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Subject: Power of the Lord!

Hey-ho, Bob. Big-time fan from swelteringly humid Brisbane, Australia here. Just thought I should share a rather amusing story with you - I was on my way to work on Friday and I walked past a mad preacher dude outside the city hall. Thinking twice, I pulled out one of your God Is Fake flyers and handed it to him, swapping it for his own propaganda (I collect those little gems).

He gave the flyer a shocked and fearful look and said, "Whats your name, brother?!" Without time to chat I answered him, told him to "Rock on" and gave him the 'rock on symbol' with my hand, the one thats identical to Satan-worshipping gesture. He cried, "Power of the Lord!" as I left him to ramble madly by himself some more.

Just thought you may get a kick in discovering (or, perhaps, rediscovering? I know naught how many Australian fans you're aware of.) how far across the globe your influence reaches. Keep it up, man.

BTW, your art is awesome.
Bryn C. Ridd


Hey Bob!

I found your website today after having a very VERY religious classmate  do all but shove a Bible down my throat at school today and it made me feel infinetly better. Thank you for making my telling the Christian girl to go to Hell seem more reasonable and improving my entire week. Your site made me laugh like crazy, especially the Jesus dress up.

I'm an agnostic but I lean more towards atheism than anything else, which is something my dear Christian -friend- can't seem to understand. Why is it that some people refuse to believe that not everyone is dying to 'have their soul saved?' >.<

Thanks a bunch,

PS- the picture attatched is from this Halloween and actually looks almost nothing like me, but I figured I might as well send it.


So I know everyone and their dog e-mails you. Or maybe it's just my dog that knows how to e-mail. :grumbles about the Iams' newsletters again: But I felt like I ought to write just because appreciating someone else's genius is never, ever a bad idea...well, unless it's appreciating, yanno, Charlie Manson's genius around the Sharon Tate Fan Club or something. That probably would be an instance in which appreciating someone else's genius could get you killed...or at least yelled at... or demonstrated against or something. :trails off:
Yeah, so anyway, just thought I'd let you know I dig your work a lot. I don't just get a good laugh out of the site, I walk away *thinking about things. That's pretty amazing, if you ask me. So, thanks. And keep up the...uh...good? work. :D
The wages of sin are eternal damnation. (The hours are pretty good, though.)
PS Here's a picture of me and my husband. :) We look so normal. Muah hahaha!


Your website is very weird. I feel bad dressing Jesus up. But i guess that it isnt that bad because he needs clothes

Sincerely (Big Fan),

how would you feel if you died for mankind and then had a stupid dress up game made with you

This is the worst online game in the world how would you feel if you died for mankind and then had a stupid dress up game made with you mad as the main dork

Kayla Kollaszar

This is a VERY good question, Kayla! If I were the Messiah and have died for mankind and some dork out there made a dress up game of me, how would I feel? Well first, being the Messiah, I wouldn't expect everybody to believe in what I was doing for them, I mean, they're not psychic! I wouldn't be a bit surprised that there were those who didn't believe. I'd totally understand where they were comin' from. Hell, I couldn't care less what anyone would think! When I do a favor for somebody I don't sit around waiting for thankyou's and handshakes. It's a freakin' unrequested favor, for Christ's sake!

It's like buying someone a puppy for their birthday. Sure it looks good when the person opens it up (adorable, cuddly puppy jumpin' all over the place), but you just laid a fuckin' lot of responsibility on the dude, somethin' he never asked to have! Now your friend's gotta go buy dog food, potty-train it, and take it to the vet, and basically dedicate the rest of his days to that thing. You can't just expect everyone you give a gift to to go nuts, bow down and worship you for the rest of your life. Hell, what kind of person gives a gift and expects anything in return at all? What kind of generous act is that? Not much of one, if you ask me!

So yeah, if I were the Messiah my gift wouldn't have all kinds of prerequisites and obligations. I'd just give the gift and ask nothing in return. Hell, that's what gift-giving is all about, right?

God I'd make a cool Messiah!


Do not bring a curce over your life buddy!

Do not bring a curce over your life buddy! Get rid of this site! This is the one sin that can not be forgiven!! Mocking God!!
Don't play games with God.

Gabriel le roux

Yeah, I'm gonna start running from "curces" now. Good plan. You know, I think I'll just go hire a witch doctor to cast a spell over my clothes that'll protect me from these "curces." Then I'll buy a crate of rabbit's feet to keep the good luck angels over my head!

Ha! Beat that, Gabe! Now you'd better run because I just jinxed you with this special hand motion I invented that I do to emails. Better watch out, because it starts to take effect the second you read the last word of this letter!


I'll just let God handle you!!!

I really do not like your site. It's a shame how people like you see GOD. But  I'll just let God handle you!!!
P.S. God Bless You!

Now you see, I would argue that. To me it looks like He has no ability to handle me. I mean, I'm totally kicking His ass all over the schoolyard and He just keeps takin' it like a chump.

How does that feel, worshipping a Chump?


my grand-daughter told me she saw a site where you could dress Jesus up and a devil outfit...

Subject: My Jesus

I think it was pretty sad when my grand-daughter told me she saw a site where you could dress Jesus up and a devil outfit, that didn't even sound right, she found it again for me. It seems like Jesus was being made fun of. If you knew Jesus like I know Him you wouldn't be doing this. I just think it is sad.
Standing Up For Jesus


And the other side of that coin is how sad I think it is that you teach such foolishness to your granddaughter.

Standing Up For Science And Common Sense

I wasn't teaching it to her...

In all fairness, sorry you misunderstood my email, I wasn't teaching it to her, she was on a web site playing dress up and ran across your site.

Thank you

Oh! So you don't believe in Jesus Christ!
Sorry about the misunderstanding. Keep up the atheist fight!

B Blessed

B Blessed



I find your page truly offensive. It is beyong reason


As funny as it may seem, I find your page truly offensive. It is beyong reason, why do you find it humorous to 'dress up' someone who should have significant meaning in your life. He was nailed on that cross for you, and you believe it amusing to throw it in His face. The pain, the intensity. Although you've created something horrific, He loves you so much. That is the grace of God.

God Bless you,

Julia Driver

Beyong reason? BEYONG reason!?!?
Hey Jules, how about this for a tiny reasonable assumption:
We weren't created naked adults in a magic garden by a lonely supreme being!
How's that for something of reason?

Oh, and I got a little bit more of this logical, common sense reason for ya! The God in the skies didn't impregnate a virgin who delivered the Messiah that walked on water, strolled through the park with Satan, died and came alive again so that He could fly into the clouds while everyone watched!
How about the flavor of reason I baked into that pie? Huh? Huh?!?

Have you people lost your minds?!? Now you want to take over the word "reason?"

You're "beyong" reason Julia, with your "Let there be light," telepathic discussions with super angels, and body-of-Christ wafers!

Thank you.


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