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"You say there is no God, or Jesus. Then how is there a Satan? Even Satan believes in God."
The Donald Ashley files

A 32 year old Minister & Youth Pastor who spells the word "evidence" with two F's.

Their letters are in yellow, whilst mine are in black & white.

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The Network of Prayer is hard at work while we (The Network of Wishers) slumber...

Jan. 21, 2005 11:45:01 AM EST
Lord, thank You for the vision you gave me last night of the work You're doing upon Bob's heart. I pray you continue Your blessings upon him until he comes to realize that ALL GOOD THINGS come ONLY FROM YOU, Lord. Despite his blasphemy and hate campaigns you still choose to watch over him and protect him from himself to a reasonable extent. Yet, I understand Lord when that protective cover must be lifted so Bob can learn he's nothing without you, Lord.

Lord, I also pray that Bob be lifted from the dangerous "culture" he chooses to contaminate himself with. Lord, you know as well as I do what goes on in the "punk" sectors. I pray out the spirits of drunkenless, rebellion and drugs. May he find substitutions for the musical tastes that lead him away from Glory. I recommend Christian punk bands like "Inked in Blood," "He is Legend," and Relient K.

As You said in 1 Tim 2:5-6, "For there is but one God and but one Mediator between God and men--Christ Jesus, Himself man; who gave Himself as the redemption price for all." I pray Bob realizes there's no other option to life except You or an eternity of torment and regret.

Eric Johnson

* * * * * * * *

Dear Eric Johnson & Ma Thompson,

I have been following the battle of the networks closely, and I must say I thought your "network of prayer" would be doing much better than it is against Bob's network of wishers. After all, your network is telepathically contacting the most powerful force in the known universe--the most awe inspiring threesome in all of the cosmos: the omnipotent Father, the perfect, flawless Lamb, and the evasive yet, not to be messed with, Holy Ghost. If not winning, Bob's wishers are at least holding their own against such overwhelming odds. How can this be? Isn't there a passage in the Bible that says whatever is asked for in Jesus' name will be granted? Are the "network prayers" forgetting to ask these things in Jesus' name?

I am this close to switching sides in this epic battle, and I will do it if I don't see some definitive results soon (and I am not talking about no hot water and a wrist slap from Urban Outfitters--I want to see some real "fire and brimstone" shit). How can this even be a contest? Mere man vs. the Almighty? Come now, this is a perfect opportunity for your God to prove himself and to demonstrate once and for all that Bob is all washed up.

I'll be watching.

Jack H.

Greetings Bob,
      Wow...where do I begin?  After stumbling across your site a few years back I've been keeping up with reading new hate mail and your comics, etc., etc.  I can't even begin to tell you how incredibly intelligent (and sexy) you are.
      But...back to what I wanted to tell you...I wanted to thank you for making this site because for a long time I felt like a horrible person for not believing in god or jesus or all of the magical stories written in the Bible.  About four years ago my Mother signed me up for CCD classes (CCD classes are evening Bible study classes for children who plan on receiving their first holy communion).  When I arrived to class for the first evening the teacher asked a very obvious question:  Do you believe in God?  Of course everyone said "yes" but when it came time for me to answer my response was I don't know.  (At the time I was still on the fence because after thinking a great deal about everything I was told in church about god and sin and all of that wonderful stuff of fantasy, I decided that it didn't make any sense.) 
      Well let me tell you, Bob, after the answer I gave I was completely shunned.  The teacher made a huge spectacle about evolution, saying things like So you think we came from MONKIES?  Is that what you believe???  She even, at one point, told us (and I quote)  "Don't believe anything scientists say because they just make things up."  No lie, I'm not exaggerating.  That is exactly what she said.
       I knew that what she was saying was wrong, but I still felt bad.  I felt like I was the most horrible and evil little girl in the world and that I would die a horrible death and be damned to hell.  But visiting your site has put those fears to rest.  I'm surprised that it has taken me this long to thank you for presenting your beliefs in such a clever and amusing way. 

       I don't feel alone anymore and I thank you for that. 
Ashley Stevenson

* * * * * * * *

Subject: Hate Mail and Mr. Ashley

Dear Bob Smith:
Donald Ashley is a minister? A youth pastor at a church? I always had the idea that pastors and ministers were somewhat literate and had the ability to argue the usual apologetic junk arguments to atheists and skeptics. Well, I have one more counter example thanks to your latest hate mail. We can assume that Pastor Ashley is not teaching youth any elementary logic, critical thought or literacy.

Looking through some of your archived letters has brought me to tears (of laughter) on more than one occasion. I haven't read it all and was wondering if
you had ever received hate mail from Satanists. After all, you deny the existence of the Lord of the Lake of Fire as well.

Karl Francis

* * * * * * * *

Subject: Woohoo! Keep up the good work!

Your website kicks ass, contrary to what all of the virtuous non believer christians all say.

I finally figured out why they get so defensive, they have to! After reading your hate mail I was amazed that anyone could actually put on an act that made it look like they cared about anyone but themselves.
Then I realized it must be that they are all burning up inside with the subconcious knowledge that god can't possibly exist. Hahaha, it sucks for them!

I can't wait to see some more stuff on your site!

Trevor West

Its heaven or hell. For Eternity.

And just think, he died for you. And you mock is name like this. He died for you and you will be judged. Its heaven or hell. For Eternity.

Donald Ashley

And you just buy it all, hook, line and sinker, without even an ounce of doubt.

doubt is sin my friend.

doubt is sin my friend.And sin seperates us from God.So, how did you get here.Are you from a monkey, or a tadpole.If that was so, where did they come from.I have seen God work in many things.Think about this.The more the world takes God and Jesus out of things in society, the worse society gets...is that not true? Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the effidence of things not seen. Dont you hope for something more than a hole in the ground, when you die.You cant dispute the fact, we all have to die.Honestly, I would serve Jesus, just for the peace i have found.And the change it has made in me.Even if there was no heaven or hell.You can't even imagine the change that Jesus has made in me.

Please give it some thought, before you mock him.Do you have any other friend that would be beaten, so you could be healed, or to die on a cross, so you wouldn't have to go to hell.He dide for you, even if you were the only person on this earth.If it was only you, he still would've died.Please think about that.Thank You so much for emailing me back.It really hurts to see Jesus on the cross, and someone playing dress up with him.He died so we wouldn't have to.Through him is eternal life.

Thanks again.
Donald Ashley

Wait, hold on. Back up one minute. Doubt is a sin? To doubt that the God you worship even exists is a sin against Him? Christ, if it didn't sound like a cult before it sure as hell sounds like a cult now!

I like that you would serve Jesus even if Heaven and Hell weren't real, because then that would mean that Jesus wasn't real too. So tell me, would you worship and love Jesus even if He weren't for real? It sounds like you'd say yes to this. Am I right? Now that's the million dollar question! Because I could put forth some compelling "effidence" (Effidence! -Yay!) that the Bible is flawed and that things written in it didn't really happen.


Many people have tried to prove the Bible wrong.The more they try to prove wrong, they prove right.

You have to believe with all your heart, or not at all.Its not a cult.God doesn't make you serve him, even though he created you, gave you life, keeps giving you life.And gave his son for you.But yet, he gives you a choice.

Many people have tried to prove the Bible wrong.The more they try to prove wrong, they prove right. You look at all thats happening around us, and then read the scriptures.How can you say, its not true?If you could feel God's power one time, you would truely know..............

Donald Ashley

Um, I'm going to prove it wrong right now. Genesis says that God made the earth, then just a few days later He made man. Where are the dinosaurs? It's been proven that dinosaurs existed.

There. I proved the Bible wrong. Now can I call it a cult? Or are you gonna say that I just somehow proved it right?


February 1, 2005 11:29:45 PM EST
It does talk about big animals, that some say were dinosaurs. I dont know.

It doesn't say anything about alot of stuff.Doesn't mean it wasn't there.Just wasn't recorded.It does talk about big animals, that some say were dinosaurs.I dont know.It doesn't say where all the other people came from, but there here.So how did you get here?

Donald Ashley

February 1, 2005 11:38:05 PM EST
How old are you Bob?

How old are you Bob?Just wondering.I want you to know, as long as we email back and forth, as long as were nice to each other and talk about what we believe, not getting mad, or anything.This could be a good thing for both of us.I wont fuss, or anything about it.Thats not a good thing...ok.

Donald Ashley

February 1, 2005 11:43:36 PM EST
You say there is no God, or Jesus.Then how is there a Satan? ...Even Satan believes in God........

You say there is no God, or Jesus.Then how is there a Satan? I think you do believe theres a God.Even Satan believes in God........

Donald Ashley

Oh, I get it. When somebody proves the Bible wrong that's when all the excuses and "I don't knows" flood in. That's hardly proving the Bible more right, Donald.

Unfortunately, according to the Bible, the dinosaurs weren't there. Big animals? An elephant is big, wouldn't you say, Donald? So is the big scary crocodile. In fact, I could list off many big animals. That does not explain the 150 million year reign of the dinosaur in between God inventing light, then 4 days later making man.

I'm beginning to think that people quite regularly prove the Bible wrong, then it's countered with lame excuses or completely disregarded.

Wait, did you just say "Even Satan believes in God?!?!" Jesus Christ Donald, are you THAT brainwashed?!? There is no Satan either! Do they sound real and believable to you? This ain't Lord of the Rings, Donald. We're living in reality! Wake up!

I am 35, and I'm going to predict that you're, hmmm, 13?

If there isnt a heaven and hell, im happy living just how i live. I wouldn't trade it to go back to the way i was. I was a very bad person. Please, just think about what i said.

I cant explain the bible.No one can.Gods mind is so much more than ours.I cant even prove to you, there is a God.Thats where faith comes in.Dont you have faith in anything.Faith isnt when you can touch it, or see it.Or smell it.Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the effidence of things not seen.You dont see air, or feel air.You might feel wind.But you cant see it.Only the result of it.You cant tell me, that you cant notice a difference in this country, since they have taken prayer out of schools and took the ten commandments off our walls. America has changed.

Let me ask you this. You cant see the air you breath, are you gonna stop breathing, just because you cant see it.I cant see your brain, but i believe you have one.What ever your opinion, you have been told about Jesus, and that he died for you, even if you were the only one on this earth.AND YOU REFUSE HIM.One day, you will stand in judgement.And if his blood does not cover your sins, you will find out for sure that there is a satan.Because you will be with him for eternity.I noticed on your site, you dress up like satan.I thought you said that there was no such thing as satan.

Let me say this.Lets just pretend that the bible is a lie.If you went by it and its teachings, the worst thing that could happen is that you would be a good person, Right Bob!!! I am 32 years old.I am a minister of God's word.A youth pastor at my church.I love this way, and my savior with all my heart. If there isnt a heaven and hell, im happy living just how i live.I wouldn't trade it to go back to the way i was.I was a very bad person.Please, just think about what i said.You might not believe it, but at least think about it.

Donald Ashley

Eternity is a long time.

You say the bible is a lie, and there is no heaven or hell. You better hope so my friend. Eternity is a long time.

Donald Ashley

Since the beginning of humankind man has invented gods to worship so that he can live under the illusion that he will live forever, and has a link to something greater than himself with control over that which he has none. It began with the submission to tikis, planets, stars, animals and even other men. It is in our basic nature to submit to these ideas without question, even when all evidence and logic says otherwise. You are no different, Donald.

Air can be seen, Donald. You are an adult, you should know this. It's called a windchime, and a windchime is evidence that air exists. If the words "Air exists" are written in a book, that does not prove that air actually exists. It merely says the words. It's up to us to see if air actually does exist. That's where windchimes come in.

If you need this make-believe land to keep from becoming a bad person again, then by all means, bury yourself in it up over your head. But the truth is far more important to me than pretend-for-the-sake-of-my-own-weaknesses. That is hardly a commendable trait. And to think you're living under this blanket while you teach it to kids. It sends a chill down my spine.

Donald, you should always want the truth, even if it means that living may be a little harder or that there'll be some more growing up to do. As a 32 year old man you should be ashamed to have said that it doesn't matter to you if it is fake. Right there you revealed what matters most. You. Not truth. Not others. Not God. Just you. And therein lies the absolute truth in everything you believe.

You began this set of emails with the claim that people have tried to prove the Bible wrong, and the more they try the more they prove it right. So I proved it wrong (without proving it more right) and you became a desperate man who will admit to believing in anything as long as it saves you from his your inability to control your actions.

I hope you've learned something about yourself here, Donald.
Thank you for contacting me.


PS. I was amused by the notion that I dress up like Satan because I believe he exists. Does that really make sense to you? A 32 year old man. Christ. Your thought process just fascinates me.

You just remember these emails, as you lift your eyes in hell and realize, it is real, and now, its to late.

You have attacked me, ever since the first email. I have only talked good to you.So, who is the better person. You just remember these emails, as you lift your eyes in hell and realize, it is real, and now, its to late.

Donald Ashley

I think you just irritated me with your bold statements about how impossible it was to prove the bible wrong, and then how you completely caved at just one example from me. And you're a freakin' Youth Pastor, for Christ's sake.

My apologies. Sometimes I forget what "32 years old" means for adult men of the church, and how it has nothing to do with knowledge, and everything to do with "believe even when it makes no sense, because doubt is a sin."

In my opinion, you've earned very little respect.

And the dinosaur thing, didn't prove anything. I saw power rangers on tv, do think there real too. Have you ever seen a dinosaur.

I dont need your respect.Only that my heavenly father, is satisfied with me.Thats what matters.I didn't cave, you cant prove God dosent exist any more than i can prove he does.If you believe in God and i do, than to doubt what he has said you can have, or what you can do is a sin.If you dont beieve, then, your lost anyway.You are still attacking.You just look at the believers and non believers.Who is the better person at the end of the day.Someone who is only out for themselves and want to hurt people, and dont care what they believe.Or someone who wants to help people and if  they dont believe what we believe, then that is there soul.But we must tell them.And the dinosaur thing, didn't prove anything.I saw power rangers on tv, do think there real too.Have you ever seen a dinosaur.Well, your taking someonelses word, then aren't you!!You believe there were dinosaurs years ago.And 90% of everybody does.But prove it.

Soetimes every day things make no sense.But they happen.I dont want you to think i am force you to believe something that makes no sense.It is a free gift, it is forced on no one.It will only come when you truely except it.Your belief in it or not, doesn't make it any less true.You believe the way you do so you can live like HELL and then
there wont be any payment to be made for it.I have seen to many healings, to many prayers answered to know.IT IS REAL.And your unbelief cant change that.You have been told that Jesus died for you.Now its your choice to except him or not.Nothing by force.
John 3:16 says
For God so love this world ( you)
He gave his only begotten son
That whosoever believes in him (im a whosoever)
should not parish
But have ever lasting life.

Notice it says should not parish.Its more than believing in God.He said, if you love me, keep my commandments.You must walk with him every day.Love him with your whole heart.Nothing more, but nothing less.

Donald Ashley

Has the human race gone mad? Did you just say that maybe the dinosaurs didn't exist and that they're as real as the Power Rangers?!? Do you realize all of the outrageous excuses you're making up just so that your Bible will all somehow be true? Is that what "believing even if it's fake" entails?

This is precisely what I started to see coming out of my mouth when I was a believer, and it made me reexamine where I was and what the fuck was happening to me. I saw myself turning into that crazed "How do we know if anything is real? He exists no matter what!" kind of monster, and I hated it. I suppose that everyone isn't as self-aware or there wouldn't be so many people who become such blabbering tools, reciting scriptures, denying logic, accusing everyone else of being bad and selfish. It's just an ugly kind of person to be. I don't know how you can hold your head up proudly at the end of the day. More denial, I suppose.

I'm guessing that you could dream up an excuse for every flaw in the Bible if you're willing to go the route of the dinosaurs never existing. But calling that "Proving the Bible more right" is more offensive than my Jesus Dress Up could ever be.

You've been an interesting subject.
Bye bye Donald.
Tell the kids you're teaching "Hi" from Normal Bob Smith. And while you're at it, tell 'em that to question you is a sin against God, and assure them you're not a cult. That oughta do the trick.


I did my part.

you have been told. I did my part. Thats all i can do.

Donald Ashley

What? Telling me that "I've seen the Power Rangers on TV and they're not real" is all the answer you have ta give? That's the full extent of your part?!?

Christ! Of all the freakin' ministers I coulda been dealt and I end up with Bozo the Bumbling Bible Thumpster!
I guess God DOES hate me!


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