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Subject: you

I would like to ask you a few questions, out of curiosity. First of all, what do you believe happens after death? Secondly, what do you believe our purpose on earth is? Lastly, what do you believe is the source of our creation?

These are just a few questions that I wanted to ask you just to see what you believe.

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to answer.

Praying for you,
Laura S.

Dear Laura,
I would be happy to answer your questions.
First of all, after death I believe there to be nothing. I believe that that's the end of it all, just like how you didn't exist before you were born, so goes it on the way out as well. This is just what makes the most sense. No different than when a dog dies, or a snail, or a tuna fish. Any other explanation is wishful thinking, nothing more.

Our purpose essentially is to reproduce and survive, as evolution has always dictated. But as human beings we have a far greater responsibility. We must learn, discover and spread the truth about who we are, what life is, where it all came from and where it is headed. We have the responsibility to make life as long, enjoyable and functional as possible for people. And at a more individual level you must seek happiness and fulfillment for yourself, and be as productive and well rounded as possible.

And as for the source of our creation, I do not believe that we were created. I believe that we evolved slowly over millions (even billions) of years as science and every day life clearly shows we have. It all started at the smallest point of nothingness and, from an explosion, started a chain of events that still continue forward to this very day. This all makes sense logically. I believe in looking at the big picture and appreciating what a billion years actually is, and all that can happen in such a vast and patient window.

I think that we invented God to replace the mommy and daddy we naturally feel the need for. We also want the everlasting life so badly that we'll believe any amount of bullshit to pretend that it is real, even though it doesn't make any sense.

I know that I am right. I know that anyone who buys into the whole "everlasting paradise for all who believe" crap is simply fooling themselves so that they can sleep at night without worry or dread. When we became conscious beings with the capability to anticipate our own death we developed this defense mechanism in our brain, it is called religion. This is the sad truth but it must be accepted if we ever expect to find the whole truth, prolong life and perhaps find the answers that will save mankind from itself.

And I'll say it once more. I know I'm right.

* * * * * *

Subject: Josef Dietrich

Dear Bob, this hardly needs to be said but Josef Dietrich's email was mistaken on every point of fact it included.

Firstly the quotation "give me a child until he is 7 and I will give you the man" is a jesuit saying, so far as I can determine Freud never said this, nor anything similar.

Secondly as for atheists outnumbering christians that is far from the truth. Within America (according to the American Religious Identity Survey, ARIS) the christians have 76.5% of the American population whereas nonreligious/secular are 13.2% and atheists a mere 0.4% according to peoples own self-assessment of their own religion.

Within the world at large christianity has 2 billion people whereas atheism only has 850 million (which still makes atheism the worlds fourth largest "relgion").

Thirdly his claim that only 5% of children leave their parents' religion was so frustratingly general that I spent a great deal of time attempting to track down a reference to this. Of course I suspected that he just made up the figure but never the less I attempted to find out for sure.

The closest thing I can find is that 5% of interfaith Jewish-something else couples raise their children in the faith of neither parent according to the American Jewish Committee's survey.

Unless this was what he was talking about it appears that Josef was completely making this up.

The AntiBuddha.

Last time I checked Christian people were outnumbered by athiasts


I am surprised to see such an 'educated' person make such a resolved and dedicated stand on an issue.

The level of stupidity involved in making a dedicated stand to a specific argument for/against religion is quite large for a number of reasons. Firstly religion exists as a faith not a proof meaning that it doesn't exist to be prooven or disprooven. (much like evolution which is a theory mind you). To claim to be intelligent yet ignorant to the existence of other systems of beliefs is quite ironic don't you think? The majority of atheists who visit your site are as stupid as the people who knock on my door expecting to change me in minutes. Belief systems do not descriminate against stupid people as always they are all welcome.

What I dislike is that atheists often attempt to restrict freedoms in a fascist manner and attempt to force people into their way of thinking with harassment and bullying. They look down upon and attack people who have some form of religion in a way to make them feel better about their own choices. The people who attempt to make people conform to their ideals....Hitlers.

Sigmund Freud said that if I have a child for 7 year I will have him for life. This makes a valid point on the topic in question because religion and belief systems structure in an individual are set out in these first 7 years (not the belief but the structure for the belief(s)) with a mere 5% actually rising above that and choosing a belief for themselves based upon logical conclusions or true choice.

I noticed some people talk about Jesus being black what the hell sort of shit is that you imbeciles? The bible says that Jesus was a Jew. It appears 'bob' isn't that smart or he would've pointed that out quite awhile ago.

This website is just another pitiful attempt to capitolise on the current maddox obsession so much of the internet has.

"There is nothing like the feeling one gets watching the brainwashed masses get proverbially slapped up aside the head with a healthy dose of REALITY!" Reality because another single human being believes that it is reality? You surely do have some stupid people visiting your site. The brainwashed masses? Last time I checked Christian people were outnumbered by athiasts. This is actual religious people not people who were baptised at birth and never again had any religious 'contacts'.

Although I severely doubt you will answer this email but I will happily clarify the inherant falicies of arguing for or against religion from either side of the fence. There is no victor in an argument of this manner and no point.

Sincerely Josef Dietrich

You know what theory I like most of all, Josef? It's your theory that faiths cannot be disproved (And I prefer it with your misspelled version of "proven"), therefore every faith should be unquestioned and considered plausible instead of pursuing the facts, say, that science or common sense can teach us.

Josef, did you know that beliefs can indeed be proven false (sometimes far beyond a reasonable doubt)? Religious faiths can be disproved by examining the solid things which they are based upon (books, messiahs, tikis, etc). Specialists can be flown in to determine whether or not it's the pump installed inside of a Virgin Mary statue that makes it cry, or if it is indeed faith. Or, if the book in question fits with what we already know to be historically accurate and makes sense logically. Or if the proclaimed Messiah can actually heal the sick, walk on water, or raise someone from the dead.

We humans do not simply have to accept every faith dreamt up by other humans as unquestionable truths, or as something that cannot be disproved. This may be the intelligence you limit yourself to, but the rest of us do not have to subject ourselves to the same self-imposed ignorance.

In your letter to me you said, and I quote verbatim: "Last time I checked Christian people were outnumbered by athiasts."
Now I'm not sure where you get your information from but the last time I checked, God fearing Christians far outnumbered "atheasts" around the globe. Now I appreciate that this quote from you was probably just a series of blunderous fuck-ups that all found themselves in one extremely unintelligent statement, but it still serves the purpose of showing how unintelligent you are and how all things that people say and believe need to be questioned, disproved and corrected (or in this case smeared down your face like it was a stinky cow pie).

And as for the other points you brought up regarding Freud and how Jesus wasn't black, I have no idea what these random references have to do with me being unintelligent. It just seems as if you're trying to look like a know-it-all by voicing the few pieces of information you have managed to retain. What I'm leading up to is that you think you're hot shit, when in fact you're just cold diarrhea.

As you've just "prooven," there are some very stupid people visiting my site, but I don't think it's the "atheasts" who fit this category as much as it's the believers who think that the mere act of believing is enough to make something true. And I think once again I've "prooven" myself to be the absolute victor in an argument.

Now this is the email that I severely doubt will be answered adequately. But I'd like to see you try.



do you think that if you go to hell, it's gonna be good there?

you are a fool !!!!! how could you do that? jesus died for you. he payed for your sins. and now you do that?
do you think that if you go to hell, it's gonna be good there?
stop being blind!!! you must regret of your sins. you still have a chance. don't put all to lose!!!!!
if you have courage, please send me an answer by the e-mail: muriloasj@yahoo.com.br 


So, what you're telling me is if someone says to you, "Hey, there's a horrible place called Hell in the afterlife where you go if you don't bow down to Jesus, a Guy who flew up into the sky after He raised from the dead 2000 years ago" and you're just like, "Derrr.. Okay! Makes sense to me! Duuuuhhhh! I'm an open bucket of thoughts and you can shovel anything you want into my head and I'll believe it all the way filled to the brim! G-yuck!"

Is that the kind of person you were hoping to grow up into? Well, congratulations. You made it.


I'm a christian not much of one

That game is rude you are a freak of nature if you think that is funny I'm a christian not much of one I might add but its rude

Yes, clearly you aren't much of one.


...there are no spelling errors in this e-mail.

Subject: Hate

You are an idiot. I do not need to say more. I am but a child. However, there are no spelling errors in this e-mail. I did not  even use spell-check.
  BTW, if you are SO smart, why don't you read?? It's called the Bible. I would pray for you, but I am not even going to try and waste my time.
  Go where you belong, please, and stay there. Its where you will find YOUR little idiot of a God.
Plus, before you go, delete this website.


Haha! You mispelled "Its" at the very end! It's "It's" with an apostrophe! Oh I can't believe it! What a laugh I am having now at you! Silly silly misspeller you are! Hahahahaha!




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