“i used to practice black magic, read tarrot cards and perform hypnosis on people.”

The Rena ReHab files
Part 2

Her letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Each day from Union Square the crowd usually moves north to Madison Square Garden where the convention is actually taking place.

Some of these pictures look like a lynch mob out to burn Bush at the stake.

I snapped a picture as the crowd stormed by this old man. His facial expression sums up the scene perfectly.

Then there was this guy who had orange spots on his teeth (how does that happen?) who wouldn't go away! Apparently he had worked with Colyn for about three days before he was fired, and now whenever she runs into him he's completely impossible to ditch.

There were a few times when the crowd would build and we thought we'd lost him, but then there he'd be over your right shoulder like he had a rope tied to us or something.

There was even a point where Colyn and I started to run, making a mad dash through the crowd. I was zipping through parked cars, and around crowds of people. I even lost Colyn for a moment.

I'm usually pretty good at losing someone like this, but wouldn't you know it, when I'd look behind me there he'd be running as fast as he could to keep up. Finally, I just said to him "It was nice to meet you. Colyn and are are leaving now" and we shook hands and he left. Sometimes it's really just that easy.


When we finally got to Madison Square Garden the crowd was stopped a block or so away by police and their barricades. Then we were quickly caged up in a pen with only one exit.

Things got even creepier I looked over head. In all the buildings surrounding the pen were cops with binoculars.

I mean, I realize that they have to keep an eye on the situation, but actually witnessing that eye in the sky looming over you, it can be intimidating.

These four picture were all taken by me as I turned 45 degrees, snapped a picture, turning another 45 degrees, snap, and so fourth. This is the technique being used by the police all over the city to keep the protesters under control. A major police presence. That's a lot of uniformed jocks.


But let it be know that, at least where I was, things went down without incident.

That is, at least until I found the actual TARGET TERROR video game at the Taco Bell on 14th and 7th. The I did what any red blooded American would do:
Kill those fuckin' Terrorists.
I wish you could see it better here but that's actually a plane flying into the White House.
So far I've yet to see a better more efficient exploitation of 9/11. In it there's terrorists in stileto heels and garter belts shooting at you, guys high jacking airplanes and even an outragous animated depiction of the plane flying into the White House! And I get all the hate mail?!? What the fuck?

So yeah, I went to the protests, fought the system and then I saved America from the Terrorists and got 5th highest score. This time the Terrorists definitely did not win.

“i used to practice black magic, read tarrot cards and perform hypnosis on people.”

hi bob

I really believe that god who is able to do all things was able to get those animals into that ark. Also, just as god was able to make man out of dirt, he is able do do whatever he wants through any of his creations. He used aron abd moses and a stick, to lead the isrealites out of egypt. He turned water to blood sent locusts sent pestilance. God can and does controll all things that he has not given free will.

i believe in miracles, because I am a miracle. There are many alcoholics and drug addicts that die because of there addictions. I used to be hooked on drugs and alcohol, I was a very dark person, i used to practice black magic, read tarrot cards and perform hypnosis on people. I used to have to take medicine to calm me down. I was a person that would steal wherever i went. I would steal make up, candy beer.

I used to walk the streets of flagler beach at night looking for drunks that would buy me alchol. Id sleep at strange mens houses, for the weekends, just so I could get booze.or weed, or pills. I ws never sober, I started stealing when i was 13, and smoking cigaretes when i was 13, at 14 i started drinking, also smoking weed. and pills. I used to mutialte myself, i would cut myself my arms, and burn my skin with the firey end of a lit cigarette, i still have the scars. I felt damned,depressed and hopless. I went to jail for a false i.d and had to do probation.

well, bob i am happy to say,i am sober for almost three years,i quit all the drugs and booze in rehab on dec 18th, when i was 19. I am 21, ill be 22 in nov. bob, i quit smoking when i was 18. Because i went to a christian healing service here in town. while i was there i believed thatgod could heal me of cigarette smoking and attention deficite disorder, the disorder i had to take medicine for. well, after that day i stopped smoking. And i do not take medicine any more.

I am a miracle, and i lived through some things people have died from. I know the holy spirit, i know my lord jesus. And since god is real, i choose to believe his word. No matter how silly or unbeleiveable it might sound to you. To me it sounds just, right and true. miricles happen everyday in my life. especially when i feel like giving up, then i pray to my lord, and i do give up, buti trustin him, then it seems like the very next day, i am all better somhow i have the strength to move on, all of a suden i have joy. i can think clear. Thatis a miricle.it might seem small, but to go from wanting ot die, to being able ot live all of a sudden is pretty neat to me.

I used to be catholic bob, i get the feeling you might have been also. And you have been turned off by religion. You must be angry at a god that you once believed in. Now you are pretending not to believe, to hurt god. But somewhere deep inside you still believe, you just want more proof,

,Abd you are hurting him. Becsue he loves you. so your rebellion is hurting him, but your in luck, for there are many that have turned away, thatgod has brought back. I was raised lovin him, but i turned, and he brought me back. i know he is able to bring you back to brother.

well, i really like hearing form you, and i feel you are a very uniqueindividual and very inteligen with a good sence of humor, you make a lot of sense, but I have the mind of christ now. and i look at things in a different way, in a different realm, called the realm of faith. I let god teach me, and guide me i lean upon his understanding and not my own.

well god bless you bob, may god keep you and show you he exists and save you from your disbeleif.


“did you no that god had the jews circumcised as a sign for the tru circumsicion. think about what happens to the genitals when they are circumsised. it reveals what is under the skin. now theat thing that was once convered is open and revealed. now consider how many layers they had to cut until the male member was fully revealed. and the person looking at it could see a difference.”

how old where you when you stopped believing in the bible? what made you realise "fantasy lands" were only in your head. What is a fantasy land to you. how do you think this world was created? if it was the big bang then what caused that? And what caused the thing that caused the big bang?

And if god is real, then why wouldnt the bible be tru. What other book tells who god is. The bible says god is one, but he is the father the son and the holy spirit. He is mercyful, slow to anger, full of grace, he is wise and brave. He is jealouse, What other book tells us what makes god happy. According to the bible the thing thjat makes god happy is faith. What other book emphasises that there is no other gods. What other book talks about all the other relaigions the way the bible does. The bible speaks of humans woshiping images of baal, worshipping things made with ther hands, woeshipong animal, worshiping statues.

well there are still religions where people worhsip animals likein hinduism, also they worship statues, the buddas have a big ol budda guy that they carry in the car for luck. Now there are religions tht say there is one god buthe is what ever we see him to be, he is the air the wter the birds , he is the living essence inside all thigs.

Yes that makes sense, but if god is jesus, and the father and the spirit he cant also be a tree, or a plant. If god is just a living energy with no mind or no plan then there cant be a son or a father.

The thing is, the bible although written by man, says somthing no other religion says..

That god has one only begotten son, that means a son that came out of his belly. Moreover, that there is only one god who is god of all. that you will ahve eternal life by believing jesus is gods son sent to save us form our sin. That jesus and god are one. That the blood of jesus actually cleans us and enables us to know god and talk to him and be lead by him ` That you must be born again of spirit and water, in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven. The blood of jesus saves you, but to enter into the kingdom you gotta recive that holy ghost.

the bible says thatwe are filthy onthe inside and the only way we are purifyed is by the blood of jesus.

Now, lets see what many religions say about getting to heaven. many religions have a set of "rules" that you must follow, an outline for salvation if you will. The set of rules vary depending on the certain relgion. But one thing all religion does have in common is a set of rules.

so the bible is different from religion because of jesus, yes jesus cam ot earth and said, hey you arent gonna see god by followng your law. He said eat of this bread of life, i am the bread of life, those who believe in me shall not die but have everlasting life. he said, you must eatof my flesh and drink of my blood. he said before abraham and moses was, I AM. he said you pharasees hypocrits, you make clean the outside of the cup but on the inside you are full of worms and the bones of dead men.

isnt that tru, arent we all fake. dont we justifye our lies. Dont we try and appear like good people, dont we follow the 10 commanments. did you know that god did not create the 10 commandments for us to follow? no he created them to show us that we could not follow theos commandments wih our heart. jesus said, if you hate you brother, you have already murdered him. jesus said if you lust after a woman and you are married you have already commited adultery. did you no that god had the jews circumcised as a sign for the tru circumsicion. think about what happens to the genitals when they are circumsised it reveals what is under the skin. now theat thing that was once convered is open and revealed. now consider how many layers they had to cut until the male member was fully revealed. and the person looking at it could see a difference.

jesus said"circumsoze ye the foreskin of you hearts" jesus revealed an amazing truth about the state of our hearts with those words. he told us we are hypocrits liers, theifs murderers fornicators.jesus said the heart of man is evil and form it proceed wickedness, murders fornications, divers lusts adultries, etc. pride boastfulness

interesting, how can we fix the state of out hearts bob? Surely "being" a good person. and "doing" what is right cannot change our wicked thoughts or desires.

"oh but maybe if we keep "being" a "good' person we will eventully change our own hearts.

sorry bob, we cant, its called sin. Its a disease we have, iniquity goes deeper than sin bob, its the yucky stuff in our own hearts that we dont even no is there. The stuff under the forskin man.

we cant just cut it off ourselves. we are in a habit of covering it up and hiding from god. Like adam and eve. We are in a habit of justifying or selves andbalming people. so we run form our maker, we know deep down inside..that he is god and we have been disobedient, afraid he will kill us or even worse...tell us who we are cut away that foreskin and make us bleed, and scream and moan and feel terrible, and feel shame. oooh no not shame, ooh no here comes god, the mone that always speaks the truth we better run before god makes us see how small we are. oh no here comes god to tell me that i am not him, that i am not all powerul, thati am not all knowing that i did not create a darn thing in this world. that i am being bad, oooh sh*** .whatamm i gonna do?

bob, no one wants to feel this way, and yes if you get around god, thats how yuor gonna feel, but thats why god had to send jesus, thats why god had to make a law. to demonstrate thatwe were wicked. a man came up to jesus and said"master. i am a good person , i follow all the 10 commandments, i have never hurt anyone" and i really dig you jesus, io know your the christ, wow i admire you. This man was rich by the way, the bible emphasizes that. so..you no what jesus said..."mr.Truth" "says he basicly said "thats great..how about you sell..allll that you own and come follow me right now" oooh no he didnt, he pretty much said, yea you love me al right ooh yea you think i am the messiah...then sell all you own you freakin liar...if you really knew who i was you would no that followng me is better than all your earthly riches.

now the bible says thatthatman was sad...so he obviosly didnt know he was full of crap. iniquity bob, that is eniquity. thats why we need jesus..there are just some things that he knows thatwe just dont...and he died on that cross so we could be unafraid to come to him...he said all we need to do is repent for our sin. Because he alreay noes our dirty spotis, when he died on the cross he became able to clean those spots....but we need to be the nes to ask him to forgive us..to ask him to clean us....to recieve him.

we like "being good people" so we can "clean" ourselves and lean on our "own understanding" because we are scared of what we cannot understand. and we run from that fear. Butfear is only an emotion and there is nothing to be afraid of, out god loves us..and he wants us with him..and he predestined us to be conformed into his image all we need ot do is lean on him..and trsuthim.,..anf believe jesus is our savior


“his peace bettter than pain killers”

bob...i understand why you have turned away from religion and you are absolutly right, pelpl ecan not be trusted and who ever tod you that god was watching your every move just waiting to punish you lied. God is waitiing for you with tears in his eyes brother. He wants to love you, and fill thathole inside,thathole thatwe all have unless we fill it with somthing other than god.

god isnt mad at you for your sin...thats why jesus died...now you can shake off that guilt and shame and recive gods grace. byt just saying jesus I ant you in my life..i accept you come into my heart and show me all my iniquity and heal me

i just need to tell you thative have been leaning onthe lord for over 2 years. and i have come to know him..and i was always feeling that when ever i would pray to him..he would condem me for being the wretch thati am at heart and in life...but instead he comforted me..instead he blessed me instead he gave m joy...instead he forgave me. instead he brought me closer to him.

its the times thati am to full of myself to run to his throne of grace that god gives me the cold shoulder. Bu when i come to him...he gives me nothin but love. and hell do the same for you...his spirit is better than drugs man...his peace bettter than pain killers...his presence better than a man by my side his attention more satisfying than the attention of millions of people at once who doint really love me. he really knows me, and he really cares about my problems and he really wants to help me and provode for me and lead me into peace and keep me with him by his rivers of peace and give me life ..and he really wants to do that for you. this is the truth...and jesus sayd..that his sheep will hear his words..and the rest will not.

do you har his words of truth bob..or are you likethe rest...


My feeling about those forty paragraphs you emailed me is that your imaginary friend has gotten way out of hand. Losing one's self to an imaginary friend is an easy thing to do if he/she/it convinces you that you're a wretched, filthy, fake, terrible person, while at the same time offering up the understanding and compassion you need to escape those insecurities about yourself. This is the exact same method a scam artist uses to lure the weak into their power.

I know that you're not going to be receptive to all I'm going to say but I think that people do have the power to be good and do good all by themselves without admitting they are the scum of the earth. It is not a miracle to get off drugs and stop bad behavior. I think it's horrible that your god teaches you that you're ugly, then offers Himself up as your only hope. In all actuality, if there really were a God He would not command such admissions, or rub your face in your own insecurities, having you wallow in ugly self loathing (unless He is an evil god).

A good god would have you be proud without Him, an individual with individual ideas, some that fail and others that succeed, but all without any interference from the Supreme Being over your head. That is what a god (if He existed) would desire. Not worship. Not Sheep. Not a billion slaves being told to think the same thoughts and that the only true fulfillment is found in worshipping Him, as he defies logic, keeping Himself hidden and veiled and His existence always shrouded in mystery. This is not how a supreme being would operate, unless he was created by man. Quite simply, an imaginary god invented by men would behave this way.

You can reason this behavior out all that you want but the fact is is you think He's exactly what you need, and you are far too weak and lowly to question that. It's sad the state of affairs we're in when the purpose of our existence is to be wretched and filthy, seeking fulfillment in an invisible creator. What a pitiful, waste of an existence that would be.

Rena, there are no gods and goddesses, ghosts and spirits, giants, unicorns, elves or Smurfs. You are an adult and have the power to make your own decisions and control your own behavior. Somehow you've been convinced you do not, and that is the saddest thing of all.


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