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His letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

Hi Bob, I came across your site about a week ago and since then I've been glued to my computer screen enjoying your dressups, your witty responses to the hate mail, and virtually everything that you have posted. It makes me happy to see that there are people like you out there, committed to make this world a little bit more adult by challenging the naive and unquestioned beliefs of Christians.

I'm from Europe, from near Barcelona, and I'm currently studying in the midwest (Bloomington, IN). When I came here I was shocked to see a church in every corner, that many people attended Sunday services, that there was such thing as Bible study meetings and that actually young people bought all those Creationist beliefs. In my city I'm used to see empty churches with a few old ladies that don't understand anymore the world they live in and that need to believe in God, because that's what they have been doing all their lives and it's too late to try to open their eyes and make them face reality .

Given that my country is traditionally Catholic and that the Pope rants every now and then against gays, condoms, women's rights, abortion and so on, I think that religion will slowly disappear from there. But I see that some parts of the US still have a long way to go, and you're doing a great job!

I think your site looks great and that you are a truly talented designer.

It has been a pleasure to discover your site, and I'm sort of sad that I've almost read all of the hate mail. Please, keep updating, you can be sure that this fan will keep coming back for more!

Jordi Torrent

I emailed them and told the Knox County Public Library to unblock your site and this is what i got sent back.

"Your request for access to a blocked Internet site was directed to the Internet Review Committee. The website was reviewed and found to contain images that violate Knox County Public Library's Public Computer Use Policy.

The Library does not block sites on the basis of text content. It only blocks sites which have images that violate its Computer Use Policy. To read the policy, go to and click on "about kcpl" and "public computers."

Since the only part of the site in question that contains nudity is the art gallery, and the remainder of the site is basically text, we will unblock it. Be aware that viewing images depicting nudity may result in loss of computer privileges.

Internet Review Committee
Knox County Public Library"

It is unblocked now, I am gonna make some pictures today or tommorow to send the girls and you of me and my friend Bubba. I am also gonna write some articles that i want to send you for possible posting or something. Man i love your site.. More words than that even. I'm putting together a landover baptist style sermon too :)


Thu, 29 Jul 2004 06:51
“There was this guy who was a murderer... (Bob, you are gonna love this guy!)”

Subject: Killing Christians

There was this guy who was a murderer, except he didn't just kill anyone who got in his way or who made him mad, no, he was a specialist (Bob, you are gonna love this guy!) - he only killed Christians! Yep that's right, just Christians, (I guess they must have hurt his feelings or something) . He would ask them "Are you a Christian?" and if they said "Yes" (or even if someone else told him they were Christians) he would kill them! He did not kill them slowly either, he would take his time stoning them to death or crucifying them or feeding them to wild animals.

The Christians must have been praying for him to be struck by a bolt of lightening or 'smitten mightily' or something but, surprise, surprise, nothing like that ever happened. When he got tired of killing Christians he wrote some books about his experiences. Check them out, you might like them, they are called Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians and a few others.

Stuart Lipman

Oh my! What an email!

You know, I think that I'll just stick with rational thought and common sense when I argue my points verbally and live a comparatively dull and quiet existence, as most common sence/rational thought people do.

I'll let those who are illogical and deranged go from mass murder to bowing before supreme beings and sacrificing sheep (as the one you're referencing did).

Your example really says more about the beliefs than it does of the man.

You've brought a brilliant point to the surface so that I could highlight its flaw.
Thank you Stuart.

Sun, 1 Aug 2004 06:55
“Here lies Bob, who believed in nothing, and so did nothing”

Oh Bob,

I don't believe that the desire of your heart is just a 'comparatively dull and quiet existence'. Your web site proves that you aspire to more than that (does being deliberately offensive to a group of people in a passive medium hint at a passive aggressive personality perhaps?)

But you are quite right, of course, my email "says more about the beliefs than it does of the man', but what defines a man better than his beliefs? They are the greatest predictor of his his actions in any given situation. And what aimless meandering excuses for lives we would leave if we had no beliefs. Can you thing of anyone who has ever done anything significant who had no beliefs? I have never read the biography of anyone who had no beliefs. What a sad epitaph to read on a tombstone - "Here lies Bob, who believed in nothing, and so did nothing"

Regarding 'bowing before supreme beings' I neglected to mention Paul's conversion which you can read about in Acts. When one is personally confronted (and blinded) by the Creator of the universe incarnate bowing seems to be a pretty mediocre response really.

Stuart Lipman

P.S. I hope you enjoyed your reading and that you have reconciled, at least in your heart, with your earthly father, if not your heavenly one.

You saw my site and you think I'm being passive aggressive? Have you read what I said to my relative? Have you seen the things I told my parent's pastor? I have absolutely no issues with being absolutly up front with family, friends, fans or foes. And if you dare assume that I'm being passive aggressive because what I actually want is to murder Christians without saying it directly, you're totally fuckin' mistaken.

I would never threaten someone's life or wish somebody dead no matter what they said, believed or even if they totally offended me. Being an atheist means that I believe there's no God. Atheism does not command falling to ones knees and worship, nor does it declare a source of all evil and a God above all else. In fact, it is my belief that these extreme ideas are what promote the extreme behaviors (hate, violence, killing, etc.).

When I stated that your reference said more about the belief than it did about the man, I was insinuating that a belief which attracts homicidal mad men is not something to be showing off about. And it's an inappropriate (even careless) comparison to make with me as a man. However, it's a perfect example of what religion attracts because of the forgiveness it pretends to bestow for crimes against humanity.

Assuming that an atheist has no beliefs is a cop-out. There are proven, scientific answers worth believing in. Christ! You act as if there's no other research necessary beyond the bible, as if we're required to limit science and defeat it somehow with this fear of God.

If I aspire to anything, it's to speak truth as I know it and reveal this ass-backwards way of thinking so many people have just grown accustomed to. In addition, I also want to entertain people, and (if you really must know) show off how talented I think I am.

It's chilling to see the reality you have accepted. Trumpeting a killer, rejecting God tantamount to mass murder, and thinking that without the idea of God in our lives there is nothing to believe in. Do you have any idea what this combination of thoughts promotes?


Tue, 3 Aug 2004 20:26
“How can you determine what is right or wrong if there are no moral absolutes and everyone can just do what they feel is right”

Hey Bob,
Why is our correspondence included in the 'hate mail' area of your web site? Has anything I have written indicated hate towards anyone? Please do not project you own emotions or motives onto me. This almost constitutes defamation of character don't you think?

By the way, thank you for posting the clarifications to your position on your web site and for posting my email encouraging all of your readers to enlighten themselves by reading the Word (if you want to know why Word is capitalized you can ask your friend Pastor Bob).

It was telling perhaps that after you read my brief autobiography of Paulšs life you stated that " it's an inappropriate (even careless) comparison to make with me as a man". I never did compare you to Paul (carelessly or otherwise), you must have come to that conclusion on your own, but I am glad that you are doing some soul searching anyway.

I am not sure what the difference is between being " totally fuckin' mistaken" as you put it and merely totally mistaken, but I am sure you can enlighten me.

I am amused, by the way, at how atheists are offended by the name of Jesus when they donšt believe in Him. We hear so little about how they are offended when their children are told about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, should this not be something worthy of pursuing to the supreme court as well?

I am glad to hear that you "would never threaten someone's life or wish somebody deadŠ." But why not I wonder? How can you determine what is right or wrong if there are no moral absolutes and everyone can just do what they feel is right, everything is just situational ethics in this case. Interestingly if you can prove that you do not know right from wrong in a court of law you are found not guilty of whatever crime you are accused of - by reason of insanity.

Finally, I was not "trumpeting a killer" but trumpeting a force strong enough to reinvent him into a powerful instrument of divine grace, nor did I state that Πrejecting God (is) tantamount to mass murder. However I have found that living without a relationship with God was a meaningless existence (apparently every people group on the earth agree with me as no culture has ever been found that did not worship a deity of some kind).

I am encouraged that you spend so much time thinking about God, I can tell He is calling to you and I am sure he is amused by your ranting. Finally I was saddened to note that you did not rebut my post script as enthusiastically as you did the rest of my missive. I hope that you can heal and mature enough to reconcile with your earthly father as well as your heavenly one.

Warmest regards,
Stuart Lipman

Dear Stuart, whom I greet with the warmest of glad and welcoming regards,

Well, you see my friend, in your first email you assumed that I'd take great pleasure in the stories of Christian killing and torture. This is where the "fuckin' mistaken" comes in, because that sure as hell referred to a guy that hates, and that's enough projection onto me to warrant you as "Hate Mail." And no, posting your letter into my hate mail section does not constitute defamation of character, unless you're going to be a baby about it. As I see it, "Hate Mail" doesn't have to mean hating me directly. It can also include hating my actions, and you certainly hate the act of Christian killing (something you think I am on the cusp of), so I did the math and you fit the profile.

Your idea that the only thing preventing people from raping and murdering each other is this fear of God and/or hell is frightfully ignorant. Stuart, people have a need to simply function within society without being bothered along with a desire to be loved. Humans also have a level of self preservation that keeps total anarchy at bay. Christ, it's disturbing to think that it's only your belief in God that's keeping you from running amuck in your neighborhood. Are you that on the brink that without the bible you'd not be able to determine the difference between right and wrong?

I have many things that fulfill me in my life and I don't need to resort to an imaginary friend to give my life meaning. I have my art and writing which satisfies me a great deal. It is so unbelievably fulfilling to be able to express my beliefs and feelings through my creative talents. I also find enormous fulfillment of the heart from my friends and family. My brothers and their families, my mother, and yes, even my earthly father (Christ, you're so strange) love me a great deal and I love them. I just returned from a week long vacation with all of them last month and I miss them already. I really do love my family. I totally ignored your flippant "post script" regarding my dad because, quite simply, it deserved no response. You know nothing about the relationship my dad and I have and you deserve to know even less.

As for my Heavenly Father, it was maturity that left Him along side Santa and the bunny, none of which should be pursued in any court. Often, Stuart, I have no idea what you're talking about.


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