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(Yes, I realize these aren't the pissed off, bloodthirsty hate letters you normally see here,
but they're amusing nonetheless.)

His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Subject: fanmail from Australia

Hey Bob,

I've been a fan of your site for about 2 years now, especially the Jesus dress ups and such. I'm an Aussie aethist (from the land down under- Australia) and just wanted to say how much your site makes me laugh at all the ignorant people of the world, Christians and others alike.

I was stuck at an Anglican all girls school for 12 years, where I was forced to sit through weekly chapel services and 2 classes a week on 'christian studies.' Needless to say I was surrounded by goody goody christian wearing those WWJD bands and staring at me as if I was the worlds worst person.

Thankfully my group of chicks were all like me, and we delighted in tormenting our christian classmates by mocking their so called faith as well as getting up to things which would surely send us to hell!! I mean fuck, we were stuck at an all chicks school what do they think we did on weekends!

A year old of school, having escaped only mildly crazed from the 12 years of bible bashing I have endured I continue in my good aethist ways and love every minute of it. 'God bless' having non believers for parents too haha. And thank fuck that I'm away from the hypocritical freaks who resided in my school, saying one thing and then doing the opposite really shits me. Ah the hyopcracy of christians!! At least I have to guts to do what I say and mean it!

All i say to them is read some Nietzche and see GOD IS DEAD, we have killed him its meaningless now to base our society and belief system on this redundant force.

So thank you bob for saving me from my fate, I may have become a christian and be getting married at the age of 18 (like one of the chick i went to school with) just to be able to have sex legitimately in God's eyes. I see I can make my own choices and have all the more fun without having to answer to the suposed creator of this world.

I've attatched a photo of myself so you don't go and get a freaky weird arse one of some random.

luv from down under


Everytime i read your hate mail i become more sure of my atheism.
thanks doll


Dude religion is somthing you dont make of fun of that way. Like south park, they portray jesus as a cool dude with super powers, not dressing his dead body with colourful close!

You are just some sick old dude. Your probly HITLER!!!!!!!

Matt Mosz

“Please read the following Bible verse and share your comments with me... Romans 6:23”

Subject: a request from me

Greetings Bob,
Please read the following Bible verse and share your comments with me:

Romans 6:23

Thanks for taking the time, Bob.
David Schmiedeberg

Wow, the emailers just get lazier and lazier.
All right, I went to that oh-so-important verse that you sent me to go find and here's what it says:
Romans 6:23 The reward that wrong ways give is to die. But the gift which God gives is to live for ever. Christ Jesus our Lord has done this for us.

My first impression was, "WOW! Gosh! Sounds like if I worship God I'll live forever! And if I don't I'll die!! What a wonderful gift God has given us!" Then I fell to my knees and prayed like the prayin' fool I am.

But then all one has to do is substitute any name in place of God's and Jesus' name and I'm left to wonder if I'd have the same reaction to that. Let's see.

Romans 6:23 The reward that wrong ways give is to die. But the gift which Anna Kournikova gives is to live for ever. Anna Kournikova our Lord has done this for us.

"Wow! Gosh! Now I want to worship Anna Kournikova so that I can live forever, and if I don't I'll die!" And I fall to my knees and pray to her too.

Gee? Is that all it took? Am I that easily persuaded?

You see, the problem is that I think those are all just words written by superstitious, prehistoric old men who never considered logical forethought or common sense. I don't think that God exists or the Bible to be any valid sorce of fact, therefore I have very little respect for whatever it says, and I'll even scoff those who bow down and worship something simply because words are written in a book telling them to. And I especially scoff someone who thinks that those words are somehow convincing or fascinating enough to start any type of debate on any topic what-so-ever.

Tell me, were you as blind sided by this glorious knowledge as I was?


“Thanks, Bob, for your comments yesterday.”

Subject: Re: another request

Thanks, Bob, for your comments yesterday. Here's another verse I'd like you to peruse. As always, I welcome your comments and thoughts.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23
What does this say to you, Bob?

David Schmiedeberg

Gosh. This is another good one. God sounds like a pretty humongous, terrific fellow. Unfortunately we do not know for sure if all fall short of the glory of God because we don't even know if God exists. And if He doesn't exist (which is what I believe) then we all surpass the glory of God immensely!

So yeah, that's where I stand on that. Another useless quote from a book written by men who couldn't even make toast. Reason enough to scrutinize their hallucinations.


“Why do you think Jesus came to die, Bob?”

Subject: yet another verse

Here's another one Bob: "I tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." John 3:3

Why do you think Jesus came to die, Bob?

David Schmiedeberg

You really do enjoy letting that book do all your thinking for you. How about a quote from you?

Did you know there are many books that claim they are telling the truth? And then there are many books which claim to tell the truth but tell things that are untrue. Did you know that? Shocking, I know. Would you like to know what I do in this dilemma? I reason things out. I use common sense to decipher the lies from the truth. I also use evidence and proof to help me in my decision making. And finally I also look to science to see what the findings are and how it all fits in with with the logical scientific answer.

Did you know that the best lies contain an element of truth? That's what the bible is. A lie that contains elements of truth. Jesus Christ had many lessons that made sense and provided good rules in which to live by. Unfortunately the bible also claimed that God turned Lot's wife into a pillar of salt, and that all of the different languages spoken around the world began at The Tower of Babel. Those are lies. Accepting these lies as truth makes people stupid, gullible and, frankly, very silly.

Jesus was born to a woman who lived in a time where premarital sex was justification enough for death by stoning. Jesus was born with everybody wanting Him to be God's Son, and in those days the starving, poverty stricken people had no hope and had no trouble being convinced that their salvation had been born in Bethlehem.

Why do I think Jesus came to die? I understand you think He did it to save us from Satan. I am much more reasonable about the matter. I believe he was a man who was put to death during a time when going against the popular religion was a crucifiable offence. It's not an outragous claim or extremely far fetched.

I promise you Jesus Christ was not the Son of God and that man will never come back again, swooping down from the clouds to lift you all into paradise forever. I also understand that you'd like that to be the case, and therein lies the real problem.


“Have a nice eternity, Bob.”

Subject: today's verse

Interesting comments on the last verse. Here's today's:

Jesus said to him. "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
John 14:6

Have a nice eternity, Bob.
David Schmiedeberg

I'm beginning to see a subtle pattern to your "witnessing" technique. It's a reoccurring theme where you just send random passages from the bible thinking that this somehow sums up all the reasons to believe and why you yourself believe. So compelling. It's obvious you've put a lot of thought into the matter at hand and aren't just basing your life on the bible's catchy phrases.

Okay, on to today's verse: John 14:6 "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
Are you interested at all in putting out any of your own thoughts and the evidence you've accepted that validates your beliefs? Is there a personal reason why you chose to worship Jesus Christ instead of all the other gods, religions, cults, nursery rhymes, etc.? I mean, besides the fact that this is the belief you are surrounded by is there any other reason you're into the bible? Or don't you have thoughts of your own anymore?

I wonder why you haven't sent me Lev. 20:14 "If you lie with your wife and your mother-in-law, then all three of you must be burned to death."
That's a fun one!

But your sign-off I think summed you up best. You want the eternity, that's what you're waitin' for. Hell, we all want to live forever, David! That's not the question here. No matter how much you want to live forever that isn't enough to make sense out of nonsense. Despite God claiming He is the truth there is still no way of explaining how the dinosaurs fit into Adam & Eve's time period without sounding like a lunatic.

And you know it doesn't look good how you keep avoiding my questions. Simply saying "Interesting comments" every time is not how one goes about looking intelligent in a conversation. Are you finding yourself in over your head in this dialog? That's what it seems like from this end.

Ooooh! I wonder what the next quote from the bible you'll pick!


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