Lighting up your Christmas with Laughter... at JC!
Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

I found this in a book my friend Tory has and we thought it was hilarious!

"Look at it this way...We failed Mr.Smith's test on evolution, but we passed God's test of faith!"

Dont worry kids, you may fail in school, but you're a winner in the eyes of God! It's in a book called "Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart" It's a book about 'celebrating teens who are saying yes to God'.

There are a whole bunch of stupid comics like that one as well. Just look! >

"Don't look now, but here comes the freak."

Oh man. Sometimes I think that we're the only sane people in the world (us non-Christians lol). The gift of God is..
1. failing science class.
2. setting yourself up for dissapointment when there's no "afterlife".
3. Believing complete bullshit.
YEY for Christianity!

This email probably sounds really stupid, because its 6:07 am and I still haven't gone to bed! I think I'll be heading there right now, but I wanted to scan that picture and send it to you first. :)


Hey, I'm a long time fan of the site. I wrote you about a year ago with a story of how I was hit with a car and some jerk tried praying over me in the street in tongues. You asked for pictures of bruises, and, unfortunately, I didn't have any.

Well, now, I'm living in Korea and boy has Christianity taken a scary toll on this country. From my meager 3 story apartment building, I can count over a dozen neon crosses when I'm on my roof. Most disturbing of all, I can't help but laugh everytime I see some of the pictures people put on their churches.

I'm including a picture I took of a local Catholic Church. I don't know it's proper name, but I always call it, "Our Lady of Perpetual Beagle/ Brontosaurus Fellatio." See what you make of it. I can't for the life of me figure out what it really is.

Korea is proof alone that we need more websites like yours.

Nick Endicott

“...a devil costume for the Jesus the Nazareth??”

Hello, this is for the owner or creator of NormalBobSmith product. My name is Russell John Spargo and I am 21 years old.I want you to know I was just browsing the net looking for facts and just things Jesus did, and I came across your site and was very offended. I mean a devil costume for the Jesus the Nazareth?? That is just backwards, to say the very least. Do you think you could change what you've made to jesus standing, and to not have the devil outfit? Would that be too much to ask of someone who sees what he has done for us?

  But hey im not going to preach, because that's not the right thing to do, to whom made this web site. I just want to say that Jesus did wonderful things, and the bible has been tested on the DVD box sets like "The Mysteries of The Bible". (I bought it at a Discovery channel store.) hehe. Thank you for listening, if not today or if not in years. I hope you do see the brighter side Jesus when you are ready.
A friend
Russell John Spargo

Hello Russell John Spargo and thank you for partaking in my little "game."
Haha! I laugh because what I am in fact doing here is an experiment to "test" (for lack of a better term) so called "Christians" as to their own devotion to The Christ and His Holy Image.

You might be surprised to hear this but I too am a Christian! This is no joke. Unbelievable, I know! I am sure that right now you are saying to yourself, "Then what for are you subjugating Jesus the Nazareth to a devil costume? That is just backwards!" Well, the reason is because I have found that there are in fact those who wear the clothes of a Christian, speak the talk of a Christian, and even pray the prayers of a Christian BUT they are not real Christians like the church has instructed us to be!

I have had people who call themselves Christians come to my site and dress up Jesus the Nazareth as Satan, or a scuba diver and then email me without complaint! When I get such emails I direct them to John 3:16 (I'm sure you know the verse) and then I tell them that they are not following the True Word of God and to stop the evil ways that they have succumbed to at the hand of the devil.

You'll be very pleased to hear that you, Russell, have passed my test and may proudly certify yourself an authentic and heaven-bound Christian. You were able to pick out the worst costume (the devil one) and you impressed me with your request to have Jesus just standing (not crucified), because this is also an insult to Jesus (you'd be sickened to know how many so called "Christians" do not know this fact). But what convinced me the most that you were indeed Christ-like was when you said that you were "not going to preach, because that's not the right thing to do, to whom made this web site."
That blew me away.

None of those who've come before you were so gracious and forthright. You, Russell are a beacon of hope for those who seek true Christianity.

It was an honor to grade your test Mr. Spargo. We will one day meet again in the paradise you and I both know is on the other side of those pearly gates under a neon sign that reads "Heaven."
Yours in Perfect Faith,

“Perfected by His Love!!!”

Subject: The Passion movie review

sorry Bubba, the evidence has already been compiled
Mel could not have done much more
It has been done already
But you will never look at it
You would not be able to make RATIONAL LOGICAL arguments against 1% of the evidence
But I am glad that you are speaking your mind, even if you are bent on speaking what you know to be untrue
It helps people to get stirred up to be more prepared to answer the question FROM PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE WHAT THE ANSWER IS, and you also are stirring up curiosity so that many will look further and some will become the followers of Christ that you so love
And they will spend eternity with me in Heaven and that is awesome
Merry Christmas
And hey, try not to let your front and image that you use ruin your life.  Take some time to reflect, be real.  Spend the holidays with people and enjoy yourself.  They wont think less of you for having a heart.  They will appreciate that you are an actor and wont hold it against you.  Be real man, be real.  The fake thing is tiring, take some time off.

Perfected by His Love!!!
Jason Coultas

Hey JC,
It isn't often that I get an email as down to earth and insightful as yours was. You see through the phony charade that I fake, and I have to admit it's a little embarrassing how easy it was for you to see me for what I've become. My act has shunned most everybody away from me.

If they really loved me and cared for me then you'd think they wouldn't care how I behaved sometimes. But I have trouble droppin' the show, you know? It just gets me so much attention on the Net that it's just sorta become who I am (the In-your-face, sarcastic, cocky, naughty li'l devil that my fans have molded me into).

I hate thinking that after all the work I've put into the site people still walk away and become followers of Christ. The last thing I want is for people to come read my pages and use it to think however they want.

It's easy for someone like you who is already "Perfected by His Love!!!" But for someone like me at the level I've sunk to, how can I ever expect Him to love me?

Thanks for making me step back and take a long, hard look in the mirror.
Thanks for bein' real, bro.

"It starts with a seed. The seed into a blade of grass, into a flower, into a rose bush, into a mighty oak tree. It takes only a seed."
Jesus Christ in The Bible

“i whant ansers”

this is horrid what yopu are doing
sicco sicco
i whant ansers

Steven Crook

Then answers you shall get!

You see Steven, I have discovered that people who call that guy "God" don't know how to spell properly. They say things like "yopu," and "whant." Words that don't even make sense! Just awful. So, what I have done is taken the god of these imbeciles and made a laughing stock out of Him. I want people to see that if they worship Him they too will fall victim to the dreadful curse of stupidity.

Help me Steven! Help me spread the wisdom I have discovered! Because I fear that if we do not we could end up becoming a bunch of "siccos."


“let him who is vile continue to be vile”

Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; let him who is vile continue to be vile; let him who does right continue to do right; and let him who is holy continue to be holy.

Mike Stevens

Wow. Whoever said that sounds like a total slacker.


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