September 2, 2004

The Rena ReHab files

Her letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

The Republican National Convention is in town and I wouldn't be able to avoid it even if I wanted to. And I assure you, I don't.

'No Police State Coalition' speaks to the protesters at Union Square.

It excites me to see such a mass of outrage surge out onto the streets. All week there has been some sort of protest at Union Square.

Yesterday Union square was the stage for a chilling spectacle. 1000 pairs of shoes, each one labeled with the name and age of a US Soldier killed in the Iraq War.

The point was further driven home by a solemn voice from a loud speaker stating the name and age of each person, followed by the single chime of a bell.

Union Square was also the scene of a brutal George W. inflatable punching bag beating.

The crowd beat the living shit out of it. One kid even propped him up on the curb and gave the president a Smiley Face (if you know what I mean).

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“The bible is either false or true...the man Jesus was either god or he was crazy.”


And what you are doing is mockery. I actually did "dress up Jesus" and you no what he is probly laughing..but if you really belived that he died for you, wouldnt want to mock it. can even imagine being nailed to a cross. and beaten with whips until your skin and muscel were leaking form your limbs. Would you even die for your about your mom...? And if you would..would you let yourself be tortured..having actual nails hammered into your feet and splintery wood.then if you didnt die..they would break your legs. The bible is either false or true...the man Jesus was either god or he was crazy. I take it you think he was crazy and that the bible is not tru so you think The death of Jesus is funny.


In your email you said that the bible is either false or true. Would you like to know which one I chose from those two? I chose false. The bible is false.

You also said that Jesus was either God or crazy. I think that there is another option you forgot to mention. You forgot that Jesus' story also could have been exaggerated and altered. That is a valid choice. Why did you forget to include that one for me? Why do people always forget to include that explanation? It's like saying that either all of Santa Claus' stories are true or the only remaining explanation is Santa was a crazy person. That's it. Which one do you choose?

I think that it says a lot about your beliefs when you leave out completely valid options like that. I mean, after all, exaggerating stories is what humans do. And your email is a perfect example of this.

What an interesting point I've made today! :) Bob

“the bible being exagerated or altered isnot a choice.”

bob bob, the bible being exagerated or altered isnot a choice. Translated is a choice. Altered is what humans do when they try to interpret the bible. Also they tend to exagerate it no the bible i take is literal. And I take it as such. You may think it is a load of junk bob...but you must not make much sense of it, you must think its stories are not true you must think it isnt literal. But those who come to Jesus, they come by faith. Oh well, you have no fear of god I guese. well the bible says one day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that jesus is lord. Ooouch. I wonder what that means for you. I wonder ...what if it is true? Bob. Have you ever thought ot yourself, what if the bible is not tru. I have...and that thought is what led me to believe how tru the bible is.


Don't get me wrong. I'm totally aware that "exaggerated and altered" isn't a choice for you. For me however, it is a perfectly acceptable and plausible option. You see, people are not entirely trustworthy (and I mean ALL people!), and this most certainly includes the many hands that the bible passed through over the centuries. These were people who had much to gain by convincing others that "God" was watching their every move and even a person's unseen crime would be seen by the ever-present eye from above with the power to set you on fire for the rest of eternity.

"Exaggerated and altered" is a likely explanation. Far more likely in fact, than the imposing wrath of a seven headed dragon, the mobilization of every animal on earth into a boat for a month and a half or a snake that talks. Oh for heaven's sake, "exaggerated and altered" is the clear answer when matched up against your literal interpretation!

We're not 9 years old wishing upon stars here. We've got at least some responsibility to those younger than us to examine the evidence and question things that are illogical.

I do not believe that you ever truly considered the bible to contain many untruths. I used to think that the bible was true until I realized that fantasy lands only happen inside my head. Our desire for them to be real is what keeps some from seeing that third highly plausible option.

Oh how you anticipate the day when all shall bow and confess to your god. Unfortunately for you that is just another one of your selfish fantasies.


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