“Your gonna be getting alot of unfriendly mail!!”
Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

* If you haven't gotten your magnets already now's a good time to get them. Urban Outfitters in the UK has been buying up a large part of my supply (I just love that Urban's name is still all over these things), so to garentee yours for Christmas I suggest buying them now. Last year I was completely sold out weeks before Christmas day, and that was prior to any press or news coverage.

* Let me say that I was completely surprized to see anybody dressing up as me for Hallowee on such short notice, but a couple of you did, and as promised your fridge magnets are in the mail!

Happy Halloween everybody!

Subject: Halloween Dress Up Contest

Seeing a few days ago that you were making a contest for Halloween to have people dress up as yourself, I was more than excited to take on the challenge. In fact, I even went to school dressed up in the red stuff. Sadly, not a lot of people knew who 'Normal Bob Smith' was, and just assumed I was the devil. Had they known the true awesome-ness of my costume I'm sure I would have one the competition and gotten that free latte.

Richard Krauss
(Oh yeah! There was even a kid at school dressed up as Jesus. I challenged him to a fight for the souls of mankind but he didn't accept. Pansy.) .

Dear Normal Bob Smith,My boyfriend Adam and I (Sue) are HUGE fans of your site. It's always so much fun to read through and play with. Adam dressed up as you dressed up as the Devil for Halloween. He even tried wearing a bald cap but it was really hard to adhere, so we ended up tossing it. I dressed up as an Unholy Catholic School Girl. It was awesome. People definitely did a double take when they saw a big red Satan in the driver's seat. The reactions people give you on a non-Halloween day must be hilarious. Attached is a picture of us, I hope it gives you some kicks... and of course we want our set of free Jesus Dress Up Magnets.

Love, Sue.

“I will pray to jesus for your sole”

what do you get out of this it is alful u need help I will be praying for you and your friends I really dont under stand how you can just do this I will pray to jesus for your sole


“When I'm in heaven...”

That website is totally awesome!
Not! It stinks! I feel sorry 4 u. When I'm in heaven & I know you're down there in torture zone. (hell) It's not 2 late 2 become a Christain. God will still forgive u. U just need 2 ask. It's not that hard. (There I just asked him myself)

Praying 4u,
Katelyn Bruggeling

I can't c y u said that 2 me! U c, 4 u 2 b 1 of those ppl u're gonna b in heaven & c 2 many ppl b tortured & then u will b 2 sad 2 b glad in heaven. Some heaven! Ha!


“I know that heaven will b awesome.”

Ha what? It was just a saying. I know that heaven will b awesome. I won't have 2 worry about u.

Katelyn Bruggeling

4 it 2 b gr8 u dont c how when u c me u will b 2 sad, & u c 1s u love b tortured u will b 2 sad 2? Or u only love those who c & blieve? That's 2 bad.

“Your gonna be getting alot of unfriendly mail!!”

Subject: EVIL

You should change your e-mail address Your anything but normal!!

What person in there right mind would bring God down to the level you have brought him down to!! He died on the cross 4 you whether you like it or not!! He loves you and no matter what you make him look like!! You obviously don't read the bible because what your doing is baring a false statue of him and your gonna go 2 hell and it's not a party there but an everlasting pain and you will have to bear it because you will be there FOREVER!! You think this is hell on earth just wait until you get were your going buddy!!

Your gonna be getting alot of unfriendly mail!!

How dare you say that I'm anything but normal! You don't even know me!

I HAVE read parts of the bible and I NEVER read a part about it being wrong to bare false statues to Jesus. That's crazy! How would that be bad?

I think it's clear who's the not-the-bible-reading-person. I VERY MUCH DOUBT that I'll get unfriendly mail. Why would I put up a site to get unfriendly mail, you dummy!?!? Ha ha ha!

You are the one who isn't normal!

“If God is fake, which he's not, then that would mean Satan is fake.... Before you create something you should know the facts!!!”

If God is fake, which he's not, then that would mean Satan is fake. Lucifer was God's favorite angel before he got too conceited that he was banished from heaven. And if God is fake, then no one would have created the angels and since Lucifer was an angel, he wouldnt be created and therefore never existed.


Hmmmm, maybe then there's a chance that Satan is fake as well? I mean, if God is fake then Satan must be fake too! Wow! I hadn't even thought of that. That'd be awesome 'cause Satan sucks! Now it all adds up! This is gonna be a great day!

Thank you Z!


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