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Those crazy emailers.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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Hey Bob,
How has your relationship with your parents changed since you told them about your atheism, broke their hearts and "moved ahead"? I went through something similar with my parents yesterday, though not as drastic (details if you want them).


I'm lucky. My parents took the news just fine. It was the site that made my mother cry. But our relationship has been fine since then. I've always had good communication with both of my parents. They both contacted me immediately after the site was anonymously emailed to them and I drove up there from Chicago to discuss it with them. I have many good reasons for believing what I do and I think that's what matters to them most; that I'm thinking it all through.

They've both made it clear to me that they hate the subject matter I'm dealing with to make a living, but they are proud that I am doing it well, and that I'm thinking about it all. My mom has told me that she's proud I'm a thinker. They've even taken part in the site, agreeing to be filmed in a documentary about me, letting cameras in their front door for Thanksgiving 2003. In my parent's Christmas newsletter they said that they were very proud of all three of their sons (me being one of those three). So that's something, right?

They both have said now that they know they're going to double up on the prayers for me and they're sure this is all part of God's Great Plan for me. I think my mom even used the Saul/Paul reference. And that's all perfectly fine with me.

I don't know how this info could possibly help you out, but I hope it does.


Hey Bob. I just want to say that I'm 99% certain the avian torso in that email is that of an african grey parrot. Here's a photo of our grey Timmy.

Best of luck (or worst, if you so desire),


Mark the big boy

Mark the big boy

That is one creepy photo on the right side of your email. What is that? The torso of a finned owl? Some kind of penguin/sea otter cross breed? Is that Seal Boy? Yikes!

Mark the Big Boy?
I picture you being one of those fat men who enjoys wearing a baby bonnet and diaper and hires "mommies" to powder his dirty behind.
You might just be the scariest person who's ever emailed me.



You once said you were a "church goer" at one point in your life. Did someone hurt or offend you?

You once said you were a "church goer" at one point in your life. Did someone hurt or offend you? If they did I want to say I'm sorry for what they did. I love you and care, i've also been hurt and offended but my salvation is between me and Jesus and no devil in hell can take his love away from me or you. Please be incouraged.
Love, Sis.Dee

I must ask you a question that I hope does not offend you. Please don't take this the wrong way but at some point in your past were you hurt by a scientist? Was there some point in your life when an evolutionist deeply wounded and offended you? If they did I am very very sorry for what they did to you, but it should not sway you from their findings and years of education and research.

Please be encouraged by my apology for their inappropriate behavior.
The stranger you emailed,


i know you wont e-mail me back because you cant take what i am saying

that is very wrong of you to have that game. im disgusted by YOU. i dont know haw you can sleep at night knowing that you made that game. i know you wont e-mail me back because you cant take what i am saying but think about this... how are you going to answer to GOD when you get up there but if you are man enough then you will answer my question by e-mailing me back

Brooke Wheeler

Why wouldn't I email you back? I can't take what you're saying? Puh-leeeze! I sleep at night knowing full well that the lie of your talking snakes/magical creator/eternal paradise is well deserving of a silly dress up page.

How am I going to answer to your nonexistent God for what I've done? How about this: "Um, God, why does the Bible contradict human logic? Isn't that the wrong message to be giving?"





Maciej Cichocki


"How could you beeswax?" Are you serious?
Is this what you're reduced to when you have to swear in Christian?


So please delete the website otherwise I will tell my council

That is so horrible it hurts my heart 100 of other’s too. So please delete the website otherwise I will tell my council

Jacqueline Dower

Okay, don't tell your council. I'll comply. But is there any other way we could take care of this? You know, like maybe I could "accidentally" deposit some cash into a PayPal account or something?


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