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On the streets again handin' out fliers.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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"God is fake!
God is fake!
No Fiery Lake!
No Pearly Gates!"

I'm back to the streets pushin' the Lord's name.

I forgot how nice it is to be face to face with the people again pushin' my anti-Jesus message in their faces. And that's just what I've been up to; handin' out my unholy fliers to the people of St Marks.

I met some fans and I met some foes. I even had a guy come up to me askin' how long I'd be there for. I told him "Another 20 minutes. Maybe a half hour."
And he said "because my church is around the corner and I'm comin' back with 6 people to come talk to you!"
I said, "I'll be here an hour then!"
And he scurried off into the darkness never to return, not even three hours later.

I also had a lot of help handin' out the fliers from friends and even passers-by! Albert the infamous Washington Square comedian even helped out with his own brand of anti-God material!

He was playin' drunk, turning his back and pouring coffee on the ground pretending to piss, and lots of improv that was outrageous! Seriously. He's been doing comedy in Manhattan for 20 years. He even got booed out of Apollo Theater for talkin' shit about James Brown! Albert was funny as hell.

Christ, that guy knows how to draw a crowd, break it up and send 'em runnin'. Just too much.

And Skater Bob's been hangin' out again, and he even offered to help hand out fliers, but he was so loaded up on junk that he was hardly any help at all.

He wants so badly to help out, and he tries so hard but, and it's hard for me to say this, but he just can't keep up with the crowd.

I felt so bad for the guy. I mean, he just won't stop using and I try to give him projects to keep him off the stuff, but that's what it does to you. It kills your dreams and makes it so that you can't help yourself. SAY NO TO DOPE!

Some people took fliers just to help him out, but after awhile the scene just got shameful, so I pulled him off of the job, told him he did a great job, sat him down on the curb and let him sleep it off.

Watch the video of Bob nodding out while handing out GOD IS FAKE's here.

We'll make you believe pretty quick, because you'll be praying for us to stop beating your skinny, kike ass. HAHA!

Hey, 'Bob'. Why don't you come on out to Kingston, NY on November 19th. We'll make you believe pretty quick, because you'll be praying for us to stop beating your skinny, kike ass. HAHA! Have a wonderful day, bagel-boy. By the way, don't bring your jewess whores with you. They would only stink up the place.

Michael Deaton

You know, I really do have a strange fucking site. If I like, stand back from it and see the entire scope of what I do it's really fucking bizarre.

Okay, I make fun of this guy that people think is God. That's obvious. People think he's God and I make fun of him. I dress up as his arch enemy and I make fun of the death of God. And then I do all kinds of stupid things like smart mouth all the people who I make cry with the site, and write letters to them for other people to read. I write letters for Christ's sake. I'm making a living writing letters to strangers. Saying whatever shit comes into my mind and write responses to people's letters to me.

This is my job. This is what I've made my living. It's so fucking strange. And people get really upset over it! They stand up for their god and tell me things about him like it's news to me. They say all these things about their god like he's for real and his magic is real and he's alive up in heaven. People write me emails upset for mocking their god! It's funny, and so so strange.

And I dress up as Satan and they fucking love it because it's exactly how they want me to look. It fits right into their whole outlook on life. I'm the enemy, with horns and acting crazy and shit. And this all falls right into their role of hating me because I'm dressed as the devil. This is what life is for people, and this is how they play the game. You're born. You find the right god, the best one, and you worship it. Then during that period of worship you find out who the bad guy is and you hate him. You hate him for your god. Then you say shit to people who like the enemy of your god and you congratulate yourself for worshipping the good god. That's what life is! I figured it out! That's how people think!

Life's so strange.


i love you like a best friend

Subject: Hey man i love like a brother and wish you better.

hey bob, im Alex, and i love you like a best friend i hope you find the truth. i want you to know i care about you. Just pray for God to show you the truth. you'll find it.
All the emails the most important thing i want you to relize about these people that have been trying and trying to convert your thoughts, is their gain. these people (most). really care about you and what you do with your self.
I love you, and with Gods Grace and Mercy, I love you and will pray for you. sent with all God's love.

Alexander Vince 

Wow! You love me like a best friend! That's fantastic. Especially since you don't even know me. Hell, we've never even met and you'd have no problem letting me water your plants while you're away, sharing your most intimate of secrets with me, even letting me use your computer while you're gone! Like best friends do. I really take this friendship we have very seriously and I respect it too. Like, a lot. Like, I wouldn't sacrifice this friendship we have for all the money in the world! Hey, can I date your sister? Can I borrow your car? Can I stay at your house and have a look around the place? I mean, now that we're best friends and I'm kinda stuck with your friendship now whether I like it not, I might as well just dive in head first and make the best of it, right?

That's what's so great about your kind of love. You get all the credit of loving everyone all the time without ever having to do anything beyond saying the words. Those empty words without any sort of action beyond typing an email to a stranger over the internet. You're a wonderful person Alex. I'm so impressed. You've really made a connection with me here today. You've shown how special the word "friend" is to you. Thanks for loving me the same way Jesus does. It really paints a full picture here.



I am a 36 year old man and you have hurt my feeling of me any my family.

Subject: "chicken" that is what you are

dear mr smith. I wrote to you awhile back but you haven't written back, which leaves me to only concluion that you are a chicken. That would explain the atheist lifestyle which is scared of the truth.I am a 36 year old man and you have hurt my feeling of me any my family.Not that you would care because you are so self-obseeced any only care about lustfull gains which do not interested me. Am I not worth your time? No I am worth enturnal time after your death.I wish you would take dress up jesus down for just one day so you see how much better you'd feel. Blasmephy that you have commited is the reason god feels the need to punish your country.But it's not entirely your fault it things other crazy thing you libreals have done in your country eg "GAY RIGHTS". When I go to church tommorow I will pray for you pray so hard that your server will fail and your smut will be removed from time and cyber space. P.S Good luck on finding some that find your website funny HA HA HA HA

Bobby Bob

Well, now you're jumping to some pretty far fetched assumptions. Did it ever cross your mind that I might be busy? I get a lot of emails every day and sometimes there just isn't enough time to answer all of them. Do you understand? Or maybe I would hope that you'd read my site before you send off an email expecting your own personalized explanation. I've already answered a lot of letters just like yours and I've posted them on my site for you to read before you send off your angry letters.

I have a question for you. What is "self-obseeced?" What a crazy word you've stumbled upon there. What am I supposed to do with that kind of spelling? Did you consider for even a minute that maybe I didn't respond to your email simply because you sounded like an idiot? That's something worth considering too.

Okay, so now I responded. Did this prove that I'm not a chicken to respond in an email to your letter?

*This person never emailed me back. I can only assume he's a chicken.*


Jesus was killed for no reason

man you should take down your evil website and turn to the man you are making fun of...why would you do this...there must be a reason you have chosen to spend time to make this webpage.....Jesus was killed for no reason....yet you still make it as a joke...for your sake man just turn to him instead of making jokes about a mans death...


Jesus was killed for no reason? Are you serious? Were you actually taught that?

Jesus was killed for many MANY reasons! Did you know that Jesus' own Father planned for Jesus to be killed? It's true! And Jesus KNEW that His Father was going to have Him killed, and Jesus went through with it to appease His Father!! And the people who killed Jesus were doing it BECAUSE Jesus' Father had them do it!! And then, as if that's not enough, Jesus wasn't even totally killed!! He ROSE from the DEAD, went and saw his disciple friends, then flew into the sky like a hot-air-balloon up to Heaven!! And Jesus has been up in ETERNAL PARADISE ever since!!!!!!!!

And you're wondering why I'm making a joke out of this man's death?? Are you crazy?!? Why isn't everybody??!??!?





Alexa Swartz

We're called atheists, sweetie. Okay? Got it? And we're not all into fairy tales about flying men and talking unicorns. We actually believe true things.



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