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Q: If the Bible and Christianity were untrue, and everything you believe about God, Jesus, Hell and Satan were false, would you want to know the truth?

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Wow, can you believe it? 200 freakin' pages of hate mail! If you were to've asked me 4 years ago if I ever thought I'd get this much hate mail, the answer would've been.... "Yes." I knew from the very beginning that the shit would hit the fan when I posted Jesus Dress Up and publicly defended my atheist beliefs, hysterically. I knew that my only dilemma would be figuring out new and clever ways to play with them. And so far, at least for me, that has yet to become a problem. And that leads up to what I decided to do with the 200th page of hate mail!

For page 200 I thought it'd be interesting to take a poll of my hate mailers and email them a question. It's a question that I've found almost always gets an interesting reply when asked of a believer. So I collected the emails of those who'd sent me complaint letters, and sent them all this letter:

Subject: WWJD?

My name is Normal Bob Smith and you at some point have contacted me to comment on one or both of my websites. (JesusDressUp.com and NormalBobSmith.com), I am conducting a poll and I would love it if you could participate. All you have to do is answer the following question.

Q: If the Bible and Christianity were untrue, and everything you believe about God, Jesus, Hell and Satan were false, would you want to know the truth?

That's the question I need answered. You may answer it with a simple yes or no, or you can elaborate to any degree you feel necessary.

Your participation would be highly appreciated, and remember, it might even help bring those who are lost closer to your Lord. I have an extremely large non-Christian following.

Thank you.

And boy did I get some interesting responses! The following letters are their replies to my inquiry, and in the right sidebar will be my comments on their answers. I hope that this little experiment is as entertaining for you as it is for me. Enjoy!


Here are the answer options that I filed each response under.

Y = Yes, I would like to know the truth no matter what it may be.

N = No, I would not want to know the truth. My faith has little to do with truth and everything to do with fear.

I = Impossible! The question isn't even relevant! I shouldn't even have to think about that option! You're going to burn in hell!

A = A complete avoidance of the question, and instead, using the opportunity to yell at me, pray for me, and preach to me.

(See the results to this poll at the bottom left of this page.)

Yes I would want to know the truth cause I am someone who always seeks the truth, and if the bible were a lie then I would commit suicide


Im gonna give you my answer up front but I also need to explain so ya.

Yes I would want to know the truth cause I am someone who always seeks the truth, and if the bible were a lie then I would commit suicide cause there would be NO reason to live. However I know and it is from personal experience that the stuff the bible talks of is true because it has happened in my life.

My God is true and I know that! I cannot and will not be strayed!

Perhaps if you read the bible and honestly desire to seek the truth it will come to you.

I have heard and seen people be converted just by actually studying things that happened from the bible and it is in fact the truth.

I truly hope that you find the right way and that I will one day meet you in heaven, I will pray that people come your way to show you the light.

Good luck in all you do.

Take care, and know one thing God seeks to know you on a deeper level but he leaves the choice with you.


I have to admit, this was the sort of answer I expected from most everybody, "Yes, I would want to know the truth, and if it were fake I'd slit my wrists!"

There's the attitude you should have when you're seeking what's true! A thorough, unbiased examination of the facts that, if proved wrong, will give you no other alternative but to blow your brains out all over your science lab.

Thank you Leah.
I filed this one as a "Y."


You arrogant such-and-such. You atheists don't believe in absolute truths anyway, so how is it that you have the gall to even pose a question about truth?

You arrogant such-and-such. You atheists don't believe in absolute truths anyway, so how is it that you have the gall to even pose a question about truth? You don't believe ANY kind of truth exists. You're a relativist; everything is subjective to you.

You're also a hypocrite. You think YOU know the truth. You think Christianity is false. You think there is no God. You think you're right and all believers are wrong. Please prove that you know absolutely everything about the universe (and outside the universe), THEN you can ask your question. Until then, put a cork in it.

Kyle Owens

Here we go! This is what I was really expecting! Absolute contempt for the question! Of course we as atheists know that we have no solid beliefs and have nothing to base that lack of beliefs on, except logic, science and evidence.

So yeah, this would be an "I."


Truthfully, no, I would not want to know if all of my beliefs are false.
What an interesting question!!
Most thought-provoking, I must say. Truthfully, no, I would not want to know if all of my beliefs are false. I already know that it is a great possibility. Despite my being a *Christian*, I know that nobody can really know all the ins and outs of life and death, and what happens after death, until they actually die.

I know that everything I believe could be dreadfully wrong. That is where my faith comes in. For whatever reasons, I choose to believe in God as my savior. I am sure all of this will sound extremely corny (spelling?) to you, but hey, you asked. :) Believing in God makes me a better person. The idea that someone is out there watching me, looking out for me.... someone who would be ashamed of me and proud of me for what I do or don't do is.... amazing, to me.

Being a teenager is difficult; everyone knows that. Life is full of peer pressures. The belief that God is always there, looking out for me, is most reassuring. Since I became a Christian, I am more assertive, decisive, confident. I am also more caring and I think about other people more. So if I were to suddenly find proof that everything that turned me into the person I am today were suddenly false, I can honestly say it would have a horrible impact on me. I have come to base my life around my faith, and am a stronger person for it. Hope that helped to answer your question!!


Theresa here was kind enough to send a picture of herself along with her answer of "No. I would not want to know."

This, I believe is the honest answer of all Christians. I respect her candor, but it's harder to respect the belief.

Thank you Theresa.


When our flesh becomes one with our spirit we no longer need to breath or eat.  Our spirit alone will sustain the flesh

I don't think I complained.
Everybody is entitled to their opinions.
People choose to love or hate.
If people choose to hate, I feel bad for them because it only hurts them.
Unless, of course, they hate so much they go out and do harm to people.  Then again, they will be their own judges on any wrong they do.   And will have to pay the price at some point in their evolution.
God does not judge us.  We judge ourselves and, believe me, God could not ever be as harsh a judge on us as we are on ourselves.
As to your questions.  They are pretty broad, but I will do my best.
I already know the Bible and Christianity aren't totally true.  There are truths in them.  But, since they are truths as a concept perceved by humans, they have to be flawed.
Evil takes truths and hides them within darkness.  It is for us to uncover them.
I already know a lot of truths about God, Jesus, Hell and Santan.
I can't really say beliefs can be labeled as true or false.  Because the truth is revealed to us only in terms we are ready to be able to understand.
Let me say, it is more like, do we know the whole truth? or only part of the truth?
So, the truth is true as far as our comprehension of it.  If we don't comprehend it, then it is no longer true, but something yet to be revealed.
If we act on things beyond our understanding and comprehension, then it will become evil.  Because it will the unknown and not from our higher power.
All we can do is be on the path of enlightenment, because we will never fully be there as long as we are bound to the physical world.
When we act out of ingnorance, due to our lack of understanding.  We are walking away from the light, of God, into darkness, not of God, we can only do evil.
There really isn't a Satan.  Or not one being who is responsible for all evil we do.
We create our own demons and God has created a place we call hell for our spirits to go, due to them not being able to enter heaven yet.
God does not keep us out of heaven.  It is open to everyone who is capable of reaching it and remaining there.  But, if there is any darkness in our soul it will be burnt away by the light of heaven.

Your Friend,


If you'd like to read her entire reply, click here.

Karen here proved to me that there is in fact no limit to the amount of denial one can be on. She goes on and on explaining herself, trying to make sense of it as she goes along. In fact, she went on for SO long that I didn't even have enough room on the page to fit her whole letter! So, if you want to see her entire "answer to the question" you can click here.

She goes on to talk about how we no longer need to eat or breath when our body becomes one with the spirit, how God plays fair and Karen even tells how she is an angel, and where she stands exactly with the other angels in God's heaven.

It's a good letter. Well worth a read.

And she is a superb example of an "A."
A complete and thorough avoidance of the question, to all lengths.


No... yes... because... except for Jesus!

No because there is no other truth, and yes, because I know that there isn't any other truth except for Jesus!



But I feel that BabyGurl covered all the bases in just one sentence!
Way to go Baby!

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