it all comes back to LIVING life. The girl is living life. The fertilized egg is not yet living life. It has no soul, it is not yet conscious. That's the difference to me. A cell is alive, but that does not mean it has the same value as a person. For an atheist, a living person is the most valuable commodity on planet earth, more-so than a sperm, an unborn egg, or even God Himself. The value of a living human being is so valuable it is beyond my comprehension.

I hate addressing this situation, and have had to on a few occasions for girls who've emailed me that've just discovered they're pregnant (NO, NOT BY ME!), wanting my advice. Luckily I've never gotten a girl pregnant and had to see where my real feelings for my own child would be on this. But as of right now, if it were totally up to me, I'd opt for an abortion.

As for you guys (religious street performers), your problem is (and always has been) viewing topics such as this as black and white issues, with black and white answers for everybody, across the board, no exceptions. And as adults you should already know that that way of thinking is really fucked up.


are you a homo? or gay that means you fuckk men

hey bob how ya doin are you a homo? or gay that means you fuckk men when your a man if so are you the man or woman in the situation e-mail me back bob

Bronia Buchannon

Yes. I am gay. Gay – happy! Hahahahahahaha! I bet you didn't expect that!
In your face, dipshit!


let me seea picture of you being a bitch mutha fuka

fuck you bitch let me seea picture of you being a bitch mutha fuka

Bronia Buchannon

This sounds like just what you need! normalbobsmith.com/revenge/
That's me! Tell me how it goes.



...your joke infringes on my rights to freedom
of religion.

That is the most uncalled for thing. In a world where our country is founded on
freedoms that are birth rights my religion is under attack. And while you have the
freedom of speech and such, they only exist if they don't infringe on others rights.

My religion doesn't infringe on your rights. I don't cram my god down your throat.
As a believer it's not our nature. But your joke infringes on my rights to freedom
of religion. Please don't make fun of my god.

I am asking you to please take down your site. For the millions of christians struggling with their god being attacked. Please have some tact. Make it santa, make it an elf, make it a person, but please not our god.

Colleen Keener

I have a question for you, Colleen. How does my site keep you from practicing your religion? You're not trying to say that my Jesus Dress Up actually makes it more difficult for you to worship your god, are you? I didn't mean for it to do that. And if it is doing that then your faith must not be that strong. Please explain that to me further.

I would also argue that your religion does in fact infringe on my rights. Your religion wants to make it impossible for two men to marry, so if I fall in love with a man your religion wants to make it illegal for us to wed. And if I want to have anal sex with a man, that too is something your religion is trying to keep me from doing. In fact, your religion wants to make it illegal for me to even have any kind of sex with a man. Your religion is also trying to make it illegal for me to abort an unborn baby. I should have the right to abort an unborn baby if, say, I was raped in an alley, or the pregnancy threatened to take my life.

So I hope that now you can see how your religion is really trying to infringe on my rights, while I don't believe that my dress up page affects your rights to be a Christian one single bit.

Please confirm.

Thank you.


Who are you angry at?

Who are you angry at?


Make-believers pretending fake things are true.


...wasting their own time.

It sounds like these "make-believers" are wasting their own time.

Why does this make you angry?


Because they're teaching that make-believe to children, and those children believe it to be so.


How do you think that harms those children?

How do you think that harms those children?


You're asking me how lies harm children. You're seriously asking me how lies harm children. Like, as opposed to telling them the truth? Are you seriously putting this question to me for an answer? Seriously? You need me to tell you why the truth is better than lies? Is that it?

Perhaps, Charles, in you we've found the answer to your question.

I'd just like to understand how YOU personally believe that these particular lies harm children

Now Bob, I'd just like to understand how YOU personally believe that these particular lies harm children (I agree with your general rule about truth vs. lies, but my interest is specifically related to the topic of religion)


You know, I shudder when I get an email like this. A literal chill goes up my spine when I hear someone ask the questions that you are asking me. Questions that display a complete ignorance as to how life works and what's wrong about lies. In fact, it shows me a result of the lies you've been taught already.

The greatest harm that the lie of religion causes is condoning a belief and trust in the illogical. Telling children that fantasies are real, eternal damnation awaits them, history doesn't have to make any sense, and science is not to be trusted, sets that child up to be completely unprepared to deal with real life issues. They are doomed to repeat mistakes of the past. They are told that God is the answer to all things and that Jesus Christ will guide them always, but He will not. He isn't there.

Another harm that religion condones is this idea that you can have a legitimate loving relationship with someone who's dead. This crazy lesson is a corrupt and distorted perception of love. And it's one that'll fuck with their idea of what love is for the rest of their life. Love is earned, not falling for free from the sky. And the energy spent loving this nonexistent being is energy that would be much better spent on people who're actually existing around them. Yes. Loving Jesus more than anyone else deprives real people of love. And yes, that's bad. To think that there are people who love God, Jesus, their religion more than their own family, it breaks my heart. But the lie of religion says it's okay.

And obviously one of the main reasons that the lie of religion is harmful is because it keeps people from the truth. The truth about where we actually come from, the truth about why we're here, and why we behave the way that we do, the truth about how we can help others, and the truth about any of the questions of life that arise throughout. Did you know that there is a real truth out there? There are real answers to where we came from! There are real answers to where we're headed! And there are real answers to how we can make this a better world for us all! But there is no need to ever search out those truths since we're all supposed believe the lie.

And one of the most disturbing harms that this lie achieves is wasting people's lives. People being told that life means serving a god. That's the meaning of life. Spending their entire life devoting all of their attention, their hopes and dreams, everything in the hands of a nonexistent being. What a complete waste of a life. I shake my head.

I'd be happy to make the list even longer if you aren't yet convinced that lies, ANY LIES, are harmful. Truth is out there, Omega Man! Now you tell me what good comes from ignoring it!



why did you give jesus a dress????????

why did you give jesus a dress???????????????????????????

Jennifer Shively


So that He can be pretty! Duh!


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