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Sounds like you are very bitter towards Jesus because he didn't give you everything you prayed for. He isn't a geni in a bottle, or santa clause willing to provide you with anything you wish for at any given time. But maybe your just a spoiled brat. Or maybe you've had a less than perfect life, or felt abandoned or unaccepted and in turn, felt betrayed by Jesus because of it.

Whatever the reason you are angry at Jesus, it's okay. Jesus loves and accepts all. So lighten up, chill out and quit blaming God for your misfortunes and start taking responsibility for your own actions and your own life. The best of life to you! Cheers!


Lighten up? Chill out?! You expect ME to let Jesus off that hook just like that?!? NO WAY!! Jesus owes me big, and I'm not going to stop my tirade until I'm satisfied! YAAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Hold on one second. Aren't I the one who's all "chilled out" and "lightened up" on the whole "God" issue" and it's everyone else who's freakin' out about it? Seriously. That's been my whole take on all this the entire time. You crazy person, I don't believe in God! How can I be angry at Him if I don't think He exists?

What's going through people's heads anyhow?!?! It's not me, it's them. Right?
Yeah. I know that's what it is.

Tellin' me to chill. Puh-leeeze!
You chill!
"Cheers" my ass!


HOW ABOUT DOING ONE FOR MUHAMMAD BRAVE BOY? Funny it’s always those that preach tolerance that are the most intolerant and childish. Yet, truth by definition is exclusive. Let me know when you get one for Buddha too!  Brave boy.

Humberto Leon

Jesus Christ!! I'm not crazy! Those wackos would kill me!!! Holy fuckin' God! I'd never be stupid enough to make fun of their God... or even THINK about it! Bravery's got nothin' to do with it! I wouldn't jump out in front of a bus to prove how brave I was! I don't want to be killed!!!! Holy cow, don't even joke about that! It's not worth losing my life over! It's just a silly game for Christ's sake! I don't want to be assassinated!!!

Thank you for your email.

Your website and your obvious double standard is a case in point.

So you don’t think your website is offensive to Christians like myself. If Christians do not go to extremes like killing people who make fun or mock their beliefs, does that give you the license to take their kindness as a weakness and unblushingly mock what they hold dearest in their hearts. Even in this, we see the beauty and greatness of Jesus and his followers compared to other false religions and atheists alike. Your website and your obvious double standard is a case in point.

Humberto Leon

Double standard? How so? I'm picking on the Christians because they're cowardly weaklings, and the muslims are bloodthirsty psychopaths. I see no double standard. I'm just protecting my butt!

Cowardly weaklings? How so?

Cowardly weaklings? How so?  You consider not killing innocent people weak, very interesting. What would you call love? An abomination to humanity. If so, then we really don’t have to look far to find another sort of psychopath.

Humberto Leon

Give me a break. I was just messin' with ya. You know as well as I do that there's no double standard. I was raised in a Christian home, we live in a Christian country, and we are lead by a Christian president. Jesus is my target because it's the bullshit we have to deal with. Not Buddha, Allah or Mohammed. Leave their dress up pages to the kid who spent his life eating their bullshit. I only know the bullshit of Christianity. Talk what you know. That's all I can do.


What’s so bull about it? Can you give me any specifics?

What’s so bull about it? Can you give me any specifics?  I often find that those who speak as you do are frightened in a corner hoping and praying that Darwin will come in a magical white horse and free you from religious, moral restrictions.

Humberto Leon

Okay, what if I said that one thing that's bull in the bible is its claim that all the languages in the world started at the Tower Of Babel? Genesis 11. What about that bull? Or do you really believe that that's how it all went down? —Guy tries to build tower to heaven, God finds out and punishes everyone involved in the project by giving them all different languages.

There. One specific piece of bull. And I swear to you I didn't bring this up to support an amoral life style. It's an honest-to-God disbelief that that's how it all happened. I don't think that that's the way all the different languages came about.
What about them apples?


how did the different languages come about then?

So how did the different languages come about then?  You can’t deny without providing an empirical objective alternative. Or will you say like Darwin said, It just happened.”  The truth is, the Bible has passed the test of time, scrutiny, and persecution.

Humberto Leon

Oh my Lord. You're serious.
When I wrote of that discrepancy I was imagining your response to be something along the lines of "Well, some of the bible's stories are made-up to teach lessons" or "I can't explain that, but there's a lot I can't explain, that doesn't mean it's untrue!"

I had no idea you'd actually believe that all of the world's languages were a curse from God at the Tower of Babel, and then all the people affected divided up into groups and formed their own countries, races, and cultures.

You see, my school of thought is that languages developed over long periods of time, slowly. A word is needed for something and it catches on and becomes part of the language. It still happens to this day! Words have been added to the English language long after the Tower of Babel fell! Did you know that? And the same goes for all languages all around the world! They all continue to evolve, slowly being perfected and updated year after year, century after century.

I'm curious, do you think that languages that weren't around 2000 years ago also popped up out of nowhere as a curse from God? Like Sign Language, HTML, Ebonics, Klingon, or the English language (only 1500 yrs old), for Christ's sake. Do you believe that those languages happened later, magically, from God too?

It really does dazzle me to think there are people out there who think like you seem to.
Wait, are you like 12 years old? If you are I apologize. I didn't know that going into this. Same with if you're retarded. Sorry. Or drunk and/or stoned. Didn't know.


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