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Good day to you, Bob...  I wanted to pick your brain on a bit of a philosophical matter. 

I am curious to know your thoughts on atheism vs. agnosticism.  I am one of the countless masses who was raised in the church, had the doctrine forced into my brain, and then came to my senses and abandoned all the ridiculous madness that is organized religion.  I would describe myself as an atheist without really understanding what it meant.  I came across the following argument that made me realize my personal position would be properly classified as agnosticism. 

I read that atheism is when one declares that there is no God.  This would be akin to being told that there exists a six-legged purple deer in Africa, and saying that since I have never seen this, then it cannot exist.  The improbability is so overwhelming that it is taken as an impossibility.  To me, it seems that where it's God, a six-legged deer, Sasquatch, or whatever, to deny its existance due to inadequate proof can be construed as limiting one's capacity for reasoning.  I realized that I can't say definitively that no God can exist, nor can I say that definitively he can and does.  I just don't care.  From what I've read, this seems to be in line with the agnostic viewpoint, and that is how I now describe my religious leanings. 

I realize that this is more or less semantics, and the freeing of one's mind from the clutches of irrational brainwashing is what really matters.  But I was curious what your thoughts might be on this matter.  Keep spreading the Good Word.

"Jesus saves...  but Moses invests."

Justin Morris


So what you're telling me is that because you haven't witnessed this six-legged purple deer with your own eyes you're going to stand undecided on its potential existence in Africa? Justin! You're allowed to base a final decision on your common sense! Your ability to logically reason out solutions to problems counts! I mean, I can understand being young and undecided, but c'mon! Are you undecided on the tooth fairy too?!?

Justin. There's much to be gained by making a set and absolute stance on matters. Especially when your indecision on that purple spider deer makes you appear to lack an ability to think reasonably. That's why I'm an atheist. I'm man enough to commit to what I know is fact. And I assure you that there is no god up there that expects us to bow down and worship Him. If there was I guarantee you He'd make it hella obvious.


* * * *

Dear Sir,
    I am an 18-year-old Christian lady.  By Christian I don't mean to say that I am a religious nut who is sure the world is going to Hell unless they admit that I am right, but I believe in God and I believe he died on the cross as payment for my sins...and yours.  I'm just curious as to the purpose of your "dress up Jesus" site.  It's offensive to those of us who are Christian.  I appreciate that you may have other views, but please don't be BLATANTLY unconcerned with the feelings of others by mocking us so.  If you can find the time, I would really appreciate a response.  Thank you.

Hello Amy,

I am a 35 year old atheist and, obviously I do not hold the same beliefs of a man that came from the sky who saves mankind from the doom of eternal damnation as a result of the crimes we commit against the All Powerful Supreme Being that loves us. My beliefs are far more thought out and have nothing to do with the superstitions told to me growing up. That is not where the truths in life are found.

I believe that your beliefs are not true or even helpful to others. I believe that they make people stupider than they should be, and they encourage people to believe things that are illogical and make-believe simply because it feels good. That's why it needs to be mocked. If I endorse it by being silent then I am just as much of the problem as those who teach it.

I'd say that I'd really like to hear your response to all of this but I know that you're going to believe what you believe no matter what I say or however nonsensical your reasons for believing are. My goal is to convert those who've yet to be brainwashed (the children, toddlers, infants & such) and your response isn't necessary or even worth either of our time.

That is why I mock you. Thank you for your email.
I hope that I have answered your questions.

Well after years of running and fighting against him [Jesus], his loving patience for me in my rebellion won me over.

Subject: I can see exactly your positional view

Hello Bob,
I can see exactly your positional view on why you find Christianity detestable.  We request reasons for the unexplained hardships and pains that we see on a daily basis and experience personally. We walk in times darkness with no explanation. We personal search for approval and love to ease the stinging grips of pain and rejection. I found that the only hope to ease my pain and explain the unknown was a relation with Jesus. I was filled with so much guilt from my past. I would counter everything that is good to see if he will still love me. It is amazing what we do to get his attention. What is most amazing we don't have to do anything to get his attention, he is already a moment away.  Well after years of running and fighting against him, his loving patience for me in my rebellion won me over.  He loves you too - because you are still breathing. A lady told me that when I was in absolute rejection of him.  Now, I finally know he loves me and has forgiven me. You are extremely talented just like Apostle Paul in the bible.  He persecuted Christians and eventually became one himself.   Bob your days of running from him are almost over. Soon you will be witness on how much the Lord Jesus loves you and how awesome he really is.  Your witness for the Lord Jesus Christ is going to be very impressive. If you ever need to talk I will be here to listen. I ran from him now, I walk with him. 
Your friend and soon to be Brother-in-Christ,
Paul Harms

Hello Paul,
You see, the difference between you, Paul/Saul and me is that I'm not silly enough to wonder if a dead guy who's in heaven loves me. I don't sit and contemplate if His spirit still loves me even when I fight against Him- a dead guy in another dimension. That's just not the sort of logic I'm workin' with over here. I'm not THAT screwy.

Unlike you and Saul, I don't believe that Jesus' ghost lives or that there's any God at all. In fact, in my opinion, anybody who thinks there is a God and goes against Him, they're the foolish ones. It's both foolish and a bit strange to believe that there's a Supreme Being and then to go to battle with "it," don't you think? To me it's no different than someone who does battle against an imaginary friend.

You know, I haven't been able to figure out why I get so many emails from strange Christians who don't assume that I simply don't believe He exists.

Fighting against God?!? Christ! Clearly you can see why I refuse your suggestions.


What inspires you on a day to day basis to keep you going?

Hello Bob,
Thank you for responding to my last e-mail. I must admit in some ways you are funny. There were some parts that I didn't quite understand in your response.  Please don't take offense to my next questions, there for me to aquire information. What is your religion? Are you an atheist?  Have you ever been to church? If so what turned you off from it? Have you ever asked God if existed and if so prove it? Did you ever ask Jesus to prove that he is not dead and ask him to show his love - if he is real? What inspires you on a day to day basis to keep you going?  I asked you more than enough questions and I want to thank you for your time. Please feel free to ask me questions. Your website and approach don't offend me I can care less. God is big enough to handle himself. In closing I will enjoy hearing again from you.
Luke 6:35 - But love ye your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again; and your reward shall be great, and ye shall be the children of the Highest: for he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.
Your friend and soon-to-be brother in Christ
Paul Harms

Paul! What's not to understand in my response? I was raised a Christian and then when I realized it was all make-believe I had no choice but to call myself an atheist. It's all folklore. Fake. In fact, it's precisely what you think all other religions are. Yours is no different than theirs. And that's what turned me off from it. The fact that it was all pretend. And yes, I did ask God many times to show HImself to me, and you know what? Just because I'd find a shiny, new penny on the pavement didn't mean it was a sign from above.

What inspires me from day to day?!? My God! Are these really the questions you have for me?!? I can't believe that somebody's life could be so empty that you'd ask what there was to be inspired about! Paul, I'm inspired by art, love, family, friends. my business, being creative, interacting with others, learning new things, watching technology progress, belly shirts, the list goes on and on! In fact, I just returned from seeing a great movie called "Palindromes," and it was so good that I feel inspired because of it!

Jesus Christ, Paul! Are you telling me there's nothing in your life that inspires you other than this belief that you're serving a supreme being?!? I'm sitting here, my fuckin' jaw on the ground from the questions you ask.

I'm not offended. I simply can't fathom how empty your life must be to ask such questions of me.


I don't know who you are and why my husband is wasting his time...

Subject: Re: Paul Harms

I don't know who you are and why my husband is wasting his time.  What you choose to believe is your choice, but don't be writing your smut back on my computer.  That I do take offense to.  And no my husbands life is not just inspired by the one and only Christ, we live everyday to its fullest!! You sound like you have a lot of unresolved issues in your life, I actually feel sorry for you.  Well who ever you are I'll pray for your salvation anyway. Smile its actually good for you!! 

Paul Harms

You actually feel sorry for me? What's with that? Supposedly feeling sorry for somebody then telling the person you feel sorry for them as some sort of put down? I never rebut with "I actually feel sorry for you" because, well first of all the person you're telling doesn't give a rat's ass whether or not he has your pity. But also, if you really did feel sorry for me that'd mean you looked down on me AND cared about me, which, in my opinion is a contradiction. Personally I think that in saying "I feel sorry for you" you're admitting that the person got under your skin but you're pretending you don't care, when you clearly do care. Anyhow, enough about that.

If you're both SO living "every day to its fullest!!" then why would your husband be so curious as to what else there is (besides God) to find inspiration in? Now, Mrs. Harms, nothing personal, but perhaps things aren't going as smoothly as you might be so quick to assume? If I were happy and satisfied with my life it wouldn't even cross my mind to ask someone where that person finds his or her inspiration without God. Reasons to wake up in the morning would be obvious if I were fulfilled by other aspects of my life. But the way your husband sounded it was as if his stranglehold on the idea of God was the only thing left that hadn't killed his spirit and left him flaccid and limp.

Now here's something that should probably stay just between you and me, Mrs. Harms. Did you know that Paul once took up arms against the Almighty God? Honest! He told me so in an email he sent to me! Don't you see how crazy that is? He's a man who proclaimed war on a Super Being in another dimension, and you're legally bound to him by marriage!! He also admitted to me that he once wondered, now get this, if the same Super Being loved him! And he's being serious! No joke! I know! Totally crazy, right?

So now that I've given you some stuff to think about let me also tell you that Paul enjoys hearing from me. He said so in his last letter to me (I'll gladly forward it to you if you don't believe me). In fact, he now refers to me as his friend and soon-to-be brother in Christ. So I wouldn't get in between what him and I have. You can have your thing with Paul, and I will have my thing with him. Totally separate things. Yours is none of my business, and ours is none of yours. And if you're scared that he might find inspiration in something other than what you've got to offer then maybe it's time to set him free to see if he flies back to the cage.

I advise that you do not stand in the way of our potential brotherhood in Christ.
Sincerely, Normal Bob Smith.

P.S. Oh yeah, guess what! I actually feel sorrier for YOU!!!!!!!

For me, I was as you termed, 'flaccid and limp', God is the only hope that I had left.

Hello Bob, 
I don't have your previous response, would you send that to me again.  By the way - You mentioned something of interest to me within your last reply. "But also, if you really did feel sorry for me that'd mean you looked down on me AND cared about me, which, in my opinion is a contradiction. Personally I think that in saying "I feel sorry for you" you're admitting that the person got under your skin but you're pretending you don't care, when you clearly do care. Anyhow, enough about that."

 This is not necessarily a contradiction if you yourself have experienced the same or similar situation and would prefer another not to experience the same course that you have taken.  That is - once our personal separation from Christ. Which leads me to this point, you were right when you stated: "But the way your husband sounded it was as if his stranglehold on the idea of God was the only thing left that hadn't killed his spirit and left him flaccid and limp." For me, I was as you termed, "flaccid and limp", God is the only hope that I had left. I was in the Marine Corps and faced many trials in my life, that finally brought to me down to my knees.  I realized, I can't go on without him and need to have the understanding that he will always be there for me. He knew someone can only take so much.

Mat 12:20
A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory.
I decided to fall down and trust Jesus-

Luk 20:18
Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

I'm going to change gears -
There is someone that I found to be very interesting to listen to, the gentleman's name is Ravi Zacharius.  His website and listening archives is as follows: http://www.rzim.org/radio/archives.php?p=JT.

 Plus I want to mention that God has felt our pain and separation, this is the reason why Jesus died on the cross for us and rose again on the third day. Someone mentioned what is the evidence that he rose again.  The disciples were cowards and they hid from the persecution  of the Jewish religious leaders.  Eventually, they all had a change of heart. Even to the point were almost all of the disciples died a cruel death for him. So they must have seen him living again, for them to to follow him.  Secondly, why didn't the religious leaders find the body of Christ or know where it was.  The Roman soldiers would have given their own lives to follow orders.  Those orders of course was to protect the tomb of Jesus. Why weren't they executed for not following a lawful order to protect the tomb and make sure the body of Jesus didn't disappear. Surely Jewish farmers couldn't overwhelm Roman Legioneers.  I find that God makes it impossible for us to deny his existance. - I am quite sure you have something for that.   
Matthew 11:29-30 says, Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.
Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon me and learn me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is
                                easy, my burden is light."  
                                                                 Matt. 11: 28-30

Thank You for your time and response!!
Plus, tell me what you think about Ravi Zacharius!
Your- Soon-to Be- Brother-In-Christ
Paul Harms

Did you know that your wife has been intercepting my letters to you (and apparently destroying them)? And she seemed pretty pissed that you were goin' around sayin' that besides Jesus there's nothin' else worth getting out of bed in the morning for.

She yelled at me Paul! She told me not to fill your inbox with my "smut!!" Okay, I may have used the F word once or twice, but I swear I thought it was just us guys talkin'! I didn't know your ol' lady would be snoopin' around in your mail! What the hell's goin' on over there? No wonder you're goin' around askin' people where they find their will to live.

Now I can see why you've buried yourself up over your head in all this Jesus, Scripture, Ravi B.S! I'd be sending out distress signals across the World Wide Web too!

Sorry Paul, but until you get things under control in the hen house you're gonna have a hard time convincing me that you've got something better than what I've got.



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