"Mel Gibson made a film that draws attention to the holiness and suffering of Christ. This guy is making a mockery of Christ. And did this guy invest so much of his own money like Mel Gibson did? Mel Gibson took a gamble. He could have lost big time on this. Did this guy risk losing so much of his own money?"

Rev. Leonard Lewandowski
Pastor of Sacred Heart parish in Swedesburg
The Catholic Standard Times

The Joe Benson files
His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white

Subject: Ready to do your homework???

Man, I must admit, you really like to stir up some shit! I looked at other pages of your content and you absolutely have some damn good questions that need some real answers. So many Christians take the Bible word for word. There are a lot of people that say they are Christians on Sunday and then forget about the other six days of the week. Most NEVER have the courage to confront a pastor and disagree. Now, take all of the pastors of the Christian faith. How many are actually educated theologians? Of this minutia, how many confronted their teachers? Not many.

As a Christian, I will be the first to admit, I think the recruitment methods of grandstanding and pushing pamphlets is annoying and cheap. It is nothing more than a salesman's pitch. If they would just pull back, and take a look at the big picture! Who would want anything to do with Christianity if Jesus was on a soap box and screaming "do this.....or else!" Soul's are won, one on one- and your "free-will" as well as mine, is the best gift and reason we are here.

If the Bible was a novel, most Christians have just resorted to only being interested in the last chapter. They think the King James version is 100% correct, leaving no room for margin of error. I give you props for confronting them. They should be comfortable answering your questions and give an earnest response. We need to know where we came from to get where we are going

I do think we are alike in the arena of truth. Just like in the movie, the Matrix, we have one of two choices. But if you are like me, screw the blue pill- let's find answers to these questions and start waking people up! This approach to life can be applied into so many other areas as well. People in general, have just forgotten to think.

Here are the topics I would like to discuss, but only if YOU are interested:

Dinosaurs( not as old as one thinks), Giants ( tons of evidence ), Angels ( no hallmark moments here- they kick butt effectively), Myths ( not really), Lost Books of the Bible ( what most of the narrow minded Christians ignore), and the land that is now our country in Pre-Columbian times ( what we were told in school is PURE bullshit).

By the way, I am an artist as well. You've got the stuff!
Let's do this!
David Crain

Wow David, finally a cool, laid back Christian who can make sense of all this kooky stuff for me! What a breath of fresh air this is gonna be! Where do I begin? I suppose at the beginning, huh? Ha ha ha ha!

I'm always so anxious to hear what crazy explanation the random Christian has for the dinosaurs. Some say that they lived side by side with mankind during bible times, ha ha ha! While others claim that when God said He made the earth on the first day and man on the forth He's actually talking about a day being 150 billion years and that's where the dinosaurs fit in. I know! I'm like, what?!? And then of course there are those who claim that it's all just a huge illusion created by Satan and dinosaurs never existed at all! I love that one most!

My favorite part about all of this is that never once does somebody go, "What a wonderful point. Logically it doesn't equate. I think that the authenticity of the Bible should be scrutinised because common sense tells me that this doesn't fit."

Yeah, so this is gonna be fun! And maybe we'll finally logically explain the stories in the Bible! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Let's do this!

“I will contact someone's supervisor if I don't receive a reply.”

Subject: I saw your website

To whom it may concern:
Needless to say, I'm about as offended as I can get. "Your prayers did nothing" ?

How would you feel if, instead of Jesus, we put a picture of, say, your mother in her final hour? She might be pale, lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to life support. What if she died a violent death? What if we show a picture of your mother's dead face, right after she has been stabbed to death, and allow people to choose to put on a mustache, sunglasses, lipstick, fangs, bushy eyebrows...All on your mother's dead face! Like it? New product idea?

Or, how about a member of your family such as your child, who has died recently? Get the idea? Oops! You already got the idea. Oh, that's right, I got the idea from You!

I do hope you're taking this personally. That's the only way you will be able to understand what your company has done. It IS personal. It's no joking matter.

I do expect a response from whoever is receiving this e-mail. I will contact someone's supervisor if I don't receive a reply.

Very Sincerely,

Joe Benson

Okay, first of all, I have no idea how you found the site but I didn't send it to you and that's what I'll tell my supervisor if you contact him. I'd really think twice about that if I were you. He's a Christian and I don't think he'd be too happy hearing from you or seeing the page you saw. Yeah, I think you can see how that might cause a problem. Okay?

Now, as for killing my mother and stabbing her in the face and publishing pictures of the whole event for the world to gawk at, well, I wouldn't like that at all. But, to tell you the truth, if you did do that I don't think I'd be so upset that I'd email your boss. No, come to think about it, I'd recognize your right to free speech and keep your employer out of it. I'd be concerned that this might be the way you make your living and wouldn't want to burden the welfare system any further by getting you fired.

So, thank you for the analogy. I can see the similarities but I don't think I'd take it THAT personal if you did those things (mocked my dead child, exploited my mother's forensic photos, etc.). In fact I would commend you on using your right to free speech and standing up for what's important to us as Americans (freedom of speech). Like, you'd be a hero... like how I should be recognized. Heroic.


“Are you Bob Smith?”

Thanks for getting back to me. Based on the time stamp of your e-mail, you were working late. Are you Bob Smith?

Joe Benson

Yes, it is.
Have you emailed anyone else about this matter?

“I'm not depriving you of your right to free speach.”

No, I haven't emailed anyone else about this. If you are The Bob, then you are the owner / manufacturer / boss, isn't that right? In that case, there is no one above you. You are the top. So, who else would I email or contact about my displeasure? I've already gone to the top. My answer is "No". You are not going to discontinue making the Jesus Dress-up. I already know your position because you made them in the first place. If you were going to be considerate of people to whom Christ means something important, you wouldn't have marketed this idea. I'm not depriving you of your right to free speach. In order to do that, I would require the power to make you stop - I don't. Would I if I could - no.

What you've done is offensive, not criminal. I can't call you a hero. Opposition alone does not make what we do heroic. I find no nobility or honor or benefit to people in what you have done. If you think Christianity is a lie, it would be heroic to honestly expose it for a lie. All you're doing is to mock what I hold as sacred.

Sincerely, Joe Benson

Wait, but youuuu said you were going to contact my supervisor! That was your claim, not mine! Don't go pushin' it off on me like I'm some kind of liar! I was just extremely curious as to how you were going to follow through on that threat and who exactly you were going to contact. Your scolding, tattle-tale, lecture of an email really got me wondering who I was really up against.

And how do you know that I don't already have something I'm working on where I expose the lie of Christianity? Maybe I do? You don't know. You're just assuming! So maybe I am a hero and you just haven't seen what I've done yet?

I dunno. Just speculating.

“So, why Jesus. Why not Sadam or Osama or Kerry or Bush or .... Hate Christianity?”

So, ok Bob. Who do I contact next, your mother?? I can't do that. If she read my example (lecture) she'd be asking for MY mother's e-mail address. I assumed I was contacting a customer service rep or someone in a corporate situation. I wanted some kind of answer. I assumed. I was ticked and did not want to be ignored by some employee. I wanted the maker of the kit to know I was ticked. ( one among many ticked people, I imagine ) So, why Jesus. Why not Sadam or Osama or Kerry or Bush or .... Hate Christianity? Looking for publicity through controversy or what?

Joe Benson

Oh! I chose Jesus because he was all ready displayed on that cross. It makes for a perfect display model. It wouldn't make any sense to put Sadam or Osama or Kerry or Bush on the cross. And having them just standing there is boring! I didn't realize that was your only problem with it. I hope I explained it for you.


“Having fun with me, are you?”

Having fun with me, are you? I'm sure you know what my problem is with it.

If you don't want to answer the question, of course, then I quess our conversation would only degenerate into a waste of time for us both from here on.

To be up front and put away the bullcrap, I would love to find your problem with Christianity and give you an answer that might lead to to the same conclusion I have come to - that it's true. But I find we all choose to believe or disbelieve because we want to. Simple. No one can talk us in or out - not permanently anyway.

It's been fun.

Sincerely, Joe Benson

Having fun with you? You bet I am! I've found that's the best defense against those who shovel the bull crap.

From the very first flight of man when Jesus went up into heaven, to the final flight of mankind when they're all finally scooped up by God from the apocalypse.

From the highest throne in the Kingdom of Paradise to the deepest depths of a fiery pit called Hell.

From the very first Creationist who's tried to prove a ten thousand year old universe, to the final bumbling excuse that its all illusions of Satan.

From the instant God's magical sperm impregnated that virgin, to the day when some other lady will give birth to Him again.

From the very first day on earth when Adam stood alone with 25 ribs amidst a planet of unnamed animals & dinosaurs, to the bitter end when that multi-headed dragon spells our doom.

All of it utter and complete bull crap at its best. That's the problem with Christianity. Wouldn't you agree?

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