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Hi Bob,
I was curious about what I would find if I did a Yahoo! search of "Jesus", so I did just that and your website was #9 of 10 on the first page.  I think your website is an example of how Jesus took on the sins of the world and died on the cross.  So now we, through baptism, can have our sins washed away.  The clothing that can be placed on Jesus, by dragging and clicking, is a symbol of the sins of the world.  The rest button is a symbol of baptism.
If you don't mind please answer the three questions to follow:
1.  What does the "normal" in the Normal Bob Smith mean?

2.  Have you considered adding a link to your website that shares what is necessary for a   person to be saved?

3.  How long have you been saved?
Carl Jordan

You know what Carl? I decided that I don't care whether or not this email to me is a joke. I want to answer these questions!

First of all, bravo on solving Jesus dress Up! That's exactly what I was hoping to symbolize with it, only the Reset button represents being born again, not baptism. It's a symbol of how Jesus gets born again and His earthly sins are washed away and put on display by His side so that He can be dressed up in them again and again!

Now onto your questions:
1. The 'Normal' in my name represents my own dire need and longing to be considered normal in society. I don't want to stand out or be considered any different than anybody else so I did what anyone would do in that situation- I added a reminder to the beginning of my name so that anyone in earshot will be safely reassured that I am indeed normal, and I pose no threat to them, their belief system, or any fears of the abnormal.

2. No. No link. Never ever. If people really want to be saved then they can figure it out for themselves. I mean Christ Carl! If we make it too easy then we'd have every freakin' idiot getting saved and we'd ruin heaven! And besides, I thought you and I both agreed that the symbolism in Jesus Dress Up was enough directions on getting saved. If people don't get it then fuck 'em. They didn't really ever love Jesus in the first place then!

3. I got saved when I was 6 (29 years ago), and that's how I know it's for real!

I hope that answered everything!

Normal Bob

I pray that your venture will bring you ruin if you continue with it as is.

Your web page is an insult to millions of people, not to mention the Lord himself.  Please don't tell me to get a life, or get a sense of humor, because I have both.  Please reconsider what you have done here, and whom you have offended.
The reason it is offensive is because we depend on Jesus for our salvation.  We love him so much as a result of his very real sacrifice (which you can read about in the four gospels), that we are offended when people trivialize such an act, or make light of it, as is done in your website.
Why not try a "dress up Adolph" or "dress up Saddam?"  Such an idea would be less offensive to others, and more humorous to a larger group of people, and thus, more profitable to you.
As it stands, I pray that your venture will bring you ruin if you continue with it as is.


I especially felt very insulted that you could dress Jesus up as Satan and a WOMAN.

Subject: you are offensive
Dear bob

            I am very OFFENDED with your dress up Jesus I find it highly inappropriate. It is very offensive to Christians, I especially felt very insulted that you could dress Jesus up as Satan and a WOMAN. I am from Holy trinity school and we are a very religious school. My fellow classmates and I are very upset to believe there is a human out there like you who would INSULT Jesus in this way. May the power of Christ compel you

         Yours Unfaithfully Holy trinity school

Lauren Scarborough

Thank you for sending your feedback regarding our website. It was not our intension to upset or offend innocent children with our website.

Please allow us to correct any disputes you may have with this particular page in the Fun Section of our Webtertainment Play Site.

We ask that you simply forward us a list of the individual parts you would like to see revised, and your suggested replacement item to substitute. (Ex. Replace Satan suit with white robe, etc...).

It is our goal to satisfy each and every visitor to our website, because without visitors we'd only have a site, with no visitors.

Bob Smith,


I'm sorry,,but you are such a loser..

I'm sorry,,but you are such a loser..
Look at this site: jesusdressup.com or something like that. Do you think that's funny?
Normal people don't makes jokes of that.
U SucKer

I visited the site you sent me. Where did you find that?!?! It is awful! Why would you send me something so dumb?!? It should be illegal for you to email that to strangers! NOT FUNNY! No no no no!

You should call it DumbDressupGame.com!

P.S. You sound cute. Send me your picture.



I came across your site by accident. I'm not religious, but I have one thing to say to you -

Krystian Williams

You know what I think? I think you need to point that pristine, self righteous finger right back at yourself, Little Miss Perfect!



I think you owe Jesus an apology.

Hi Bob. My name is Sheila Rutland and I am a very religious individual. I must honestly say that Dress Up Jesus is a disgrace. I don't care how fun people may think this is, but you DON'T play with God like that. He is not to be taken as a joke! What really pissed me off about this was that you have on here a devils costume! What? How dare you? I am not one to judge, but I think you owe Jesus an apology.  May he have mercy on you.
                                     Thank You,
Ms. Sheila D. Rutland

Sorry Jesus. My bad.


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