A Network of Prayer is formed against me!
...so I've decided to concoct my own little network.
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Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

On November 30th, 2004 I received this troubling email from two of my "hate mailers" who had joined forces against me. Ma Thompson and Eric Johnson.

Subject: Mother Thump & I

Bob, I think it's important that you understand the network of prayer we're forming for you. I see you didn't respond to my last email with your "wit." I hope it's still stewing in your mind.

Eric Johnson
From: Ma Thompson

Hi Eric,
Don't spend too much time arguing with Bob. Just pray for him, and more so the kids who follow him. His humor and "wit" has wooed in some of the kids I have tried to witness to...... Very frustrating. Just remember to pray for all the "seeds" that you and I and the other believers have planted in his and his readers hearts. Remember they are not usless to God..... He will
grow and harvest! :-)
Keep up the good work, brother! Just don't let him stir you to anger.

a sister in Christ,
chris Thompson
(D - Bob's #140 + hatemail

That's right, a Network of Prayer.

As we've seen in the past these prayers really do make a difference. Ma's prayers inspired God to get my magnets on the evening news and as a result banned from Urban Outfitters, while Eric (whose last email is still stewing in my mind) has said prayers that are directly responsible for my apartment building running out of hot water last weekend and the 48 hour hours of B. O. that followed. Curse you Ma and Eric! And curse your newly formed Network of Prayer too!

My only choice was to fight fire with fire. And to do this I had to come up with a scheme so diabolical that only the devil himself would conceive such an idea (Something I'm sure they'd claim he did). I, Normal Bob Smith, hereby officially announce the forming of

The Network of Wishers!

As you know I rarely ask you, my fans, to give to the site, but this is the ultimate battle in the cosmos we're up against, and I need all the help I can get! Are you up to the task? It's not going to be easy. If you do choose to take part in this battle you will be expected to give 110%! And as a soldier of The Network Of Wishers you will be expected to complete the following 2 tasks until victory is ours!

Task #1: When you get a chance, wish that Ma and Eric's network fails. You can do this quietly to yourself when you're just hangin' around or whatever. That's it.

Task #2: Construct your very own Wishing Hat! Hooray!

All that you need is something to write with, paper, and tape!

Okay, take the paper and write the words "WISHING HAT" on it. (Feel free to decorate the paper with pretty designs, drawings, glitter, macaroni shells., whatever will make the hat look like wishes really do come true.)

When you are done designing your Wishing Hat take a piece of tape and roll it into a cone shape like Colyn and Kyle are doing here. Aren't they cute?

Then, put it on top of your head and (this is the most important part) WISH WITH ALL OF YOUR MIGHT!

What to wish for: You must wish really hard that Ma & Eric's Prayer Network crumbles to the ground and that them and everyone in their Network switches over and joins OUR Network! They need to see the error of their ways and switch over to our side!
After that it's all up to the wishes and the prayers to battle it out up in the psychic cosmos. I'm convinced that our telepathic wishes will defeat their telepathic prayers. We can WIN this fight! We just have to wish hard enough!!!!

“if he strikes u down that would properly b the funniest day”

Subject: dont play

hey BOB, or whatever yo name is
i really don't actually i know u shouldn't be playing with Jesus like that..
if he strikes u down that would properly b the funniest day because Jesus shouldn't be played with like that.

Damitra Mashall

“Would you like someone to make them feel that their beliefs are less than someone else's or to be ridiculed for those beliefs?”

You think this is some how funny. Do you love your family? Would you like someone to make them feel that their beliefs are less than someone else's or to be ridiculed for those beliefs? You're a little man with petty grievances. Write back if you have the stones, little bob.

Michael Abbott, Sr.

I like it that you think it takes a lot of balls to do something as basic as replying to an email and defending my beliefs. I'm sure that in your world that's a gargantuan undertaking, and something you fear when the task is staring you in the face. But for me, I welcome the ridicule, and I take great pleasure in defending my beliefs. In fact, I enjoy it so much that any girl I'm seeing at the time benefits in her own right from my excitement.

Yes, I love my family, and I think I could easily survive the ridicule of their beliefs from a stranger on the Internet. I can take ridicule without getting all bent out of shape, Mike. Does it really trouble you that much when your beliefs are questioned? You really shouldn't be shooting your mouth off about that weakness. It makes you look like you're beliefs are based on nothing except fear. But I suppose I can see where you're coming from. I'd fear ridicule too if I believed in something I couldn't logically defend.

You're in a difficult position, and I feel for you, but you really only have yourself to blame for being in this situation now don't you?


“I do not defend my beliefs, I merely believe.”

Fear of man is not a part of my playbook Bob. I have faced great foes in my life Bob and with the love of Christ I have overcome them. Unlike you Bob I do not defend my beliefs, I merely believe. It is beautiful, peaceful and grace abounds in my life. I do not post my beliefs to incite praise or encourage ridicule but for some reason you do. Have you ever asked yourself why you have gone so far with this? Why it is so important to you? Is it what you are getting right now, a response, some human connection that you feel some how in control of? Or is it just marketing? You are an interesting variant. I am glad to hear you love your family but, have you ever given yourself a moment to try to see how the world would look… if for a time you put them before yourself?Good luck, since that is all you can rely on. If you ever are in the great North West lets meet.

Michael Abbott, Sr.

I don't understand what you mean when you say that you do not defend what you believe, you just merely believe it? Is that how "believing in something" works for you? I have learned that, [in life] real, honest-with-yourself beliefs go hand in hand with logical reasons that make sense and stand up to scrutiny and questions. If it does not stand up to these things then it is only for your own good to ask "why?" and decide if you want the truth or that which leaves you "abounding with beautiful, peaceful grace."
The drunk is not better off simply because he feels high.

I know where you're at, Mike and it's where you do not want to hear (or even imagine) that it's all untrue. This is the only reason anyone would just merely believe something.I have a question for you. If it was all a hoax, a lie, would you want to know? I'd really like an honest answer to that question.

The reason this is all so important to me is because the truth is important to me. If it wasn't important to me then I'd be doing exactly what you do, just believing it unquestioned because it feels good. I did this site years ago with no profit in mind. It's only been luck that people have responded like they have and it's developed into something more. I do put my family before myself. What makes you think that I don't? Because I know that they can stand up to a stranger's ridicule of their beliefs?

And yes, I do it for the human contact element too. I think connecting with humans is the most important thing in life (unlike you who thinks it's connecting with your "god." (Essentially your brain talking to itself ). I think your biggest mistake is this "merely believing" thing you're doing. It'd be fine by me if it were only you who paid the price for such foolishness, but in doing so you also encourage others younger than yourself into merely believing things without questioning their merit. This is a horrible life lesson to send somebody out into the world with.

Why do you do it?

“...remember that He never turns his back on you...”

I do not know what turned you so against Jesus, but I will be praying for you.  Also remember that He never turns his back on you, he is waiting to forgive.


“You are not a God- fearing guy!!!!!!”

Subject: oh you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are not a God- fearing guy!!!!!! How can you do this to JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Shi

Um, you just answered your own question, silly.


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