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A fan from Europe gives us his observations...

Hi, I love your site, but I find it really weird reading about your encounters with people in America. I am English, and I am used to the pretty liberal view people take on religion over here. I am an Atheist, but I have theist friends and they are all pretty reasonable- I try to "convert" in all our conversations, and they do the same, but it's for fun more than anything. But the thing is that they are all either Liberal or Conservative Christians - they accept
inconsistencies in the bible and just sort of shrug them off as "metaphors" or something. Anyway, what I find really strange about your site is all the fundamentalist Christians who email you! They all have such eccentric view points. Is this what it is actually like in America? I always though that culture-wise England and America were pretty similar, but it seems this is not the case.

At first when I read some of your responses to your hatemails I though they were pretty childish, what with the quoting of all the crazy parts of the bible and stuff. I have always thought that Christians didn't /actually/ believe that crap: most of my friends just dart their eyes nervously if you try to bring up that part in Leviticus (I think) about the rape laws. Likewise they kind ignore all of the sexist bits in Paul's letters. So I thought it kind of strange when you brought all of those things up: "people don't actually believe any of that, surely!" I thought. But I guess they do: Some of you Americans sure are screwed up.

And to point out another difference between our cultures: I thought it so strange when you talked of losing your religion at age 30. It seems you never /properly/ believed in it: my parents believed very strongly in raising me neutrally where religion is concerned. All my friends who are religious started formulating their beliefs separately of their parents, of their own free will.

I guess I find it just generally strange that religion is so /important/ in America. Sure, I guess lots of people attend church in mainland England. But it is not so influential: Metropolitan areas particularly are very multi-faith, and the vast majority of the younger generations (of which I am a member) are Atheist or Agnostic. To think that in America kids are /forced/ to pray and attend church, that they are conditioned with religious beliefs, is such an alien concept. I read on one site about ways of "coming out of the closet" and telling your parents you were an atheist. The guys actually had to consider being disowned because of it!

I think it is so crappy that religion is so important. I think it is amazing that people took your whole "Jesus dress up" thing so damn seriously. I find it weird that people tried to filter your rights to express your views online. I can't stand any of that stuff. I guess I am just an anarchist. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to email you to express my love of your site, and also my own views on the divide in culture between Europe and America. Sorry if some of the idea's are disjointed, and sorry if I sounded like I was hyping my own country to much!

South East England.

hate your guts

The Lord must hate your guts.

Terry C.

I know! He really shot himself in the foot when he made me, huh?


Something tells me you really do believe but don't want to"

Are you sure your not agnostic? Something tells me you really do believe but don't want to, sort of like that "thin line between love and hate"

Terry C.

Sleep well?

Hmmm, I hadn't considered that option. I suppose the safeguard of recanting on my death bed would also point that direction too, huh?


...for even the demons believe and tremble

Funny, but I've heard Preachers talk about that my whole life. They always said people who live life in sin and plan to repent shortly before they die are very misguided individuals indeed. For nobody knows the exact time they are going to die. It could be in a plane crash or in a car crash... something totally unexpected.

I sold life insurance for years and the old joke went (for people who didn't want to "waste" there money on a life policy"), "call me the day before you're going to die and I'll be over to write your policy".

And I guess it's not enough just to believe, for even the demons believe and tremble, but you must repent. I think there is a measure of sincerity needed.

Now... having said all that. I AM a believer. I truly, truly believe in God and in Jesus. I believe God became man, the birth and resurrection. But having grown up in the Church, and hearing everything I've heard, not only do I believe in God, I also believe that God is an asshole, worse than any serial killer sitting ondeath row.

Quick example: I am remarried, and my wife has two kids from a previous marriage. I know she loves me. I would ever think of asking her to sacrifice either of her kids to prove it to me though. You know, just to fuck with her. But that's me. And as much as I hate some people I feel have wronged me in the past, I really wouldn't want to set them on fire for eternity.

Pretty grade school example, but you get my drift. Sometimes it would be easier to pretend I'm an Atheist. Believing makes my head hurt.

Terry C.

Christ, is it that easy to rope you into bullshit and lead you around by the nose? Terry, you goofy twit, I was joking! You think I actually believe in all that fairy godmother crap? Pull your head out of your ass for a second and behold the Peter Pan you believe in is imaginary! Jeesh! Are you one of those guys who sees a card trick and thinks it's black magic?

You believe there's a caldron of pain in the universe that exists to torture human souls?!? Christ! How weak does your mind gotta be not to recognize the boogieman? You're an adult, Terry! Grow up!

Easier to be an atheist... as if I wouldn't prefer everlasting life in heaven for the "heroic" deed of believing tales. Do you think through any of the decisions you make or are you as gullible as you appear to be in these emails? And to think you're teaching this BS to children. Gah!

I guess it is true what they say about insurance salesmen.

I resent being called gullible. I also resent being told my head is up my ass

I resent being called gullible. I also resent being told my head is up my ass. I am not easily roped into bullshit and led by the nose.

Having said all that, I must confess that after holding on to the belief that God is real and Heaven and Hell are two very real places that actually exist for 46 years, your email has convinced me otherwise. I can now proudly call myself an Atheist- thanks for showing me the light.

Terry C.

Of course you resent it. You should! It wasn't a compliment! Damn, you really are this moronic!

It's just so disturbing that there are adults out there who think believing in heaven, hell and God is some sort of courageous act which deserves the reward of eternal paradise. I must admit though, it's amusing to see one of these adults acting like a know-it-all while they bitch about being insulted to the person who's trying to insult them.

You really got your head on straight, Terry. Wanna buy a bridge?

in God's eyes you are worse than Hitler.

God is good.  Stop making fun of those who believe differently than you.  There are levels of Hell.  I am sure that in God's eyes you are worse than Hitler.

Terry C.

Yay! I beat Hitler!
So when do the chicks start pouring in?

6 months later...

I know longer hold the same views and they are a huge embarrassment to me. Please remove them.

Bob- I googled my name and up came the mails I sent you posted on your site- please, please, please remove them. I know longer hold the same views and they are a huge embarrassment to me. Please remove them.

Terry C.


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