As always, more hate mail.

Their letters will be in blue while mine are in black and white.

I wanted to share with all of you some of the great response I've been getting when handing out the fliers on St. Marks Place. So many cool people who love them.

So here's some pictures of complete strangers who've let me take their photos with the flier.

Atiya here simply recognized me from my tattoos as she's seen them on the fliers. She came up to me yesterday raving about how much she enjoys finding the pamphlets around town, and when she saw my tattoos she asked me flat out, "I wanted to ask you about your tattoos. Do they have anything to do with the Normal Bob Smith Ministries?" And she hadn't even been to the site.

This letter here is from a guy who'd come up to me a couple days ago telling me he'd read all the pages of hate mail and loved what I was doing. It still amazes me when somebody knows who I am.

Hey Bob!

This is Mike. We ran into each other the other night in the village. If you remember I complimented you on your site, and told you to take my compliment at face value. In any case I have a message for the Christians of the world.

Being a good Christian is 3% Faith and 97% Not getting distracted by the Internet.

Good for you!
Mike Machlin

PS: Bob is that you dressed up like Satan on the home page? Or is it really Satan?

“this is the way jesus should be dressed, kind sir.”

Subject: this is the way jesus should be dressed, kind sir.

Look your sight is very creative and you are a talented guy But must you say "your prayers didnt work?" on the ad for refrigerator dress up jesus? you dont know if they worked or not sometimes God takes his time and sometimes he might leave you up for an entirely different reason. Thats very disrespectful toward alot of christians and I for one. an atheist friend sent me there and while it was humorous it was also very ill thought out and it wounded me alittle because I happen to love my God alot.

I am just asking you to please consider removing that line warm reguards either way...
Rev. Nicole Hoekstra

Sometimes God takes His time? Yeah! Me too! I take my time on promises too! Is that the logic they taught you in Rev-school?

What if I were to argue that prayers or no prayers changes occur, and those prayers (and God for that matter) are imaginary manifestations invented in the head for the purposes of pretending you've got some sort of control over situations that are completely out of your control?

What about that argument? Does that logic keep me from having to alter my site for you? I feel that it's a very valid explanation and the evidence leans heavily in my favor.

A concerned citizen trying to keep logic alive for future generations.


“Your theology is representative of one who promotes hatred and intolerance”

This is not hate mail but it's not fan mail either:

Dear Bob,
We have encountered your view-points on spirituality in the course of a spiritual quest; because we don't really grasp the logic within your philosophies (despite your immense efforts to assert your intellectual reign) we require some elaboration.

Your theology is representative of one who promotes hatred and intolerance; in a world engrossed with inequity, what is the significance or value in dictating a site which merely mocks a persons convictions that are the embodiment of love? Is this the solution to make our standard of existence better? Why do you promote this ideology of moral desecration? Think about this in the course of your day: are you so consumed with hate that, you, as a person requiring interpersonal relationships with others, in addition to an integrated reliance upon and purpose within society would just as soon watch the world depreciate into a state of misery and total selfishness?

Or you would prefer that the people- who you love in your life, experience no meaningful relationships with others? And the present system of ignorance and bigotry continues within this society?- a society which potentially could gain enlightenment from the teachings of numerous belief systems. We should not consider it an option to degrade the values that give people meaning within their lives. We should honor and respect others- even occasionally concede though it may entail a dent to our hard earned reputations as immoral, and obscene rapscallions. So, insult another's faith, but eventually I pray that your eyes will see the true and direct consequences of these ideals which you manifest. The world doesn't have to be so shitty- but as a whole it will never become better if we as individuals don't change our thinking and agree that we can live as one.

Sincerely, Jas and Woo

Hello Jas and Woo (Two people to write an email. Interesting.)
First of all I would like to clarify a few important points for you. There is no hatred from me on my site. I do not hate whoever you think that I hate, and your careless assumption seems to be a result of your not caring enough to read further into my pages, and for this I hate only you two.

My mockery of convictions derives not from hate (as you so readily concluded) but from a passionate desire to promote logical thinking in combination with an annoyance with those who believe fairy tales to be true. I believe that promoting logical thinking and Science is the key to making our standards of existence better, along with promoting laughter at ones own self. I would even be willing to counter your wordy, grandiose judgments of me by arguing that believing in fantasy lands based simply on the message of love is as harmful as any misinformation, if not more so. Your deceleration of the opposite also inspires hate from me to the both of you.

I believe that it is possible to promote logical thinking, science, truth and common sense without abolishing this thing called "love." Would you not agree that love does not equal facts and that facts are not facts because of the love they inspire?

I believe that we should most definitely consider the option of degrading values that give people meaning in their lives. We degraded the values of those who believed quite strongly in slavery even though there were folks who valued that idea a great deal. And Nazism was also a source of enormous value in people's lives and it was degraded as well. Honoring and respecting everybody is not an option in this world. Questioning, criticizing and even degrading a value is most necessary, while promoting an unquestioned submission to a value (as you suggest) is an absolute catastrophe, and in many cases a crime against mankind.

I agree that Evolution, the Big Bang, Science and the exclusion of fantasy lands do not carry such an obvious message of love, but as human beings we are still able to give and receive love without it having to infringe on the truth of our origin and the meaning of life.

I hope you see the terrific importance in the criticizing of ideas no matter how much meaning it has in someone's life. Hurt feelings are a small price to pay for the overall accumulation of facts. This includes the hurt feelings of those who believe that worshipping another god equals eternal damnation, and that "eternal paradise" is reason enough to degrade the values of homosexuals.


“i am ashamed!!!”

u r disscusting i dont beleive u would do that with Jesus exspecially the devil costume...i am ashamed!!!

Kelley Davis

You should be ashamed. What were you thinking?!?!

“i meant i was ashamed of u what r u thinking”

i meant i was ashamed of u what r u thinking dressing Jesus up exspecially that devil costume i guess u have no respect for Jesus what r u on crack or something!!

Kelley Davis

Oh. Great. Now I look like a dick.

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