I don't think I complained.
Everybody is entitled to their opinions.
People choose to love or hate.
If people choose to hate, I feel bad for them because it only hurts them.
Unless, of course, they hate so much they go out and do harm to people.  Then again, they will be their own judges on any wrong they do.   And will have to pay the price at some point in their evolution.
God does not judge us.  We judge ourselves and, believe me, God could not ever be as harsh a judge on us as we are on ourselves.
As to your questions.  They are pretty broad, but I will do my best.
I already know the Bible and Christianity aren't totally true.  There are truths in them.  But, since they are truths as a concept perceved by humans, they have to be flawed.
Evil takes truths and hides them within darkness.  It is for us to uncover them.
I already know a lot of truths about God, Jesus, Hell and Santan.
I can't really say beliefs can be labeled as true or false.  Because the truth is revealed to us only in terms we are ready to be able to understand.
Let me say, it is more like, do we know the whole truth? or only part of the truth?
So, the truth is true as far as our comprehension of it.  If we don't comprehend it, then it is no longer true, but something yet to be revealed.
If we act on things beyond our understanding and comprehension, then it will become evil.  Because it will the unknown and not from our higher power.
All we can do is be on the path of enlightenment, because we will never fully be there as long as we are bound to the physical world.
When we act out of ingnorance, due to our lack of understanding.  We are walking away from the light, of God, into darkness, not of God, we can only do evil.
There really isn't a Satan.  Or not one being who is responsible for all evil we do.
We create our own demons and God has created a place we call hell for our spirits to go, due to them not being able to enter heaven yet.
God does not keep us out of heaven.  It is open to everyone who is capable of reaching it and remaining there.  But, if there is any darkness in our soul it will be burnt away by the light of heaven.
Therefore, a soul filled with darkness won't be able to enter heaven, because it will be too painful and they thus cast themselves into the darkness.  Where they will be more comfortable with spirits who are like them.
Everything is created from love.  Love is everything and we cannot exist without it.
A spirit filled with darkness loves the wrong things therfore warping it.
We all want to be good, and I don't believe any spirit starts out saying, hey I want to be bad.  But after becoming dark is no longer capable of doing good.  Even tho it sees itself as good.
For instance, a dark spirt would say "it is okay for me to hurt you because it will help you in the long run".  Therefore, it justifies it's evil doings and really thinks it is being good. It thinks the outcome is good, no matter how the methods to get there.  Which then renders the outcome evil.  But, again the spirit still sees itself as good.
But, no outcome is good that comes from deceit, hurt or pain.
Jesus is totally misunderstood.
He is no more the son of God than you or I.  And he even said that everything he did, we are capable of doing and more.
He just managed to become one with his spirit, which is the God in us all.  He manged to so meld his God self with his flesh that they became one in the same.  Therefore, his spirit was able to lay down his flesh and take it back up at will.
When our flesh becomes one with our spirit we no longer need to breath or eat.  Our spirit alone will sustain the flesh.  Then we can turely call ourselves sons of God cause we will be as like him.
When our flesh depends on the physical world to survive, it is subject to the same things as in all nautre.  Decay, pain and eventual death.
This was never intended, but was made available to us incase we fell from our spirit, that we could still live in the physical world for a time to work out our salvation.
And even rebirth or reincarnation was made available so we can return as much as we need.  Because, God totally expects all his children to return to him and will not rest till we do.
Others have done what Jesus did, but Jesus was different.  His purpose was to come here to demonstrate this untill this knowledge was imparted to all the world.
Jesus never said for us to pray to him.  He even tried to teach us to pray directly to our Father.  He told us to start by saying Our Father which art in Heaven.  We are intended to have our own personal relationship with our creator.
Jesus does not hear our prayers and then relay them to God. He has done enough for us.  And is now still working on his own evolution.
He never said we would be saved if we believe in him.  That doesn't even make any sense.
What he said is if we believe in the truths he revealed we could have a chance to save ourselves.  But that the road would be lonely and hard.
No other can walk the path to one's salvation, but oneself.  And he pointed this out many times.
And let me tell you, I did not find out any of this from reading any scriptures or going to church.
I found this out from looking inside and having a realtionship with my godself.  Who always reaveals to me what I am ready for.
We, all of us, have everything we need to know inside of us.  We don't have anything to learn.  But, everything to remember. 
Therefore you know something is the truth when you realize it is something you always knew but forgot.  And that you don't have to justify it and make up what it means as you go along.  Because it is something known to you already.
Our mission is to come to the physical and remember stuff so we can put it into practice. Which will earn us the right of the power of the knowledge to create.  And can therefore become co creators and true companions with our Creator.
Untill, we do we will only be capable of destroying what is already made and rebuilding it in our own flawed images.
There is so much more, but this is all I can say at this time.
Oh, except that I am an Angel who chose to stay with God, when others chose to leave and come to earth.
This is my first time here, and I can tell you, I understand a lot more about humans now.
I used to wonder what was wrong with everyone and why are they taking so long?
Now, I see how real this world appears to be.  I have fallen into every trap and even created a few of my own to overcome.
I am not a popular Angel as I have come to reveal truths.  Or, more like to open peoples, understanding of themselves that they will see the truth.
This is painful to people because most people have denied and hidden from the truth for so long they have turely forgotten themselves. They have forgotten who they are and their mission.
I don't do this in a church but just by living life and being out there in normal situations so people can approach me themselves.
Your Friend,