I used to be a pagan, i used to practice witch craft, i used to listen to marylyn manson, i have 4 tatoos that i got all in one year

The Rena ReHab files
Part 4

Her letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

One of my most favorite things to do lately has been hustlin' those God forsaken God is Fake fliers down at St. Marks Place.

Venessa has joined me in the hustle, bringing her enthusiasm, courage and piercing voice to the cause.

She's gotten some great one liners off, like for instance when this lady yelled: "JESUS LOVES YOU!" She quickly returned with: "MY IMAGINARY FRIEND LOVES YOU TOO!"

This redhead's face speaks volumns.

But it hasn't just been nay sayers and heckling.
There has been a lot of support as well!

This is Nikkie of the Unholy Army who stopped by to say hi (you'll see her in the next run of the Army). I'll tell ya, the caliber of girls who smile at me when I'm talkin' shit about God is incredible!

In fact, my shit-talkin' helps bring friendships together!

I've even been able to hustle some magnets! People love to hate God, that's what I've been seein' first hand!

I've found the whole "Hustlin' No God" to the public an enormous treat.
I think I've found my calling in life, and it's hustlin'.
"That's right, you heard me correctly. Your god is fake! Now, can't you read the sign? No loitering! Move along move along! Ya deadbeats!"

“ooh look at me..i am the devil..oooh look hiss be afraid...oooh guys look at my art work..worship me ooh ys..now lets all have one big gay orgie ok”

Subject: boooo!

heeey bobby,
I just loove talking to you. I can toell you despise me, but really why havent you put anymore of my letters on your site, you only put my really dumb letters, up..you know the ons that i kinda sound foolish..i readalot of your hate meail it was funny, that josh thing,...hes a christian? hey we all have flaws you know. no ones perfect..i loose my cool all the time. I looked at your drwings..they are very good..i appreciate good art becasue i draw also..look i am not trying to make friends with you.

but your web site is interesting...its to bad that god is able to shut it down...not saying he will..but he can..you are attractng alot of christians..that look up the name jesus..and they see this darn jesus dress up site..

you no what i thought when I saw that..i thought ooooh coool...ill get to put jesus in kings clothing..then i saw that..it was funny...but wrong..i mean how would you feel if i had a site that said" color the devil" you no..we could make him green or blue..oooh my we could cut off his horns and put bow ties on hs head instead..cut off that long tail and put a little rabbit tail on him..isnt that sweet....

or what if i went to slums and took some pictures of people like you scratchint there rearends...i saw pics of the chicks that worship you..they are cute..but individual ...? you talk about individual...all of um have died hair..dark make up..they look like kelly osborne clones or somthin....

how old are you any way...like 25 26 or somthin...? i am kinda flattered you put me in your hate mail..even if i did sound stupid...lol.i am listen there are alot of religions out there...and i have been writing you back..becasue i didnt know you were using my email to help mock chrstianity..i am also flattered you havent put any of my recent emails up..why? do I argue a good point or somrthin?

do i make you sound not sooo inteligent? whats goin on here? you no how to see the truth in individuals but god can see the truth in you. hey..i wanna thank you for given me the opportunity to talk about god....I really feel you may no tbe receptve and all..but seed s are planted..gods given you quite a mind.....i challenge you to let it wander abit..

are you curious about "the in the name of jesus stuff" you think its crazy right...so i am a crazy person right? cool...i am glad you think so. i prefer to be called a radical chrstian...but crazy radical out ofmy mind they go hand n hand dont they....?

you have inspired me bob..to really stand for what i believe..i want to stand for jesus the way you stand for the devil..who you pretend to not serve..hahahah. i think i was meant to talk to you...i should start like making fun of all the people lie you..allthe dark devil worshiping drug addicted junkies ..horny porno freak sick dirty people...i could talka alday about you liberals...about your imorality..i could draw funny pictures about people like you..who think oooh i am soooo important..an alltey are doing is smoking and havin sex..or maybe they are amplifies computar geaks like yourslef.

oooh let me just sit o n the computar for 10 hours a day...making fun of devil worshippers...i know ill go to an art festival...and take pictures of these night crawlers in action...oh look theres one i think i can see...whats that? an earing inthe crack of her a** ...is that a tatoo i see on his forhead whatdoes it say..."ransom" whatdoes that mean..ok...cool...o hey theres to two girls dressed in black kissing ..and there hair is what aww they both have pink hair there twins...how sweet....

ooh look at that skinny bald headed guy with a big ol camera round his his neck...what that shirt say." i am god" ..ohh boy i sse a tatoo on his elbow? ooh it says "wynona rider held my picture up a an award cerimony" yea?ummm ok? i guesse your cool now huh,..your really going somewhere now ooh boy..watch out bobs alomost to holly wood..gonna make it big..gonna get laid by many women gonna be like howard stern...look how how cool he is ruffling peoples feathers.

please as if you are the only one thathas ever ruffled feathers..i ruffle feathers just bybeing me..buti am not super cool becasue of it..you really think thatgetting masses of christian mad is a big accomplishment?

ooh i think ill piss lots of chrstians off with my gay beliefs..and my sick devil pictures..yes they will just loove me in my tight devil siut..ooh look at me..i am the devil..oooh look hiss be afraid...oooh guys look at my art work..worship me ooh ys..now lets all have one big gay orgie ok...

arent ,my penis drawings just fantastic!....ill draw a picture of my balls next....then you can see a detailed picture ofmy choad...hey guys maybe youll get lucky and ill sho myself naked..then you can touch my protruding rib cage...

wow thatwas great.....bye bob.


“used to be a pagan, i used to practice witch craft, i used to listen to marylyn manson, i have 4 tatoos thati got all in one year”

listen i dont know why i feel the urge to write you, but i have to let you know, that i used to be a pagan, i used to practice witch craft, i usedto listen to marylyn manson, i have 4 tatoos thati got all in one year, i was 18. at 19 i got sober you no.

I am facinated as i look at all thefans, at the people thatyou appleal to. I went to school with people like you. The thing is you think you are sooo different form every one, thatyou are soo much more inteligent.

I used to dress all gothc and stuff, but I was just a poser man, thats not me. I hung out with people like you, we smoked weed, talked "deep" But what is deep? I mean we are ego maniacs. I have talked to many pagans, and they are all turned off by religion. I am turned off by religion. religion is just people being hypocrits. they act like they are sooo good, and then the pastor is screwing his wifes sister you no. Theytell you thinkgs like you are going to hell, if you dont follow the 10 commandments and stuff. i dont blame you for not believing in the god of"religion" , I am not tryingto preach. I just haveto let you no, that before I gave my life to jesus, i was depressed, i cut myself, for real..i wwas a major self mutalator, i loved pain...why? because it felt better than the chronic depression in my heart. I admire that you seek the truth. And you have every right ot want proof. But why do you rule out the possiblity that Jesus is god? Listen,i am living roof that jesus is real. I was like the fans on your web sight. And bob...take a look at them..do really think they are individual..?

Come on...they all have one thing in commom...they are all "trying" just like you..are "trying" to be individual. Come on..do you really no..who you are. Are you so into finding the truth..to actually find out the truth about yourself. Do you no who you are...? Are you trying to be individual because you dont wantot be like everyone else? If you are bob...youve made yourself just like every oe else. Listen I can say these things...because I have been there...heck i am there. I am an attention junkie..i think all humans are..i think we all wantot be accepted...I think we all wantot be loved.

And since we dont see god....well..we seek acceptance form what we can see. Our moms dads friends family you no. I dont no about you bob..but i have never been accepted in life...by any one.. People at school made fun of me...made fun of how much smaller i was then every one else. So i tryed to "fit in you no"..I was me untill..well people started telling me it wasnt cool to be "me" so then i just got lost man...

I really dont believe you are an evil devil worshipping ego maniac at heart bob...actually i read a conversation you had with mimi love..and i see soo much tenderness and honesty in you. But guys play games with girls to bob..tis is a hurtful place..so you have turned bitter in a sarcastic way..it sems you are using your talents to cope with this delemma... are you? cuz i dont know...i mean i dont know alot..i only no what i have experienced...and i know that you might not even relate to any of the things I am saying. But i hope you do. Bob, my prayer..about you loosing your talents is so you can find god...maybe you think you dont want to..butbob YOu are a truth seeker...and if you seek for the truth ..youll find him....he is god. Jesus, your creator. I think you are so inteligent..I am pissed offat religion because it turns people away form god. That is the purposue of religion you no. catholic, baptist luthran...oh they all have there own belifes..the hypocrits..they say they believe in the bible..but they twist every word to there liking bob...

they manipulate people..and you no it. and you are right in thatrespect. Then you have the "christian" that i sall self righteous..and itseasy to feel thatway..when you are saved and a christian...its easy to forget that a christian is saved and we are not purpose. our mission is to seek the truth(god) love the truth(god) and teach about the truth(god) Because people are mislead. The bible says"they perish for a lack of knowledge"Listen bob...ummm...when i was pagan...new age you no..i used to roam the woods in search of fairies, casting spells and stuff. I practiced meditation...read about hinduism, shamanisim, i did tarrot cards like every day..i had two different decks man...

I loved thatstiff..and even when i became saved...i practiced it...not knowing I was tapping into the dark magic...into the devils underwear..you know.lol. I njoyed the mysical feeling, the sense of power. But bob, i learned thatit was all an illusion, a way to keep me form being free...a way to keep me form finding the truth, a way to keep me trapped bysin and under the devils power. listen..devils can and do posess people. and they possesedme at one time. and they possess you , they are tricking youinto believing that spirits do not exist. so they can control you.

Do you want ot be controled? why are you letting them controll you? becasue you cant stop it, becasue you dont know the truth. because only the truth can set you free.

I really care about you bob...because I see...II was there where your fans are...where you may be...All my "therios" are derived form personal experience...and the teachings of the bible.

YOu know before i even touched the bible...for a while it sat in my room..like some old ancient boring book...and meanwhile i was reading "edgar cayce" books and shaman books..and angel books..and the new age section at barnes and noble was my thing...but i noticed that alot of the concepts were taken form the bible...the old testament that is. And all these religions pretty much believed that way to heaven was to actgood..but onething they lack...(jesus) they do not name jesus...not one talked about a part god part man...thatsacrificed himself on a cross....for our iniquity..or sin. they spoke of buddah...of krishna..all had a leader,,..yes...all had a leader...in every religion there is a leader..but all the leaders do is teach basically whatjesus taught... the basic things

But i noticed ..that none of those leader died for there followers..jesus died for his followers..but also and especially for people like you...who are lost...and bound and lied to. YOU no that there is spirit in you...science proves the existance of god.

ok..i have said alot, i just had ro..umm...i no you dont believe a word... but i care for ya..and i hope god will bring you home...you seem to have a good heart...why do you want more attention form girls anyway? dont they just confuse you? theysure confuse me...i am nt judging you at all bob...from whati have seen of your art work and comedy..i am impressed you are hilarious. I am sorry if i ofended you about that prayer...i hope you can forgive me man.


“do you really think you are a celebrity, that you are special because yyou get all this attention.”

that doesnt neccisarily mean that you dont believe in them bob. I obviously said that so gods word could be spread around on your web sight.... i mustsay thank you for all your sarcastic complements..i mean this is the nicest letter i have had from you so far. But, ummm I used to be an ego maniac like yourslef, you know I thought all my ideas were the "truth" at one time...i really did..i thought i was "above " everyone who didnt accept my point of views....

But all those "ideas" that you call my own "wonderful therios" arent my own wonderful theories...all those ideas are really "revalation from the holy spirit..you know the good guy, better than the immature dark thinking the devil has laid at the door step of your mind.

Bob, do you really think you are a celebrity, that you are special because yyou get all this attention. Bob your special because you are unique...and alive. YOU are you...no one can be you..but why would a guy that seems so inteligent not see the onvious truth thatgod exists....

you know god could really use you..he coould really get you where you wanna go,


There's something about you that intrigues me too. I think it's your ability to write in rivers of consciousness like you do, stating the obvious in such a unique way while seeming perplexed by things that are so obvious to me. Like, in one of your letters you said, "Why does it bruise you to think about being feeble and weak and sick?" Good question Rena! And in another letter you asked, "How would you feel if I had a site that said 'Color in the Devil' green blue or cut off his horns and put a rabbit's tail on him?" And of course we all know that I'd be crushed by the depiction of such an image.

These are just a few of the wonderful tidbits that keep me coming back for more Rena Rehab. To me it's the equivalent of swimming face down in heavy whipping cream.

I want to clear up a few misconceptions you (and I'm sure others) have about me. I know some of this may be unbelievable to you and your type but I assure you I am being as honest as I can be on these subjects. First of all, I don't do drugs. Often people think that I must do a lot of drugs and drinking to be so "crazy" but fact is I don't even smoke or get drunk.

Another misconception about me is that I dabble in Black Magic. I never have. I've always known it to be bullshit and the people who think it's for real to be suckers (or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, broken brains, etc.). I am an alarmingly square guy, to a fault (in my opinion).

It looks to me like from the very beginning you were destined to be in over your head in Jesus Christ. Nothing you've ever done or believed in has been based on common sense or logic, and your submission to God was no different.

I also enjoyed your rants that made fun of me. I even underlined what you said about "Winona Ryder held my pictures up at an award ceremony." I was blushing. Please continue to tell me your wonderful stories.

Yours along side Eminem, J-Lo and Ben,

PS. Oh by the way, who are you praying to be president? Have you considered praying less for celebrities and more for the end of the war in Iraq? Can you pray that Winona will have sex with me?

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