Hey everybody! In case you haven't seen it yet I just designed the Wizard of Oz edition of JesusDressUp.com! Go to it, play around a bit then send it to all your friends and enemies.

Personally, my favorite thing to do with it is dress Jesus up as Dorothy with the "I'D TURN BACK IF..." sign above her head (see picture on right) then imagine everyone on their way to the Emerald City seeing this and turning back.

Funny, right? "We were on our way into the city and you'll never believe what we saw!!!"
I don't know, maybe it's just me.
Here's more hate mail for you anyhow.

Newest Jesus Dress Up
Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Not an actual picture, I think.

Hi Bob,

I must admit that I am very doubtful that this letter will serve any purpose whatsoever (except perhaps earning the title of "hate mail", and possibly some witty retort -- by the way, I think it would be more appropriately titled "love mail", as you strive to go "out of [your] way to destroy all things love.)

Despite this, I must say that seeing this "hate mail" is very reassuring. Although anyone who writes to you must realize that their comments will only become another joke on the site, we continue to reach out in the hope that what we say may: a) Convince you and your readership of our sincere concern for your eternal welfare; b) Provide resources for anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ and what He has done for mankind, and; c) Convince you to censor the content on your site.

For these reasons, I would like to assure you that I am praying for you. No matter what you've done, God is willing to forgive you. You undoubtably have a good grasp of the Christian faith, but this site is a basic introduction for anyone who may be interested:

Thank you for your time. In Christ,
Dan Gordon


It is so incredible to me that we still live in a time when grown adults "pray" to themselves without the simple understanding that all they're doing is soothing an underlying helplessness we all have to deal with in some way. When in fact this prayer that you've said to yourself is probably the emptiest gesture anybody could could ever do for another. A self-indulgent stoking of ones own self-righteousness.

Is it that people are just too lazy, and any effort beyond bowing ones head and talking to them self is as much as they're able to give? Or does the brain crave the easiest answers to such a degree that it'll buy into any superstition for that feeling of control?

Dan, your "love mail" has nothing to do with what love really is. Do you realize that? Does Dan realize that everyone on planet earth already knows the directions on how to accept Jesus into their heart, and that's not the issue? The issue is that none of it makes any sense, there are too many questions with no good answers and all of the evidence points away from Jesus, Adam & Eve, Satan & God.

Why do you not care about these issues? Why do you ignore those inquiries? How do you answer these things to yourself when you are alone with your thoughts thinking that you should not have to feel lonely so that's the reason God must exist? Why Dan, why?


Subject: New Hate Mail Page: People grow stupider.

I know that you know I have e-mailed you before, but I would really like to complement you on the new edition of hate mail. I love the way you showed prayer as talking to yourself and possibly your imaginary friend. Your retorts and arguements were, as usual, as true as they can get.

I would also like to compliment you on the new Jesus Dress up. I love it. I've already spent 45 minutes of my time dressing up Jesus in the new variety of outfits.

It's nice to know there are other people on this earth that can think logically.

Keep making those dress up's (maybe a new Mr. X?),
Dave Sykora

“People need to believe something, be it false hope or actual fact if it makes them feel better about what they're doing”

Subject: Some Hate mail for your site if you want it.. Should be a challenge

Hello normal bob,
I understand you do not believe in god or satan, I feel the same way how could somone like that posibly exist? How could adam and eve be created from scratch and placed as the first beings on earth when the oldest human skeleton is billions years younger then the carbon dating on some fossils? I howver don't go trying to prove them wrong for one simple reason; People need to believe something, be it false hope or actual fact if it makes them feel better about what they're doing good for them.

Mike Percival
Sooke, BC. Canada

Wow Mike, is that really the stance you're going to take on this? I should stop disproving the Bible because it makes some people feel good? Are you serious? But what if that incorrect belief is being forced onto others (Creationism in schools, abortion rights, gay rights, stem cell research, media censorship)? What then? Do we still have to bend over and take it simply because it makes some people feel good?

What if the people who believe in it want everyone else to believe in it too, and they won't rest until everyone does? In fact, what if one of the most important rules in the belief is to convert others to it? What about that? Is "makes them feel better" still reason enough to perpetuate the lie?

My god, what if it's reason enough simply because the truth is what's most important for the human race and our urgent struggle to find answers for the sake of future generations?

What about those reasons, Mike? Answer me that.

“If that "incorrect belief" was being forced on others the ones it was being forced on can ignore it if they choose”

If that "incorrect belief" was being forced on others the ones it was being forced on can ignore it if they choose and just let them believe what they want. If somone trys to teach you something it doesn't mean you have to learn it. Learn to ignore its a very valuable skill.

Mike Percival

We're talking kids in school Mike. They're not choosing anything. It's taught to them as truth. wtf?

“Even kids have the ability to champion any idea.”

Even kids have the ability to champion any idea. The big bang THEORY is being taught as truth so is darwinism but do you see people going against that? If you don't believe it you don't have to.

Mike Percival

What are you talking about? Are you just ignoring what I'm saying? Laws are structured around these beliefs! Every example I presented is about losing that choice! And, no, kids don't champion ideas when they're being taught by teachers.
You really scare me.

“jesus christ did walked the earth that was taught but never was it proven he was revived.”

name some of those laws. and no i'm not ignoring you. And here in canada, I have no knoledge of religion being taught in schools aside from knowing what each stands for. jesus christ did walked the earth that was taught but never was it proven he was revived. that is taught as well the fact that there are no facts to support his rebirth.

Mike Percival

You act as if you've never even heard of the gay marraige debate that's on the table now. Or the Christian Right's goal to stop abortion, stem cell research and put Creationism in every school. Is Canada so out of touch that you don't even know what's being debated in the name of God?

Here in America Creationism is taught in some schools, and there's a movement on the Right to have it taught in ALL schools... AS TRUTH! It's so upsetting to hear people like you who think it's better to ignore the lie. It makes me sick to hear such ignorance.

You're a big part of the problem, Mike.
Please rethink your Teach-lies-because-it-feels-better stance and get back to me.

PS. You were right, your emails are a challenge. They make me want to gouge my own eyes out.

“I am so flatter by your secret weapons to destroy the temple of God.”

You know you satanist are the most afraid people I know.
You know I am a Christian and I was friends with one of your satanist worshippers, he took me through your entire satanic symbols and influence me wrong. After we moved 1 year later, he asks me if I am gay, said he is now gay, and have climbed out of his closet when Mcdonald moved back to Durban, when I ask him for his phone number he was to scare to give it to me. Since that day you satan and his worshipers are to me the most afraid worshippers by far. To scare to reveal your secrets, I am so flatter by your secret weapons to destroy the temple of God.

Gargantuan Herculean

He did all that when Mcdonald moved back to Durban? I'd be flattered too!


“I NEVER send emails to people expressing my disappointment with the things I see on tv, in papers etc but...”

I NEVER send emails to people expressing my disappointment with the things I see on tv, in papers etc but I could not help but send you an email when I was on a radio station website which gave a link to your site...

I am so incredibly offended by what you are selling and marketing... regardless of what my religious beliefs may or may not be your magnets are insensitive, offensive, mocking and really inexcusable. I just wanted to challenge you to take a step back and consider what you are selling and marketing. In a culture where we are told to be respectful and tolerant of others beliefs and especially open to alternative lifestyles your product is in direct opposition and a contradiction of that philosophy or mind set.

Whether you believe in it or not, Christ on the cross is about and is a symbol of a man suffering the most excruciating of deaths so that people who are flawed and plagued by the dark side of humanity can have hope and be cleansed. There is nothing negative or funny about that so to choose this as a joke piece is really quite low and immature.

I am not trying to attack you personally or be vindictive in any way but as I said I was so moved by your product that I had to write you and express my concern and frustration that something like this is even created and sold...

Thank you for your time and consideration...
Ruby Hill

My apologies. We've already signed a one year contract of $30 for the JesusDressUp.com URL address. It is too late for us to change our minds on the matter. Otherwise we'd consider it.

Have you tried going to other sites instead of ours?

“I am a newly born christian with a fire burning love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Dear Bob;
I'm writing in regards to your website. I am a newly born christian with a fire burning love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. With Halloween around the corner, I was concerned with how I would celebrate Satan's day with my kids but applying a more fun and positive message for my kids. They love Christ as well and understand its meaning and are just as concerned.

We decided to pray on it and search for ideas on the internet when we came upon your website. We all now agree to pray for you, sir, for you obviously misinterpreted the meaning of Jesus's death on the cross. Where's the love for Christ in mocking Him. You do realize that there was blood shed, tears and pains of agony and desperation involved. He suffered this horror freely for the redemption of your sins. Friend, I'm with you when it comes to searching for something positive out of something so negative as hatred, prejudice, and blasphemy of our precious Savior. I don't think you meant any harm, at least I pray that you didn't mean any harm. All I ask is that you reconsider your faith and truly believe that He does love you and wants you for Him. I pray that you truly open your heart and see the truth of His purpose.

Remember, it is hard enough for a non-believer to look at an empty cross and believe of His existence. It will be next to impossible for that same non-believer to accept Jesus for who He really is and what He did for you and me when He is wearing a dress! Thank you for this opportunity and God Bless.

Love in Jesus Christ,
Kelly Stout

What's come over everyone? Doesn't anybody care about using their brain anymore? Am I completely mad or are you absolutely no different than those Heaven's Gate wackos? What's the difference? They had TONS of faith, in fact, more than you since they all committed suicide to be with their maker. And you're getting together in groups to figure out how to defeat Satan? What the hell is going on?!? You have children?!? Nevermind that, you people have driver's licenses?!?!

Here, I have one little thing I'd like you to consider. Consider this: Praying is nothing except talking to yourself. Is that such a hard concept to grasp? Is that idea soooo far fetched that I should be tied up in a straight jacket and locked away in a padded room? You're talking to yourself! People do that all the time to ease their frustrations, sort out their thoughts and company themselves when they are alone. The only difference is you think God's there and can hear you and all of our lives should revolve around your imaginary friend.

Jesus died a long long time ago, Kelly. I mean, that is if he even really existed. You can't ever be absolutely positive about these things! Sometime lies are told! Did you know that? Had you even ever considered that? Do you care about researching any of these stories? If you did you'd find very quickly that they don't make sense. You'd see that there were once dinosaurs who live millions of years before Adam and Eve and that Jesus Christ wasn't even around when the Bible was written. My god, I feel like I'm talking to 3rd graders!

Listen, take a step back for a minute and look at the people around you praying. You're a cult, Kelly. There's no difference between you, Raelians, Zendik, Mormons, Trekkies, and those freaky missle-worshipping aliens in that third Planet of the Apes movie. All of the same arguments work for their beliefs as they do yours. My feeling is that the second you name anyone as your leader, you should be beamed back into your spaceship never to return again.

I defy you to go to Dictionary.com, type in "cult" and explain to me how you're any different than the definition. That's all you gotta do for me.

Happy Halloween.


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