I'm Back!
Sort of.

Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hey everybody! I know it's been a long while since I've updated.

For Thanksgiving I went to see my family for a week, and I just got the new iMac G5! It's both INCREDIBLE, and a bit of a pain in the ass. One of the reasons I haven't updated is because I don't have the newest version of Dreamweaver (MX) and I've been having trouble making updates to the site because of it. Soon it'll all be back to normal though. Please be patient.

And you people came through in record numbers the day after Thanksgiving to buy your fridge magnets! Thank you! Now's the time to get them if you want to give them as gifts for Christmas!

Did you see the new shirts?!? Goddamn they're so fucking hot! And if you click on the image at the top of this you'll see the newest one I'm about to post up for sale. The Pray for Satan's Salvation T. It's my favorite one so far. But I love them all! The GOD IS FAKE one is gorgeous. Have you seen it? .

I promise you you won't find anything like it anywhere else. And they're high quality shirts with a high quality screen print done directly from my art files.

And the Crucified Satan shirt is cool too. I hope you like them.

But these last several days have been madness. I'm just trying to catch up on everything. I had to build this page of hate mail using a previously written page, with an old version of Dreamweaver because the new comp isn't letting me open Dreamweaver, and blah blah blah.

Oh, and the new computer lets me get back onto Yahoo Messenger, sn = "NormalBobSmith" of course! So if you're around and you see me I may take your IM if the motivation is there. But I also reserve the right to save and post the chat you might throw at me, so be prepared.

Christ, I just can't wait until it's all back to normal here. I've got a lot of stuff to post. More Satan's Salvation, Amazing Strangers, Love Diaries, and yes, more hate mail. Lots and lots of hate mail. Thank God they never quit!

And yeah, I think I'm coming down with Carpal Tunnel. Fuck.


“The reason I am writing is to explain why this site offends me.”

Mr. Bob Smith,

I am not writing you to tell what a bad person you are, or how that this site will send you to hell. The reason I am writing is to explain why this site offends me.  And, I understand that you may not care that I am offended.  But, at least heard me out.

First of all the site trivializes something that I find to be anything but, trivial.  It takes the crucifixion of Christ and makes it "fun".  To me the cross is anything but fun.  The cross to me is a horrible thing.  Yes, I believe that through Jesus' death on the cross I am able to find forgiveness and redemption, and, I rejoice in that fact.  But, the cross itself was an instrument of pain.  It is with solemn respect that I view the cross.

 Second, it ridicules the person of the cross.  Jesus is someone that I love.  He is to me the reason for everything.  I love Him, because He loves me.  He loves me so much He gave Himself for me.  If I were to design a website that featured pictures of your mother or someone else you dearly love in such a way that debases them I think you would be offended. And, you¹d have the right to be. You love, or if your mother has passed away, loved your mother.  You would have the right tell me of your feelings and ask me to take the site down.  Mr. Smith that is what I ask of you now.  I understand this site is meant to be humorous, but, to Christians it's not.  So, considering the feelings of those who find this offensive, please take this site down.

Thank you
Pastor Tad Mills
Grace Community Church

You of course do not think that you're crazy, but you are. Blindly accepting the idea that you're an eternal ghost inside of a human body which can or cannot commit "sins" unto God, therefore God had His human Son sacrificed to forgive those sins in place of the baby sheep that were sacrificed before Him is crazy. But that's just the groundwork for your craziness.

Next up is all the stories that follow in the bible. You know the ones I speak of (the crazy ones). Stories that you say are true because of a gut feeling or something. Stories that don't make sense, and can easily be disproved by science or some of the most basic logic.

But this is not yet enough to make you totally crazy, in my opinion. The thing that makes you so crazy is that you've dedicated your life to this enormous fairy tale. A fairy tale as make-believe as any wacky superstition, nursery rhyme or children's puppet show. And you want to know what? Right now I can prove to you that you're in fact this crazy person that I've just described by asking you one simple question. A question that has both a logically sane answer and a logically insane answer. Are you ready? I hope so because here I go.

If what you believe turned out to be a gargantuan hoax, an elaborate fictional legend constructed centuries ago by superstitious cavemen would you want to know? Would you want to know it was fake?

There you have it, THE question. I'd love for you to elaborate on whatever your answer my be.
Thank you in advance.

“There is a HUGE difference in you and Mel Gibson...”

Subject: Read Me!
To create an item like your "Dress up Jesus" shows a lack of respect for your fellow humans and a huge lack of moral standards and judgement. Why is it funny to create items that degrade and attempt to humiliate Jesus and the Christian faith? The only reason Jesus is made fun of and there is such controversy over Him is because He is the only true Creator and King. He was the only religious figure to ever make the statement that He is the Son of God. He is powerful and it gets under the skin of individuals like yourself. There is a HUGE difference in you and Mel Gibson. He made a movie to glorify his Savior. You made a tacky magnet to offend people and put down God and millions of Christians. Why not make a Shiva magnet with costumes with lots of arms or a Ganesh with interchangeable animal heads. How about Buddha or Krsna or a bunch of witches standing on a circle with clown outfits? Have you ever wondered why Christians don't make offensive products like yours? Grow up and get a little respect. In the meantime, I'll be praying for you.

God Bless,
Lori C

I have to tell you Lori, I've never seen any difference between me and Mel Gibson. And this goes all the way back you the Road Warrior. Now if I made those Shiva, Ganesh or Buddha magnet sets then I'd see a difference, but as for right now we're both like totally even... except maybe I've got a little more going for me in the looks department.


“Bob, I must let you know how concerned I am as a parent when my young daughter is looking up something about her precious Lord and Savior and finds your web site.”

Bob, I must let you know how concerned I am as a parent when my young daughter is looking up something about her precious Lord and Savior and finds your web site. I am also concerened about the choices you may be making about your own eternal future. I pray you will make the right choice. Merry Christmas and God Bless you! Remember there is nothing you can do that He won't still Love You!

In Christ's Love, Pamela Grimes
6grimes@comcast.net .

Pamela, would you believe it if I told you that I'm concerned about children finding information about your Lord which portrays Him as being real? It troubles me a great deal to know that kids can access pages on the Internet that claim the bible as a factual account of history despite all of the evidence we know that counters it. It really does bother me.

But you know what? That's life, and I believe that children are resilient and clever enough to stumble across the nonsense of the bible and come to their own conclusions in due time without having to censor anybody.

I sure do hope that you come to realize the mistake you're making accepting those words as fact based purely on faith. Walking through the woods with your hands over your eyes is bad enough, you don't have blindfold children and take them all with you too.

In Life's Logic,

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