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His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

You are awesome. 

I go to a university in Ontario, Canada where there are 9 Christian clubs on campus.  We are not allowed to have an atheist club because it “might be offensive” to people.  Thank you for your site!  You’ve made my day a million times over.  Whenever I feel frustrated with all the Christian propaganda on campus I just come home and dress up Jesus.  J

Love always,

PS: If Jesus died for all of our sins (past, present, and future), then why do I have to worry so much about going to hell?  Why do I have to worry about my sinning?  Didn’t Jesus already take care of that for me?  Thanks J.C.  Now I can have all the sex I want – and you already died for it. Score!

Someone sent me a link to your site whilst i was searching for inspi
ration for a some creative blurb im writing (i work in music). All in all, i was feeling a tad disheartened bcos it's sunday and who wants to work on a sunday right??!!?? As soon as i clicked on it was like a St Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus type revelation- its genius!!! After looking at your illustrations and a few goes of dressing jesus (preferred outfit combination of suspenders/jock preppy football gear) and dressing yourself i've got to hand it to you- you completely made my day! your web site is a fantastic parody of modern angst and the human condition- more importantly its just damn entertaining!!! Clearly you are a *very innovative and talented guy.

This mail is also designed to show you that you're work is having an international effect and reaching a variety of different people- im british. As the enclosed photo suggests not particularly like the multitude of goth girls who seem to be in love with you (although you are very cute), <laughing> they really really get off over the thought of you though dont they!!!! Anyway i'm going to send you a link to a british up-and-coming satirical magazine check it out i thinks its hilarious (particularly mr tourette)

To your critics- its a website- yes there is a political point about the absurdity and constraint of certain beliefs and codes of behaviour, and there's an element of parody over the suburbanites which inhabit every continent but moreover its fun. It's clever and witty and designed to provoke a reaction. Mind you the caterwauling's of incensed christians is the perfect greek chorus for your work- its tres amusing!!!

Next time someone is being censorious over your art remind them of the words of another controversial figure (of his time), Wilde: 'The moral life of man forms part of the subject-matter of the artist, but the morality of art consists in the perfect use of an imperfect medium. No artist desires to prove anything...' The thought of art for art's sake might make them combust :)

Ii think you're a star in every possible way!!

Louise Hodgetts }:) x

um, well, hi.

i find that site hilarious. i'm thirteen, and for a few years now, i've realized god is utter bullshit... although to some people your site is offensive, i find it to be pretty swank shit. i mean, i do have to say that the site is offensive to people that are truely religious- people who don't just read the bible and regergitate it in someone's face, but rather forms there own opinions.

i think that god was neccessary for people, oh, a few thousand years ago, but now religion is just fucking us over. just fucking us over.

i mean, damn, you would've thought the world was one of those prostitues "rejected robby" was talking about. I'm not a punk, but i have to say, i'd be HONORED if you'd put me on that page. honored. they're all really cool...

although i'm not a "punk" or whatever, a few of those guys on the site- i mean, damn, if i were older... wow. well, uh, that's about it, keep up the good work!
much love,

“You are a laughing stock in South Africa”

Pretty sad man.
I wonder what happened in your childhood.
You know it is wrong but you pervert it around.
Luckily God works in the way that you are basically putting a curse on yourself.
Dumb ass.
God bless.


By the way, when the end times come, did you know satan will be tied up for a 1000 years so that people will not be misguided by the devil as you clearly are? I know you don't read bible, but just read Revelations (last book in the bible). It is full of demons and beasts, stuff you will probably like anyways! Scary stuff if you have imagination! Good luck with everything! Enjoy it while it lasts. You are a laughing stock in South Africa, and we thank you for being an example for our children on how NOT to be. You make it easy! :)

Willie Louw

Hello Willie,
You'll be delighted to know that I have read all of Revelation, and yes, I'd expect that book would send your tribes into mad salivating states of panic, slaughtering your cattle for the angry being in the clouds that makes the sky go bang during rainstorms.

But Willie, here in civilization we've found ways to scientifically explain solar eclipses so that we don't have panic in the streets during such an event anymore. And I know that there's still much more time needed before the people in your village realize that Jesus, Satan and the Bible are just as fake as the statues you repented from, only wrapped up in a prettier bow.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that people who believe dinosaurs once walked the earth are also the laughing stock in South Africa. In fact, from what I hear you're still running from witch doctors, voodoo dolls and angry looking tikis. You've clearly learned some valuable lessons about blindly buying into the superstitious, magical promises from inanimate objects. One day maybe you'll learn how to parent yourselves without all the bowing and submission to a missionary's blond haired, blue eyed messiah on a stick.


“You are a bit creative, for a dumbass satanist.”

Hi Bob

You are a bit creative, for a dumbass satanist. I'll give you that. Did you know the devil was one of the prettiest angels? He was quiet a looker. No horns of course. You truely know how to make someone laugh.
Thanks a lot.

You actually read revelations? My goodness, I never thought you would stoop that low. At least we know there is still a bit of goodness left in you although you go around with childish things. The fact that you are perverting Jesus Christ means that you are thinking about him. That's an excellent sign.

You know what the difference is between Americans and South Africans? When we pray for rain it happens. When we pray for healing, it happens. When we pray for death to the wicked, well, I think EVEN you could figure out the result. In other words, we are living proof that He exists. Unfortunately your land has stuffed your people's brains so full of shit you won't know the difference between spiritual healing and viagra. You have entered into something that not even poor old lusifer will be able to help you out of. You will soon see what I mean. Patience Bob. You will probably fight for the rest of your life.

Shame man. I don't know why but I actually feel sorry for you. What happened in your childhood?

Willie Louw

Oh Willie, you are too clever for me. You see that I am nothing like your Satan in my painted clown face, clay horns and awkward fitting tuxedo. I cannot fool you, Willie, the observer of all things obvious. I was a fool to try and gain your respect with my third rate interpretation of your God's arch nemesis. How quick you are to set me straight.

You say that you have witnessed the miracle of healing?!? I take back all that I've said! I had no idea that our doctors and surgeons have been trumped by your miracle working prayers! Why do you suppose these healings are not yet on the front page of every newspaper? Willie, I hope you realize that when one of these "healers" pulls a chicken gizzard out of a cancer patient that isn't necessarily a miracle. I understand that it looks incredible to a bleacher of on-lookers but here in this country we call those healers "fakes" and they do their "faith healings" in an area called Canal Street for fifty bucks.

And I hope that you're not attributing every rain fall that happens in the rain forests of South Africa to be miracle answers to prayers. Praying for rain there is the equivalent to praying for more sun in the Mohave Desert or snow in the Arctic.

And um, praying for death? Um, Willie, this is going to really shock you, but all those people who've died because someone once prayed they would, well... everyone dies Willie. Are you a mentally challenged individual? You make it sound like all I'd have to do is come there and pull a rabbit out of a hat and you'll set me up with my own golden thrown and magic septor. Is that what you'll do for me if I pull a rabbit from an empty hat, Willie?

Hey Willie, you know that bad thing that happened to you last week? You know what I'm talking about. That thing that you didn't like that happened to you. Well, I said a prayer to Satan for that to happen. That was my prayer! Now bow down to me and praise the miracle I have cursed upon you!

Oh, and I grew up in a regular middle class family, unabused (kinda dull actually), graduated from art school and now I freelance. What about you? What happened in your childhood? Were you raised by magical pixies or something?


“I actually got Word from a prophet not to communicate with you anymore”

Hi Bob

Wow. That was a long response. I am flattered. I repeat, your government has blinded your eyes so I am basically talking to a pot plant. I won't bother you again because I actually got Word (From a prophet. Not that you believe or give a shit) not to communicate with you anymore, so you can write a lovely response as you always do, but unfortunately I won't be able to respond. Ah damn, don't you feel flattered now? I do have a feeling that you have a lot of hate and bitterness, and you are welcome to it, but it's been swell. I enjoyed our littel chit-chat, and I think you should come visit some time, to come see the proof for yourself. Maybe you just need a holiday?

I must admit, you do look kind of kinky in that suit but you probably get that a lot. Sorry, no rainforests in South Africa but thanks for trying. Maybe one day when you're all grown up, we can actually talk about the shit we did in our past?

Enjoy the rest of your battles. I know you will. ;)

Willie Louw

Wow, and what a long response you have given to me! I am flattered! But Willie, if I tell you there're rain forests in South Africa then there are rain forests in South Africa! And I am so sorry that your Prophet told you not to communicate with me anymore. I guess that means He doesn't care who's right about the rain forest locations, so you forfeit and I automatically win by default! There are INDEED rain forests in South Africa!

If my government were to have successfully brainwashed me then I'd believe in Jesus Christ, the god of my president. Have you checked to see if maybe you're the one who's been brainwashed by my government? That's what it looks like to me.

You are clearly the one with the hate and bitterness because you emailed me to say that all of the children of South Africa are laughing at me, and then you call me a dumbass in front of them and then you spread lies that I do not read Revelation. I do not hate you Mr. Willie, I simply have no respect for your powers to call upon the rain, healing, or the Grim Reaper! You should be freeing your people from the evils of sorcery and magic instead of just introducing another, blonder version of them.

You enjoy your battles, smarty!


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