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JESUS CHRIST! I'm moving this weekend, the magnets are coming in on the 10th, the show is going great, too many Amazing Strangers that need posting, the movie is showing in LA, and somehow I still find time to answer
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Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hi Bob,

Have you seen this?

This article (Yahoo/LA Times) probably has been posted to your attention more than once today, but being the ever-alert Bob-fan that I like to consider myself (if from afar), I figured if once is good, then a dozen or so times must be even better.

What would be your take upon all this? As an American now living in Canada, trends like what this article discusses makes me very glad I moved in 2002. I can remember all too well having the faithful try to pressure-sell me their belief system. It's a sad society that feels the need to exclude others simply on what they choose to (not) believe. Granted, Canada does have its share of christians (and even scarier, french catholics [eek!] My grandmother was one- she went insane- but that's another story), but no one here seems to carry their faith to such an extreme as do those in the U.S. It would appear Neil Abramson's film (can't wait to get it here in Toronto) has come out just in time.

Your site and the hate mail you post provides the world with a more complete view of christians. To think that religion, god, and faith have become as trendy as a pop star is really sickening. We need more people like you to show that atheists aren't evil or immoral, and more stories like Judith Gordon's (page 5 of fan mail). I don't think I need to say that we need more hate mail from people who's emotions run high while their intelligence runs low- they'll always be around.

Thanks for providing logic with humour!


Hi bob,

This is a reaction to Mel's email on hate mail page no 239. She lives in Toronto. I live in the province of quebec. There isn't many (if at all) _french_ catholics in Toronto. Here in my home town (one of the few remaining english bastion outside of Montreal), we got plenty of both christians and french catholics. Let me say that A) most catholics are either turning quickly into atheists or being less and less active towards religion. Unless you're about 60 years old, there's no such thing as catholic preachers. B) even young christians are preachers, especially here. There's pretty much no such thing as a non-preaching christian.

Therefore, christians are WAY much more scarier than catholics. I can't begin to understand how anyone (especially out of the quebec province) can get the impression that catholics, more especially _french_ catholics can
be any scarier than christians.

As an end note. You could try to make a Mary dressup and we will see how scary catholics can really be compared to christians...

Keep up the good work!


Hi Bob,

Confused-Sebastien again. Well now I'm less confused as I have statistics to prove my point:

It states that catholics is the largest christian community (larger than lutherian which is what you guys actually calls "christians". According to statistics from your very own hate mail page, there's is MUCH less catholics hate mail than "christian" hatemail while there's more catholics on earth than christians. Therefore, christians are scarier than christians.

Looking at this map
You see that there's quite a few catholics in the states. I don't have to exact population number for each state, but the east coast is the most populated and the most catholics. There's about at least 5% catholics in every states. There's 280 000 000 inhabitants in the states. Therefore, there is more than 14 000 000 catholics there. WAY much more that the
population of Quebec and therefore WAY WAY much more the the french catholics. How can that be scary?!?!

I also want to point out that zero french-canadian catholic ever sent you and hate mail. I can therefore conclude without any hint of a doubt that french catholics are not scary at all.


...get involved in church man

wow, you probly gett his alot but. you should change your ways now and get involved in church man

Brooks Crawford


Only if you could see his love, would you return to him!

Bob, God loves you with an everlasting Love and stil lloves you even if you have turned your back on him! Only if you could see his love, would you return to him!

Alan Wallace

But I heard that Christianity was a cult. Isn't it a cult? I don't want any part of that.


Its not a cult but about a relationship with your creator

Its not a cult but about a relationship with your creator mate

Alan Wallace

Yeah, that sounds normal. Like the Frankenstein monster and Doctor Frankenstein? Not a cult. Ha ha ha... yeah, sure.


Some things about christianity are weird as people make God seem weird!

Its not a cult! I only became a christian 2yrs ago and now know that God is so real and has changed my life and can with yours too! Some things about christianity are weird as people make God seem weird! Go nto my church website and see what you think- www.alm.org.uk

Alan Wallace

I visited your site and that's definitely a cult. Here. Wanna see for yourself? Answer these questions:
#1- Are the leaders of your church charismatic?
#2- Is your church a community of people who worship and take part in lots of rituals?
#3- Does whoever you worship claim to have exclusive or exceptional power in curing a particular disease?
#4- Are you expected to go to extreme measures to serve your master?
#5- Do you sing songs to the one you worship?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are in fact part of a cult. Congrats, you're a tool.

The leaders are down to earth regular people and not charasmatic!

We worship out of love and not obligation and thats the same as serving! The leaders are down to earth regular people and not charasmatic! Why not come and see for yourself?

Alan Wallace

Um, because I'm in New York City and I want no part of what I saw on that creepy website you sent me with all the people praising and bowing and singing to their gods. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.


We dont bow down etc, there is some churches that are like cults!

We dont bow down etc, there is some churches that are like cults! Are church is on american sat now, you should flick it on and see! Why your site so anti God

Alan Wallace

I prefer to think of it as anti-cult. You included.


you have a free will, choose God or pay the consequences.

Well you have a free will, choose God or pay the consequences...its not as if im trying to talk you into it! Just want you to know that its not about people, its between you and God! Jesus died for your sins and wants you to except him as your Saviour! There you go, thats the Gospel in a nutshell! P.s God really does love you!

Alan Wallace

Listen to yourself! Don't you see how much you're looking like a crazy cult wacko? I mean, Christ, you're hysterical!
Honestly, you're really starting to give me the creeps.




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